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My New Grad Dress -

Guest babiixswt

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Guest babiixswt


Okay, so it's not a big graduation.

I'm just going into grade 10, so grade 9 Grad?


Anyways. I just bought my dress,

and I'm wondering what accessories (shoes, necklaces, purse, etc),

and makeup would look good with it.

I'm asian with single eyelids, and I'm going to

be having my hair wavy/curly at the bottom of my hair,

which is long...

Anyways, comments and suggestions would help.

Thanks so much ^.^

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Guest ftislandsarang

i'ld say to keep it simply

since it has like a black (belt?) around the middle i think you should go with accessorizing with black

black shoes would be nice either pumps or strappy

haha yay first post


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Guest H1PP0

i thought you meant like high school graduation. lol. i nvr got graduation ceremony for each grade i passed. haha.

really cute dress! i think wearing silver heels will be cute with that dress. or you can always go with black. haha.

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Guest babiixswt

Yeah, I was thinking of going for a silver heel.

I can't go black, because I'm already wearing a black dress for this after party thing.

Any other suggestions

for makeup and accesories?

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Guest --after forever

wow, you have grad for gr 9's?

sweet haha

another excuse to dress up =D

i wish i had that!!

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