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What K-dramas Are You Watching Right Now?

Guest litoxshortaii

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Guest .:LaUrEn.:

IJUKSA. omg bi is just TOO sexy in this. :wub: and i'm not even a big bi fan. well, i guess i am now lol. i'm friggin obsessed with this drama.

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currently watching (as seen in my ziggy)

Goodbye Sadness


Rosy Life

My 19 year old Sister in Law

additions to the list

Dae Jang Geum

Star in my Heart (a good 90's K-drama)

I'm also rewatching Green Rose and MISA and I am anticipating for Rain's IJUKSA...KBS World is sooooo delayed that I can't wait to watch this one

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Guest lollipop

Annyeong-haseyo (hello) to all!

I am currently watching

Wedded Bliss

Secret Lovers

Farewell to Tears

Rosy Life

Love is all Around (repeat)

All About Eve (repeat)

Heavens Wedding Gown (just finished last week, Taiwanese show)

Sad Sonata and STH (keep on watching when I think of KSW)

My Name is Kim Samsoon and Super Rookie (when I need the best laugh)

Lately too many show36_3_4.gif

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Guest kahmeng_srey

currently wathcing:

- Wedding (with Jang Nara)

- ice girl

watching next:

- Let's go to the beach (:woot: :woot: Jun Jin)

finished watching:

- Super Rookie

- Sad Love Story

- My Name is Kim Sam Soon

- BodyGuard

- Sorry, I Love You

- others but I can't remeber right now

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I just started watching Stairway To Heaven. I heard a lot of complaints about the ending, but I'm hoping that I'll be satisfied with the ending. I'm only on the first disc so we'll see!

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im watching

SWEET SPY <-- hot guys and its really cute

MARRY A MILLIONAIRE <-- GoSoo is hawt. but its just okay so far

SUH DONG YO <--- like itt <33

LOVERS IN PRAGUE <-- just the last episode. love the chemistry and the main characters are really good at acting

planning to watch

RESURRECTION <-- UHM TAEWOONG and i heard it was amazing.

IRELAND <-- rewatch... maybe... i loved hyunbin in it but it was just so confusing for me when i saw it but i might watch it again just cuz i feel like it. xD

GOLDEN APPLE <-- i dunno... just want to

IJukSa <-- altho i heard it was a rip-off in some parts and similar to sorry i love you but i'll try it anyways.

GOONG + WOLF <-- must wait for them.. lol

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