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[drama 2008] Three Dads One Mom [아빠 셋 엄마 하나]

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马来西亚 星洲日报 赵显宰-柳真 三个奶爸一个妈 新聞 扫描 [10.05.19]

Malaysia SinChew Daily(星洲日报) Jo Hyun Jae-Eugene 3Dads1Mom Report Scan Pics

扫描 by pjcheah @ dearjohyunjae.com

转载请注明出处 please write to credit

[10.05.19] 三个奶爸一个妈 谁是我爸?


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anyone know where i can download in mediafire....megaupload is taking too long...help please and thank you....

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Guest Lorgar

QUOTE (silentHappiness @ Apr 6 2008, 09:59 PM) Hi guyz...!

I've ben wanting to see this drama... It seems a nice drama...

Do you know where I can watch it online....!?!?

Mostly,you uses clubbox... And I don't know how to use clubbox... Everytime I try to download a drama in clubbox,they wont let me download it... So bad... tears.gif  tears.gif

I need HELP...! Can someone please Help Me...!?!?


Welcome to you. smile.gif

Three Dads One Mom E01,02 My update Online watch link here

E01 Watch link- http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_cc00XMjI5NDQxNjQ=.html

E02 Watch link- http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_cb00XMjMwNjg0NjA=.html

I talking you how to use clubbbox.

you donot know korean,no problem.

Read to this Clubbox Guide.

Using Clubbbox Guide


Topic II: Signing Up - Getting Your Own Account

The main benefit of having a Clubbox account is so you can download from protected Clubboxes (those that only allow members to download). To join boxes, skip to the bottom of this post.

1. Go here: http://client.clubbox.co.kr:8002/capp/join_abroad.cgi

2. Click this: b_ok.gif

3. Fill out the form.


If somehow you can't get to the next step (you get some internal service error, etc), refresh the page or go back and try again

4. Check where it says "회원번호를 확인하였습니다." and click this b_complete.gif

5. You should be brought back to Clubbox's homepage. Sign in with your ID+PW and you're set.

6. No, you don't have to fill in real information. Also, uncheck all the mailing options boxes if you don't want Clubbox/PDbox to email you.

if you making finshed clubbbox ID,how to join my clubbox


박스가입 This korean message is join to click button.

In that particular box, on the top panel (blue/gold colored bar), you should see  on the very right. Click on the button and you'll see a pop-up. Check the box next to '바로가기 목록에 추가' if you want to add the box to your favorites list, uncheck it if you don't. Then click on the button at the bottom of the pop-up.

you join my clubbbox finshed,how to download file

How to download file see here


Topic I: Downloading

1. Make sure you're working with Internet Explorer. As much as I'd prefer to use Firefox, unfortunately, Clubbox only works with IE (and a few other IE-based browsers).

2. In your IE, go to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Sites > Add "https://clubbox.co.kr" > OK.

3. Install this: http://www.clubbox.co.kr/neo.fld/ClubboxSetup.exe

4. If you're at a certain Clubbox (http://clubbox.co.kr/blahblah), read on. If you only see a 1/4 screen window with a file link, skip to Step 6.

5. You see a list of files like the screencap I made below. Check the one(s) you want, and press the light blue button


6. You see a new window pop up. Press the big white button on the bottom.


7. You will now see this window below. Technically it should disappear within a second and start your Clubbox program, but sometimes the server gets busy and it doesn't respond.


What you should do if the window gets stubborn and doesn't go away:

Press Alt + left arrow, then Alt + right arrow. Your Clubbox download manager should pop up now.

8. And it looks like this (most of everything is in English, so you shouldn't have problems maneuvering around):


After your file starts downloading, the progress bar should move and show your download speed. CB regular downloads are capped at 55kb/s. There's a thing called download coupons which allows you to do certain amounts of quick downloads (+500kb/s). To obtain such coupons, you first need a Clubbox ID (sign-ups are in the next section).

9. Preferences. Go to the Config. tab and adjust for yourself. The tab is in English, so you shouldn't have any problems.


Hi, I have tried to create a clubbox account but it seems that i can't get past the birthday part as it keeps showing red and does not proceed can you help me?

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Guest Lorgar

Hi I'm stuck at the clubbox sign up birthdate part. Can anyone help me?my birthdate is 10th sept 1991. i put as 910910 and the words beside still show red

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Producers of KBS's 3 DADS 1 MOM are releasing the DVD of 3D1M with Japanese subtitles. Details below:


Artist/Cast: Eugene, Jo Hyun Jae, Jae Hee, Shin Sung Rok, Yoon Sang Hyun

Production Year: 2011

Number of Discs: 3

Running time: Approximately 193 minutes + 54 minutes Bonus

Subtitles: Japanese

Audio: Korean

Release Date: November 30, 2011


DVD.1 contains Episodes 1-6 (65 mins) + 21 minutes Character Research

DVD.2 contains Episodes 7-11 (63 mins) + 15 minutes songs (?)

DVD.3 contains Episodes 12-16 (65 mins) with an 18-minute SPECIAL (NGs and BTS)

Available at Amazon.com.jp

credit: http://www.amazon.com.jp; and CARPEDIEM*Japan at http://hyunjaelove.jp. Thanks!

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Reflections on “3 Dads/1 Mom”

by Maria on April 6, 2009



It’s been a year since “3 Dads/1 Mom” was first shown on TV. I’ve only watched it once, well, maybe twice — first in real time on KBS2 and then the next day online with Chinese subtitles.

This drama is currently showing on Hong Kong TVB’s pay channel. Typically, they changed its title to “A-ya 3 Dads” (whatever that means) and dubbed it in vernacular Cantonese.

I don’t know whether it generated as much interest as “Seo Dong Yo”. I just want to mention here what stands out in my mind about this drama after one year.

The most striking thing is Jo Hyun-Jae’s on-screen presence. I daresay Hyun-Jae in a suit is nonpareil! Nobody looks better; nobody even comes close. JHJ’s investment manager role in the drama means he has to be well-dressed and well-groomed. He looks so elegant in a suit with whatever colour shirt and tie that it is no wonder the rich girl falls for him.

Even in casual wear, Hyun-Jae stands head and shoulder above his male co-stars. (He looks delicious even in pyjamas and slippers.) Hyun-Jae has this curious knack of always wearing one layer more than others. If they wear one T-shirt, he’ll wear two. If they wear two, he’ll wear three. He’s the only one who can make a fashion statement out of wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt on top of a long-sleeved one. In 3/1 Shin Sung Rok tries that too — with disastrous results.

Comparison is cruel, and maybe unfair. The drama is billed as 5 kings and 1 queen (meaning 5 guys chasing after a girl.) The five guys are of course the husband, the 3 best friends, and the 5th man (the rich guy.) I suppose the other four men are not bad-looking in their own right, and they can all hold their own as lead actor or at least second-lead in other dramas. But unfortunately for these actors, when they are in the same scene with Hyun-Jae, their brilliance is dimmed and they are totally eclipsed.

Perhaps it is because of this that Jae Hee (as Kwang-Hee) and Shin Sung Rok (as Kyung-Tae) both over-act. It’s not their characters; it’s the way they choose to portray their characters. Their acting is exaggeraged and melodramatic: these two guys jump all over the place and shout at the top of their lungs. Is this supposed to be funny? It is at best slapstick comedy. They are like the one-dimensional figures that Kwang-Hee draws in his comics. Soo-Hyun could easily become a caricature if Hyun-Jae had not played him as a human being, complete with faults and foibles. Soo-Hyun’s stingy persona hides a heart of gold. He may complain about all the expenses, but he pays for everything every time. He comes across as a credible character, a three-dimensional character.

Actually JHJ’s performance is rather restrained in the earlier episodes, even at times a little subdued. But he loosens up gradually. Hyun-Jae mentions in an interview that because the main cast of 3/1 are more or less the same age, they soon became friends and had a great time on set.* We all know Hyun-Jae is shy and reserved and takes time to warm up. He is more spontaneous and smooth as the drama progresses. He shows a surprisingly good grasp of comic timing. The scene of him at the art gallery pretending to be a connoisseur had me laughing so much I almost fell out of my chair. “Wonderful!” is all I can say. The greatest comic actors can make the audience laugh without moving a muscle of their face. Hyun-Jae may not yet be in the same league, but he displays great potential.

This is a comedy, but the most memorable scenes are not funny at all. I’m thinking of:

1. the scene at the supermarket when Soo-Hyun lost and found his “daughter”. The spectrum of emotions that crosses Hyun-Jae’s face in quick succession ranges from anguish to guilt to relief to glee. His eyes are windows into his soul, of course, but even his forehead can act!

2. the scene of Soo-Hyun standing in silhouette against a file cabinet, trying to call Na-Young who has left after discovering the truth. He’s talking into his cell phone and pacing. Apart from that, it’s almost like a still scene. And yet it’s one of the most moving scenes in the whole drama. Everything is conveyed in the urgency of Hyun-Jae’s voice. And have you ever seen a handsomer silhouette? That profile, that slim figure, those long legs……

3. the scene in the hospital of Na-Young washing Soo-Hyun’s father’s feet. It’s not this act but Hyun-Jae’s face looking in in the small glass window on the door that leaves a lasting impression on me. The incredulity, the gratitude, the tenderness are all there. I remember a photographer once said there are a thousand expressions in JHJ’s eyes. He lets his eyes do the talking.

4. And then there is that heart-warming scene when the three friends sing “You’re born out of love” to the baby on her first birthday (even though by this time Ha-Seon is played by an older not-so-cute baby.) Also that scene at the camp site when Hyun-Jae plays the guitar and sings (I knew, even then, that he could sing!)

This is a comedy, so of course there are funny scenes. The funniest scene in the whole drama is Shin Sung Rok and the baby doing the cucumber treatment (with their faces covered in cucumber slices.) The sleaziest part is that about the “golden” patch on the baby’s nappy — it’s overdone, over-long, in poor taste, and, most important, not funny!

Jo Hyun-Jae successfully changes gear in 3/1 and demonstrates he can play comic roles. But I would not rate this as one of his best dramas. For one thing, the plot of 3/1 is based on a faulty premise. When I first heard about the broad outlines of 3/1, I thought it’s a re-make of that Hollywood comedy “Three Men and a Baby” which in turn is a take-off of the original French movie of the same name. But whereas the plot of 3/1 hinges on “Who’s the daddy?” the scriptwriter seems to be living in the 19th century. Any 21st century person knows the answer lies in a DNA test. This means the whole drama is a deliberate drag when the truth is there for the asking. I do not like dramas that underrate the intelligence of the viewers.

For another thing, the female lead Eugene is miscast as the woman at the heart of this hexagon (5 men and a woman). She is totally unconvincing as the woman with whom all five men are in love. It’s not just that she’s not pretty enough; she does not exude any “inner beauty” either. Soo-Hyun’s initial assessment of Na-Young is correct. 3/1 has not dramatized successfully his change of heart. But I must say that scene of them looking at the stars under that tent is pretty romantic. I wish there were more of such scenes between these two characters instead of the script being so equally divided into three or four or even five. Several times in the course of the drama I wonder whether the three friends are in love with Na-Young or the baby who is really cute, especially the first one.

There is a Chinese saying: “Thou shalt not covet thy friend’s wife.” This is a Korean drama, but my experience of watching Korean drama informs me Korean values are very similar to traditional Chinese values. A gentleman would not dream of marrying his dead friend’s widow but would do all his can to help her and her child. But maybe in this respect I belong to the 19th century.

* As testament of their friendship, Shin Sung Rok went to see Jo Hyun-Jae off to join the army on August 5, 2008. You all know this. What you might not know is this — Shin was in the same van as JHJ. In the “Last Story” DVD, you can see them alighting together.

credit: photos and fan reaction courtesy of wulijohyunjae. Thanks!

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“3 Dads & 1 Mom” on my mind (1)

posted on wulijhj website on August 13, 2009


Here’s my humble take on the drama and JHJ’s performance…..

First, about the drama – it tackles the issue of sperm donation in a lighthearted and funny way that some people end up describing it as a no-brainer, a throwaway drama, something that you would not want to go back to after you’ve seen it once. The first time I watched it I felt pretty much the same way as these critics, but when I watched it a second time I realized that there is more to this drama than meets the eye. It talks about the different kinds of love: 1) love for one’s friends (the 4 friends who stay good friends through the years despite the differences in their personalities, and the 3 dads stick it out with Na-Yong and Ha-Seon initially because of their love for their dead friend); 2) parental love (3 dads and Na-Yong towards Ha-Seon); 3) filial love (Soo-Hyun’s love and care for his sick father: he may not show much emotion while caring for his dad but his love can be felt in his gentle and patient ministrations for the sick man and the sorrow he feels after his visits); 4) romantic love (Sung-Min for Na-Yong: he begs, cajoles and blackmails his friends for their sperm just to make NY pregnant; only a man in love would do that; 3 dads’ feelings for NY); and 5) finally, learning to love and opening one’s heart to love truly (3 dads toward NY, especially Soo-Hyun who gives up his dream of marrying a rich girl so he could continue to be with NY and HS and of course his 2 best friends).

Love and its many forms may not be the most unique topic in the world. It has been told and retold countless times in countless dramas and movies all over the world, but in 3D1M it is presented in a hilarious and lighthearted way. It is so funny and lighthearted that some viewers fail to realize that it has slowly but truly captivated their hearts (those who watch it with an open heart and an open mind anyway.)

The next issue hurled at the drama is its predictability. It is predictable: the first time I watched it I felt that way; that did not change after I watched it the second time. Right from the start viewers can predict that Na-Young’s (NY) husband, Sung-Min (SM) will die. Otherwise, how could there be only 3 dads, right? We can also predict that mother and baby will end up living with the 3 dads; that the 3 dads will change/mature because of the presence of a baby in their lives; that the 3 dads will eventually fall in love with the baby first then the mom next; and that the mom will fall in love with one of the 3 dads. Only 2 things are left for viewers to speculate:

1. Who is Ha-Seon’s (HS) real dad? Is it Soo-Hyun (played by our Hyun Jae/JHJ), or is it Kwang-Hee (Jae Hee), or is it Kyeong-Tae (Shin Sung-Rok)? Of course, now we know that HS’s real dad is the dead husband, Sung-Min (SM). I guess SM’s sp–ms just need some competition to successfully mate with Na-Yong’s egg. The presence of his friends’ sp–ms makes his usually lazy sp–ms aggressive!!! I must say the writer is very successful in keeping the suspense of who the real dad is until the very end. I am one of those who predict that the real dad is SH (played by our JHJ) because of the 3 dads he is the one with whom NY will most likely fall in love with because he is the most handsome, the most financially stable, and once his attitude changes (no longer money hungry, that is) his character becomes likable.

2. Who will Na-Yong fall in love with? Will she fall in love with the stingy/money hungry Soo-Hyun (SH), or with the playboy/artist Kwang-Hee (KH), or with the dumb cop with a tough exterior but with a soft heart Kyung-Tae (KT), or with her nice boss Jung Chan- Young (JCY), played by Joo Sang Wook? Even before the drama was aired, people were already speculating that NY will end up with JHJ’s character SH because of the 4 guys vying for her love, our JHJ is the biggest star, the one most likely to take on the #1 leading man role. Of course, now we know that NY indeed falls in love with JHJ/SH, but this is not shown in the series but is just implied by HS in her narration towards the end of the drama when she says that her mother feels happy/smiles a lot whenever “daddy” (the way she calls JHJ/SH as opposed to “appa”-SSR/KT and “papa”-JH/KH) is around.

So with people speculating that NY will end up with JHJ/SH, the writer is faced with a challenge: how to let the suspense of whom NY will fall in love with last until the end of the drama? They do this by downplaying JHJ’s role (at least in the early episodes) to divert viewers’ focus on him as NY’s likely love interest in the drama. The director and the writer employ several methods to do this:

1. they make his character so unlikeable that viewers would rather have NY end up with the sloppy/messy/not-so-handsome dumb cop or with the playboy comic artist than with the handsome and intelligent but very stingy fund manager that is JHJ. He is not just thrifty or money-wise; he is so STINGY that I took to calling him HIS STINGINESS (like addressing a king as HIS HIGHNESS or HIS MAJESTY). It is only in episode 5 that his stinginess is explained – his father has Alzheimer’s disease so SH has to put him in a facility that could give his father the professional care that he couldn’t provide. Facilities like that really cost an arm and a leg. So despite his high paying job he still has to be thrifty to the point of being stingy so he could continue to provide for his sick father.

2. JHJ is given fewer opportunities for interaction in the earlier episodes. SSR has his mom and colleagues/criminals in the police station to interact with, aside from his 3 close friends, NY and HS. SSR’s interactions with these people are always funny, giving him the opportunity to flesh out his role of a dumb cop with a tough exterior but with a soft heart in just a few episodes. JH’s character has his flirty mom, his older editor who has the hots for him, his girlfriends and his dog Milk to interact with aside from his 3 friends, NY and HS. Like SSR, his interactions with these people are always funny and cute, giving him a chance to fully flesh out his role of an artist playboy in the first few episodes. While our JHJ has only his 3 friends, NY, his work colleagues/superiors, rich client and rich girl to interact with. And his interactions in the office or with a client or with the rich girl are always formal, quiet and restrained. After all he has to maintain decorum in an office setting, in the boardroom or in a high-end art gallery. In some of his office scenes he even has to interact with inanimate objects (computer and the plants he buys to make his sp–ms healthy). He is in some funny situations in some of his office/art gallery scenes but these are very few. Of course, good actor that our JHJ is, he is able to put flesh into SH in just a few episodes, but the thing is that the SH character has so many layers to it. The director and the writer deliberately conceal those other layers of SH in the early episodes.

3. the director also shunts our JHJ to one side in the first half of the series. Whenever the 3 dads appear together onscreen, our JHJ is always on one side (when they are seated), or at the back when they are standing, never taking the center position. In scenes where the 3 dads appear with NY and HS, he is always positioned the farthest from the 2 females. His character is relegated to just seconding or agreeing to what the other 2 dads are saying. It is only at the end of episode 7 that JHJ’s character starts to take charge of the various situations the 3 dads and NY find themselves in. This is the episode when he is chasing the rich girl Seo-Yeon (RG) to explain why he sold the painting he got as a reward and then he sees NY who has left their house with HS. He chooses to go after NY and HS instead of the RG. In the scene in the motel where he is trying to force NY to go back home with him, he is so forceful, so decisive, his acting is so on target.


Honestly, when I first read about JHJ’s role in this drama, my first thought was – compared to his other projects (“SDY”, “Love Letter”, even “Gumiho”), “3 Dads and 1 Mom” (3D1M) will be an easy one for him. I even thought that this will not pose much of an acting challenge for JHJ who we know is much more used to roles that really test his thespic and physical skills. But after watching 3D1M the second time, I realize that the Soo-Hyun character is still an acting challenge for JHJ, because JHJ is not a comedian!!! He has a reputation for being a serious dramatic actor, and there he is portraying a supposedly serious and sober character in a comedic way!

But how do you infuse “comicness” into a role that is supposed to be that of a dignified, poised, stingy, career-oriented fund manager? There lies the challenge for JHJ and he delivers splendidly.

JHJ's portrayal of the handsome fund manager — he is intelligent, smart, poised, charming when the situation calls for it, but extremely stingy! Loves money, always harping on about money, how expensive things are, how costly it is to raise a child, very critical of NY’s ineptness as a woman and a mother. He is the sober, serious and reliable fund manager in front of his colleagues, superiors and clients. In the company of his friends he is less serious but still maintains his dignity, very vocal about his views about money and marriage. At first glance, his character comes across as shallow, very manipulative and calculating (taking steps to attract the attention of the daughter of his rich client!). And it is indeed a credit to JHJ's great acting skills that viewers end up disliking his character so much, despite the fact that he is the most handsome of the 3 dads. Viewers would rather that the dumb cop or the artist playboy end up being the real dad or the one to end up with the mom. For who would want to have a dad or a husband who is as stingy as SH? (Moi, moi, moi, if he looks as handsome as JHJ!!!)


I feel that JHJ acted the Soo-Hyun (SH) character in a restrained manner. He cannot go around exaggerating his facial expressions or speak in a loud voice or be all over the place with his body movements when he is supposed to be a dignified and respectable fund manager. As a fund manager his face should not show too much emotion, his movements precise and restrained, and his voice low and well-modulated. And our JHJ delivers the goods; he is the epitome of an up-and-coming young fund manager. Even in the company of his friends, he is still a bit formal, not given to raucous behaviour and still maintains his dignity. Even in his moments of stinginess, he is still acting true to the SH character – dignified, poised, restrained and self-assured that stinginess is a positive trait in a person.

But, of course, as the drama progresses, like an onion, one layer is revealed after another of the SH character.*

1) One layer is the dignified, poised, smart, handsome, young fund manager;

2) next layer is the stingy friend always going on about money, complaining about the cost of everything under the sun;

3) next layer is the fastidious person, more concerned in maintaining cleanliness of his car than the comfort of his friends (remember he wraps Kwang-Hee (Jae Hee/JH) and Kyung-Tae (Shin Sung-Rok/SSR) in newspapers because they are covered in mud after Na-Young (NY) had her false labor);

4) another layer is the friend who quietly cries at his friend’s funeral;

5) another layer would be the man who keeps his emotional distance from other people except his 3 closest friends (we see this in his maintaining physical and emotional distance from Na-Young (NY) and Ha-Seon (HS), always the one reluctant to extend a helping hand to mother and child);

6) next layer is the friend who once he has decided to help would go all out to extend that help (he is at first vehemently against allowing NY and HS to stay in their house, but when he sees what could happen to mother and child he is the one to convince NY to stay with them through reason and forcefulness);

7) then next we see the calculating/ambitious but charming man who tries to attract the attention of a rich girl (pretends to know about art when he doesn’t know anything about it, pretends to be well off by taking rich girl to expensive restaurants when he’s not, complaining to himself all the time about the expense and justifying it as investment for his future, pretending to know how to dance when he clearly does not know how);

8) another layer would be the man who doesn’t know how to express his concern so pretends to be angry instead (remember when NY lost consciousness while still pregnant, he scolds her instead of comforting her);

9) yet another layer would be the man who shows genuine amazement at seeing the actual birth of a child who could be his own child;

10) another layer would be the forceful/decisive man, forcing his friends or NY to follow his decisions because he believes his decisions are always right;

11) then in episode 5 we see the filial son taking care of his sick father (now here we have the explanation for his stinginess and his tendency to keep his distance from other people: his father, his only living relative, cannot even remember him - that must hurt a lot);

12) the jealous man (when they find out that NY spent the night with another man while all 3 dads are left to take care of HS, although he denies he is jealous, saying instead that he is indignant on his dead friend’s behalf);

13) another layer would be the ambitious man willing to be humiliated himself just so he could appease his client for a mistake he made;

14) another layer is the man who finally lost his cool in a supermarket when he almost lost the child whom he has come to love without knowing it, and the man who gets mad at the nurse who keeps poking that child with the hypodermic needle;

15) yet another layer is the man who chooses to be with the child he has come to love than be with his rich client and his daughter to further his ambitions;

16) and then there is the carefree man singing “You Were Born to be Loved” during HS’s birthday;

17) and the sad man who sings the same song at another child’s birthday;

18) another layer would be the man confused by the feelings that he has for his friend’s widow;

19) and lastly the man who finally realizes that being in the company of people he loves and who love him in return is more important than being with people whose only attraction for him is their money.

(* Editor’s Note: The numbering is ours, just so we can keep track of how many layers prissymom could peel off the Han Soo-Hyun onion. 19 layers! It’s a BIG onion!)

JHJ portrays all these layers of his character with so much grace and subtlety, especially that layer of his character that tends to keep people at an emotional distance. His dramatic scenes go without a hitch, as I expected. But in his comic scenes, JHJ is a revelation! Despite essaying a serious character, he is able to make me laugh so much even when performing his comic scenes with such a straight and serious face, his dignity and poise still intact, acting true to the SH character. He could have overacted or exaggerated his acting to make the character more funny but it would have made a caricature of the SH character. The way JHJ handles the role is more appealing to me because then we see a supposedly serious individual caught in all those funny situations, making the SH character very human and very real.

It has been my observation while watching other dramas by JHJ that he is one actor who doesn’t overact. Even in emotional scenes he doesn’t become overly dramatic – he doesn’t have to cry loudly to convey the feeling of misery or sadness; he doesn’t have to shout so loudly to convey his anger; he doesn’t have to go wild to show that he is losing control of himself; he doesn’t have to exaggerate his facial expressions to show the different feelings that he is supposed to convey. JHJ uses his eyes, his whole face, his voice and his whole body in his acting with so much subtlety that I find most appealing and effective. He is such a dichotomy – he is a dramatic actor and yet he doesn’t become overly dramatic; he knows when to unleash his emotions but more important is that he knows when to hold it in also.

I am pretty sure that there are still so many layers to Soo-Hyun that I have not pinpointed yet; maybe I will be able to see them the next time I watch the drama.


I have made a list of my favorite scenes with in “3 Dads 1 Mom” — these are the scenes that I keep going back to again and again:

1.Episode 3 – the WONDERFUL scene. This is when Soo-Hyun (SH) goes to the art gallery owned by Park Seo Yeon (daughter of his rich client) to try to attract the attention of the rich girl and impress her with his knowledge about art. He keeps exclaiming “WONDERFUL!” in such a serious manner with his right hand tucked under his chin and his left hand tucked under his right elbow, only to find out that the art piece that he is looking at is actually a pail containing cleaning tools left by a cleaning lady on the pedestal reserved for art pieces. He looks so serious and so handsome but still so funny that I can’t stop myself from laughing out loud. Until now I still find myself laughing whenever I remember that scene….WONDERFUL indeed!!!

2. Episode 3 – pear eating scene. This is before Ha-Seon (HS) is born and Na-Young (NY) loses consciousness while selling children’s books. When NY recovers consciousness, she is transferred to a room. While the other two dads are out, SH peels a pear for NY, but he peels it too thick. So as not to waste the very expensive pear he eats the remaining flesh/meat off the peeling. He does this again when it is the Shin Sung-Rok (SSR) character Kyung-Tae’s (KT) turn to be hospitalized due to a stab wound. SH looks as if he is thoroughly enjoying himself eating the remaining pear off the peeling, and so self-assured that his stinginess is a positive trait in a person!!!

3. Episode 3 – first Lamaze class. Our JHJ looks so funny in the pregnancy suit (big belly and big boobs!!!)

4. Episode 4 – HS’s birth. When the doctor announces that HS has finally come out, all 3 dads are of course happy and amazed. He doesn’t smile, he doesn’t dilate his eyes. Still acting true to the SH character, he is still serious but you could see in his slightly agape mouth and in his eyes the amazement a man would feel at such a miraculous moment. No exaggerated facial expressions but the sense of wonder is written all over his face and sparkling in his eyes. I keep going back to his face during this scene because I really love his reaction here. You have to be pretty quick to catch his face in this scene because his face is shown for just a few seconds.

5. Episode 5 – first scene between JHJ and his father. I love the way this scene is handled: there is our JHJ washing his dad’s feet and shaving his face quietly, calmly, and patiently while his father is talking all the time. Our JHJ doesn’t show too much emotion here but you could sense the many emotions that are boiling beneath the surface — love and pity for his father; frustration at not being able to do more for his father; maybe he also feels burdened at having to take care of a sick father, not having someone to share the burden with; maybe guilt for feeling burdened at all; his resignation to his fate of having to care for a sick father, maybe for the rest of his life (this can be seen when he handed his credit card to pay off his father’s current bills in the facility – his face long, his shoulders down, his movements slow); and then drinking alone in that bar, maybe to drown his sorrows.

6. Episode 7 – counting money scene. The 3 dads are in a place with the people to whom NY’s dad owes money to pay off the debt; then everybody starts counting the bills. The Jae Hee character Kwang-Hee (KH) hands a bundle of bills to SH to help in the counting and then SH, like the expert moneyman that he is, expertly fans the bills in his hand and starts to count, not one at a time but several bills at a time. Our JHJ really looks like an expert at counting large amounts of bills in that scene, and he is so true to his character of taking money seriously. I wonder how long it takes him to master the trick of fanning the bills in one hand?

7. Episode 9 – losing HS scene. I love this scene so much because here we see JHJ being the quintessential dramatic actor that he is. He is panic-stricken and so afraid that he has lost HS, as any adult would be at losing a child who is in his care (whether that child is his or not). You sense the panic and the fear in the way he goes up and down the aisles; you sense the urgency in his voice which is loud enough to be heard by other shoppers but not too loud as to terrify people. You can see in his face that he is about to lose control, and finally when he sees HS again, he totally loses control of his emotions for the first time in this drama. When he is hugging HS close to him after finding her again, you sense the mingling of relief and remembered fear in that hug and in that silent cry. He never ever exaggerates his facial expressions or his body movements and his voice is not too loud, but still you sense all the conflicting emotions that he is trying to convey. I love it when he lets go of his emotions in his dramatic scenes but never loses control of his acting. He makes acting these dramatic scenes so effortless that they seem real and not contrived.

8. Episode 14 – campfire scene. I just love JHJ’s rendition of “Now It’s Goodbye”. I admit that this is my most favorite scene; I keep going back to it. I cannot find the right words to express how I feel when I see and hear him sing this song in this episode.

9. Episode 15 – videotaping scene. This is the scene where SH sneaks into KH’s room to get the videocam so he could record a new message for HS. Earlier KH and KT ask him to record a message and he does. But it is a short one and is delivered curtly, maybe because he doesn’t want his friends to see him cry. And cry he does when he records his second message. Again no exaggerated facial expressions, no loud cries, just his eyes tearing up, his voice raspy with emotion, and his lips quivering slightly but you could sense the overwhelming sadness he is feeling. And when he clutches the videocamera to his chest, you just know that he is so overcome with emotion that he could no longer speak.

Do I feel that JHJ made the wrong decision to play the role of Soo-Hyun? No, absolutely not! I love seeing him in this lighthearted drama. I also enjoy watching him during his male-bonding moments in the drama; he seems to be enjoying himself so immensely. We are so used to seeing him act in serious/heavy dramas that to see him being part of comedy drama is refreshing and heartwarming. I also have so much fun watching him doing funny stuff with such a straight face. Would I want to see him in another romantic comedy? Oh yes, absolutely! But I hope it would be a meatier role than this one. I have complete confidence in JHJ's capabilities.


Note: In episodes 13-14 of this drama I noticed that there was something wrong with JHJ’s right eye. At first I thought he had a bad case of eyebags, it looked so bad that I asked myself why JHJ and the production people allowed JHJ to be filmed with such a huge eyebag, it distracted me so much. Then as the episode progressed I realized that it was no ordinary eyebag, the area beneath his right eye was injured!!!

According to reports, JHJ was injured by Shin Sung-Rok during filming of 3D1M on the afternoon of May 9, 2008 (his birthday!). SSR was acting drunk and splaying about wildly. When he was hit, JHJ gave a loud shout, according to eye-witnesses at the scene. Even though the injury was quite serious, he insisted on carrying on with the shooting. First aid was administered on the spot , but he was not treated at a hospital until after midnight, and went on with the shooting the next day. A make-up artist said the injury was so severe that no amount of make-up could disguise it as the wound was badly swollen. JHJ was lucky not to be blinded!

(Credit for photos: name on photos. Thanks!)

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This is the song that the 3 dads sing at Ha-Seon’s first birthday party.


당신은 사랑받기위해 태어난 사람

dang sin eun sa lang bad ki wi hae tae eo nan sa lam

Do you know you are born out of God’s love?

In your life you have already accepted His love.

당신은 사랑 받기 위해 태어난 사람

dang sin eun sa lang bad ki wi hae tae eo nan sa lam

당신의 삶 속에서 그 사랑 받고 있지요

dang sin eui sarm sog e seo keu sa lang bad ko iss ji yo

Do you know you are born out of God’s love?

In your life you have already accepted His love.

당신은 사랑 받기 위해 태어난 사람

dang sin eun sa lang bad ki wi hae tae eo nan sa lam

당신의 삶 속에서 그 사랑 받고 있지요

dang sin eui sarm sog e seo keu sa lang bad ko iss ji yo

In the Creation God’s love already exists

And matures together with our friendship.

태초부터 시작된 하나님의 사랑은

tae cho bu teo si jan doen ha na nim eui sa lang eun

우리의 만남을 통해 열매를 맺고

u li eui man nam eur tong hae yeor mae leur maej go

Because of your existence in this world

We have spent many happy moments together.

당신이 이 세상에 존재함으로 인해

dang sin i i se sang e jon jae ham eu lo in hae

우리에게 얼마나 큰 기쁨이 되는지

u li e gen eor ma na keun gi bbeum i doe neun ji

You are born out of God’s love

And now you have obtained His greatest love.

당신은 사랑 받기 위해 태어난 사람

dang sin eun sa lang bad gi wi hae tae eo nan sa lam

지금도 그 사랑 받고 있지요

ji keum do geu sa lang bad go iss ji yo

You are born out of God’s love

And now you have obtained his greatest love.

당신은 사랑 받기 위해 태어난 사람

dang sin eun sa lang bad gi wi hae tae eo nan sa lam

지금도 그 사랑 받고 있지요

ji keum do geu sa lang bad go iss ji yo

Credit: EVERjohyunjae.co.kr; www.johyunjae.hk. Thanks!

Note: Sorry can't find a video of this part on YT. Previous MVs of this song from 3D1M have been removed. :(

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His Royal Stinginess, Han Soo Hyun

We all know that Jo Hyun-Jae’s character in “Three Dads One Mom” is that of a stingy guy. If you want visual proof of his stinginess, here it is:



Soo-Hyun is too cheap to buy another T-shirt, and instead just borrows Kwang-Hee’s shirt!

I don’t know, though, if the next set of pictures is still a sign of Soo-Hyun’s stinginess….



Wearing his dead friend’s clothes is taking Soo-Hyun’s stinginess too far, but wearing that dead friend’s clothes while kissing THAT dead friend’s wife is just too much!!!


I have several guesses why the director allows Soo-Hyun to wear Sung-Min’s hoodie:

1. the dirctor could be giving viewers a hint that Soo-Hyun will be the man who will eventually replace Sung-Min in Na-Young’s heart, or

2. the director could be hinting that Na-Young is already looking at Soo-Hyun with romantic eyes or as possible husband material (who wouldn’t, right?), or

3. Na-Young sees qualities of her dead husband in Soo-Hyun, or

4. the clothes Soo-Hyun was supposed to wear didn’t arrive on time for the shoot, so they just made him wear whatever was already available, which happened to be Sung-Min’s old clothes (Ha!Ha!Ha!), or

5. the production company was running out of money, so they just recycled Sung-Min’s old clothes, or

6. the director just wants to show that Soo-Hyun is really one stingy dude (Ha!Ha!Ha!)…….

(Credit: photos as labelled. Thanks!)

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JHJ, Jae Hee, Eugene, Shin Sung Rok interviiew

English translation:

Jae Hee on JHJ: “Most people think of him as rather inflexible, but actually after a few drinks he opens up and talks a lot and is really interesting. He’s very comfortable to be with.”

Eugene on JHJ: “Not as sharp as I imagined, but comfortable to be with, like the boy next door.”

The one thing that JHJ says towards the end which makes everybody laugh (and which is branded as JHJ type of humour) is: “Short drama scripts are usually produced very slowly.” His remark is in response to what Eugene says about their being kept in the dark about the identity of the father.

JHJ describes “3 Dads/1 Mom” as the kind of drama that you’d like to watch after a hard day at the office, that would make you relax and have a good time.

credit: English translation by wulijohyunjae.



posted on wulijohyunjae September 18, 2010

Remember this scene from “3 Dads/1 Mom”? I remember thinking then: “How could they not be father and daughter? Even their sleeping postures are the same!” Why do the scriptwriter and director deliberately mislead us?


You have to hand it to the Japanese — they can discover everything related to JHJ dramas. They even managed to find out about Han Soo-Hyun’s bed and where it can be bought online! See for yourselves.


Credit: ahiru of CarpeDiemJAPAN. Thanks!

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