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What K-dramas Are You Watching Right Now?

Guest litoxshortaii

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Guest obbsaran

I lykee PECULIAR MEN, WOMEN also! i hope for SH n JN happy ending,


I wish SH n BS will end happily foreverrr!! ^.^^ I love this drama alot, funny n touching at the same time.

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Guest tinasarangg

i just finished my girl.

hehe i'm waiting for the last four eps of goong and i'm on the last four eps on mnikss <3

omg! mnikss is awesome.

love it. love it.

does anyone reccommend any new dramas? i'm not sure which one to watch next.

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Guest dream_on

just finished watching My Girl--LOVED IT! *****

right now i'm wtching.......

Spring Waltz- ***** LOVE this drama but i'm really sad about the accident and how it's affecting the series. all the episodes up to this point have been fabulous tho

Bad Family- ***** hilarious and heart warming.

I Really Really Like You- *** eugene's accent is cute and i like the two male leads. i wish i could get into the storyline more

i was also watching Goong, Which Star Are You From, Goodbye Solo, and Doctor Gang but these didn't really hold my interest as much

if i have time...i'm going to start watching Goodbye Solo again, Seven Princesses and Hello God and maybe Sweet Spy

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Guest ttdo1174

My Girl (one of my all time favs!)

My Sassy Girl Choon Hyang (Super funny and cute)

Full House (very cute movie)

Sangdoo, Let's go to School (tear jerker)

Stairway to Heaven (tear jerker)

MNIKSS (hilarious movie)

I watched clips of Goong but it was a bit slow so I skipped to the last part to find out there is not an ending yet!!

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Guest krngrl3091

im watching which star are you from and it is very good...im like addicted to it!!! esp becuase like jung ryeo won and kim rae won are good actor/actress and b/c jung ryeo won kim rae won is HOT!!!

:D - WHICH STAR ARE YOU FROM ( I prefer this more, as funny as Goong, plus touching here and there.

the acting of krw is 2 thumbs up,

n the Won-won couple hav amazing chemistry )

- Goong i want to kno how it ends!!

i TOTALLI agree wit u gigikk27!!! i think kim rae won has GREAT acting skills and he is not HOT :D

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Guest robyntulips


starring Jang NaRa and Ryu SiWon...

This the drama I have finished actually and is now re-watching. I can't get enough of it. Very realistic. Loving someone who loves somebody else. Trying to love someone to forget someone else.

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Guest thorz

Just finished watching:

my name is kim sam soon, omg, i totally fall in luv w/ hyun bin afterward

currently watching:

miss kim 1 million dollar quest = the subs making me so confused, its either i have to download HQ version or i have to do something about the subs.. aaarrg...

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i'm currently watching and enjoying:

Bad family!!~ >_< love love it~~

Dr. GGang<~ slow, weird, and confusing in the begginning but gets real fun on like the 3rd ep!!

oh and Really Really like you is getting really fun!! love min gi!!

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Guest raspb3rry

My mum returned Miss Kim's Billion Dollar Project before I finished it >.<. It's quite funny though.

But, wahahaha, I'm *finally* watching SangDoo, Let's Go To School. Boy, am I lovin' it ^^ hehe.

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Guest lo_xl0ucH

I finished "Full House" just today - finished it in 3 days. I want to start 다모... which is fairly old now, but I heard great things from it.

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