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throwback to the early 2000s for me with this one. ahahah    

Love is All Around - Wet Wet Wet    

now I'm listening to chinese instrumental on utube. the zither sound is always so nice and calming.


It's like you're my mirror
My mirror staring back at me
I couldn't get any bigger
With anyone else beside of me
And now it's clear as this promise
That we're making two reflections into one
'Cause it's like you're my mirror
My mirror staring back at me, staring back at me



@triplem LOL.. IKR? still love them tho..... 

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@Dhakra how about KARD's new song? Just released half an hour ago. At first listen I find it pretty basic and bland. It's like so much other dancemusic out there. Nothing to really stand out from the crowd. It's not bad, but after their debut, I expected something better tbh. Even more so considering they already had a world tour, going just about everywhere. 




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@CamelKnightTo be honest when I listened to it a few hours ago I thought it was very.....unexcited and...yeah like you said...basic and bland. It's nothing that makes me wanna dance on my chair. 

I have the feeling the whole song is just about B.M. lifting his shirt. It just doesn't have any up and downs, it doesn't step up the beat at any point and just.....plays along until its over. 

Their previous songs were way more excited. Hola Hola or especially Rumor for example were way, way better. 

I don't see me listen to it more than once right now.


I got Mamamoo's Red Moon Album today and remember when we talked about being too sexy? The photobook has some pictures that are really, really at the edge of being a little too much. I mean, I like to see a sexy Solar, but some of them are reaally a little too much. 

But nothings is more beautiful than Mamamoo albums rowed up.


What do you think about this song? Maybe the sunshine and summer feeling is taking control over me, but for some weird reason I like it.



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@Dhakra wow.. did we just... agree on something? :O

But yeah, KARD is not doing something outrageously awesome. Kinda dissappointed with that song tbh.


Man, that makes me want to look for those photos online lol. It's a bit of a shame they're going the sexy way though I get it. There's more money in sexyness. But I would've enjoyed it more if they had focuses on their vocal skills instead of hotness. Ah well.. times change, they want to have their break too I guess.


I'd added that song a week or so ago to my playlist, I liked it :)


You might like this as well. They're not the prettiest, but the beat is nice, the girls sound pretty talented too and it's pretty refreshing these days.



And their comeback from July:



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@CamelKnightUgh...:unsure: it seems like. It had to happen at one point. But there is no way I could talk the song into something strong. 

It's not like I'm disappointed, I'm not such a big fan of them either. Honestly I didn't even follow them in the recent past, I just thought that a summer release is something they would slay.


Here you go buddy. 



There are some who are actually very beautiful, especially the first couple of pictures,  but some of them, pretty much after the picture of Moonbyul with her guitar, especially Hwasa & Solar are a little.....too much for my taste. 

I do like their new songs, "Yellow Flower" was a blast of an album and "Egotastic" is a unusual style aswell, it's still not the typical Kpop music. 

But it really seems like the label suddenly understand that they should benefit from Hwasa & Solar's beauty. 


I noticed their comeback, I also remember the MV due to their sexy dance at the beach......(yeah I'm a guy, hate me for it)..... but the song didn't really hook me to be honest. 


What about this? I love the simplicity of the MV. It touches my sense of art. The song is really good aswell. @bedifferent @stroppyse Isn't one of you from California?



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@Dhakra what is this strange world where we actually agree on something? :O

I have the same feeling. It's just missing something. I can turn the radio on and hear 50 of the same kind of songs in an hour. Which is why the radio is off here :P

I had fairly high hopes for KARD but after their debut, it's just not as good as I hoped.


Awwww thanks! Yeah, I understand what you mean. They're cashing in on the looks. I just hope they continue to make good music too, not just do it for the cash.


I did find it quite refreshing. Not looking at the MV, made it sound better than many of the current songs from more popular groups.


I'm not the biggest fan of Standing Egg, but I liked this one due to it's simplicity while maintaining a melody. So it's added to the Playlist :)


And because I've been waiting too long for a comeback...



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@CamelKnightHorrible right? Totally confusing world. I hope it goes away at some point, although I knew that I would open a new world by buying Mamamoo albums.

I would even say that I can turn on the radio and hear 50 better songs, it lacks in the aspect of being catchy.

Yeah, I also sold the album of KARD quite a while ago.


 I really think they continue their way of making good music, but it seems like they add a little hot and sexyness into it. I just hope they don't go too far.


Wow, that are 5 songs in a row where we can agree on. I'm a little scared to be honest. It's not even christmas. I people find out about this.....oh boy. 


I do want to see them having a comeback aswell. But I also look forward to Laboums comeback soon. 


My summer song of last year.





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@Dhakra Standing Egg is thumbs up. Do listen to more of their songs, esp the coffee one.  


@stroppyse Did my schooling at UCSF so know what you are talking about :D  Miss the Redwood National Forest, which is closer to GG bridge.  I camped in Marin County before, even went to those oyster farms before they were closed down due to preservation.  When we were little, older family members dodged sharks to get us the abalones from the sea.  There's nothing like fresh straight from the seas.  We also went clam diggings.  I miss NoCal quite a bit.  I'm in UCLA now.


California petitioned and failed to secede from the US as a country.  :lol:

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HA! I knew you both were from California! I'm a little proud of myself that I kept that in mind! HOORAY ME!


@stroppyse Wow! I have never seen you being so excited about something. I like it a lot. :D So you were actually walking down the Cypress Tree Tunnel? It looks so peaceful and calm in the MV. Especially in combination with the music.

I happily tagged you, considering you are so excited. I liked reading your post.

320 days of sunlight? I'm already annoyed by the probably 20 days of "golden" sunlight a year.

But it was really a good idea of mine to tag you. I have never seen you being fangirlish like this. 


@bedifferentStanding Egg really is amazing. 


19 hours ago, stroppyse said:

Oops. Just realized that @bedifferent and I may have hijacked this thread to rhapsodize over California. Sorry about that.


Well, technically I invited you and asked both of you to come around, so it is kind of my fault. :D 


But talking more about Standing Egg. They still have one of the best and sadest MV's out there.



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@stroppyse & @Dhakra Sequoia National Park in SoCal is super pretty too and one of the lesser known parks so it's less busy. The trees look like they're plastic! And if you want winter sports, Big Bear is the place to be though it's reaaaaaallly crowded there during peak season. 

Like @bedifferent I also hail from Southern California though I don't live there at the moment. I was just there a few weeks ago for vacation though. Landed on that crazy hot day.... 120F [and of course planes are cold so I was in pants and a dark jacket. :lol:

Currently listening to: Imagine Dragons - Whatever it Takes

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@phikyl We are in a heat wave.  Dying here with the humidity!  


@stroppyse glad they opened Big Sur highway 1.  I drove through the area in the dark once and lived to tell about it.  :) I personally like Laguna Beach/Corona Del Mar/Santa Monica beaches.  Paso Robles/Temecula wineries rival Napa/Sonoma.  Santa Barbara area is lovely.


@Dhakra I have to make it to your side of the world someday! Germany is affordable still.  Beer flight for you if I ever go.  We can meet!


On Spotify in the car:



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@phikylI was about to say, didn't you live somewhere in Colorado or used to live there....I didn't have you in mind when it came down to California. 120F??? Aren't that around 48C? Really? I can't even imagine temperatures like this. Currently it is 37C here and I complain about it pretty much every second of the day.


@bedifferentWeren't you on "my" side of the world already? :blink: I mean, yeah, sure, you are welcome to hit Germany. I show you why German beer is famous and we can meet. No problem. 


@lynne22Talking about Germany. :D Scorpions are a german band.


Teaching german with this song. :D 




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What is this world coming to if we keep agreeing with each other? Next thing you know, North and South Korea announce the merger of the two countries :O 


Yeah, I hope Mamamoo will just keep it that little bit of extra sexiness and keep it at that. Let's keep focus on the quality of the music, not the hotness of the girls. There are plenty more groups out there who already do that and who, frankly speaking, have hotter members. Quality >>> Hotness


Ah yes, Laboum! I seriously hope they come back with a bop and have a second one shortly after. The wait is too long between comebacks and their songs are either hit or miss. They still need that massive hit that everybody shakes too, we know they've got the talent for it.


Going through my 1000+ playlist on shuffle and this one comes along. Ahhh... memories :)




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@CamelKnight Did you just compare our little bromance with North & South Korea? Well, okay....why not...


Well, I do need a little hotness to fully enjoy an artist. I'm honest, I really need a little eye-candy. All of my favourite artists, all albums I have are from artists that are also beautiful. Dreamcatcher, EXID, Mamamoo, Davichi, Marmello all have at least one or two members that are exceptional beautiful.

Okay AKMU is the only exception, but their talent is out of this world. 


I don't have the feeling yet that Mamamoos sexy side interferes with their musical talent. 


That describes it very well, La Boum has either a hit or a complete miss. 


1000 songs? I have 140 in my current playlist and it doesn't really grow. There is just so much bad music out there. But okay, the first song I hit I will post.


Soo the chosen one is....




Minah was my first loooooooooooooove~ and it will be my last 


(if you clicked this and don't know the reference, then go and be ashamed of yourself!)


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@Dhakra I did live in Colorado at one point but I grew up in California; most of my life was spent there. Yup! It was almost 49C that day. Record high for the area I was in too but it's dry heat so it doesn't usually feel too bad even when it gets in the 45C range. It's the humidity that's killer for me. 


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