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What K-dramas Are You Watching Right Now?

Guest litoxshortaii

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Guest saeyun

My girl's so nice!! Finished watching it. Also with Save the last dance, Lovers in paris, Deilghtful girl choonyang, my sister-in-law is 19, 18vs.29 ... and a lot more that's been aired in Philippine TV!

As of the moment, I'm still not finished with 대장금, 궁, MNIKSS and Bad Family!!! Just d/l some stuff from CB links hehe... I'm planning to watch Heaven's Tree and Spring Waltz next! and oh... planning to watch 18vs29 again because the HS flashbacks scenes were chopped off!!! Grrr...

Anyway, can anyone recommend me another drama that's good? comedy and a tear-jerker series would be nice. A completed series would also be great! thanks!!

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Guest minminfish

Which Star Are you From = a mix of comedy + some tear-jerkers ,

==> made you laugh and cry at the same time!! :w00t:

you will know by watching the first few episodes.. addicted to it now.. <3^^

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Guest sushimi

I finished the unforgettable "Hello, God!" since one month... :(

I started to watch "Summer scents", ep 4 already, "Goodbye, solo" and "Thank you, life", and "Teen soliloquy II"...... K-dramas are very good... I have a great pleasure to watch them, more than american dramas now.....

But "Hello, God!" is really, really my favourite drama..... :P

I forgot to tell sometimes I'm watching "Bizarre bunch" too... :(

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Guest kobashi

Currently watching Spring Waltz, Goodbye Solo and Really Like You. I like the first two. As for Really Like You, have to watch a few more eps to see whether it is good.

Planning to watch Alone in Love once the subs are out.

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Bad Family (i don't understand why it's not as popular as goong.. it's so funny), Goong (i'm on ep. 15ish), 18 Vs. 29 (hm.. seen the first.. dling the rest now.. it's very funny), Hello God (only seen the first ep. seems very promising)

I started Really Really like you and what planet are you from, but i don't think i'll continue watching those

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Guest gigikk27

:D - WHICH STAR ARE YOU FROM ( I prefer this more, as funny as Goong, plus touching here and there.

the acting of krw is 2 thumbs up,

n the Won-won couple hav amazing chemistry )

- Goong i want to kno how it ends!!

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Guest L00Ni34u

My Girl (i love EVERYTHING about this show, it gets better after every episode)

Goong (i love shin, yul and chaegyong (sp?) and currently hating hyo-rin, haha.)

Love & Ambition (watched the first episode but didnt really get into it.)

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Guest cherrie.7

hmm i liked the middle to ending of heavens tree. begining was a bit boring for me but i continued because of lee wan. ^^ i never watched my girl cuz the characters annoyed me. =P so i guess mnikss? that drama was okay.. if you want something really good then i suggest Im sorry, I love you and Sad Sonata/ Sad love story.

currently watching:

- bad family

- sweet spy

- goong

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Guest spygurl72

currently watching this month

my girl


prince's first love

tree of heave

omg i already finished goong but i dun no how many time i watch that series

goong hook me up

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Guest angelkiki04

i finally just got done with...

- my girl

- sorry i love you

still watching...

- goong

- hello god!

and will start...

- spring waltz

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Guest AMAZiFiED *(:

Uh i'm about to start something new now also.

I finished MY GIRL & HEAVEN'S TREE. They were both really good. But if you're in the mood of a REAL tearjerker then i'd really recommend Heaven's Tree.

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Guest webby

currently trying out Bad Family.

My Girl was really good. Also tried out Goong, Spring Waltz and Which Planet are you from, didn't make it through them though. the pace was a bit too slow.

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Bad Family

Really Reall Like You

i recommend both..

Peculiar Men, Peculiar Women-i just want to see my JN n SH ending!

trying to finish Goong (but im still stuck coz bad family is a really good comedy series..n now with eugene's series)

i want to see which star are u from..

n rewatching My Girl AGAIN arghh hehehe can't help it any longer hehehe

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