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I do really really really want to sing this song in the idol competition at our office since 2019. LOL. But I was pregnant in 2019, 2020 covid19 there was no idol thing lol, 2021 pregnant again hahahaa.. I wish I can sing this in 2022 :heart: This is one of my dream song :bawling: Breathing was very heavy when pregnant so I don’t have the confidence to take this ^^


All I ask from Adelle is one of my favorite song not only because of it has beautiful melodies but the messages and the emotion in the song is very deep. This song can also bring out our voices potential. The breathing technique, the dynamics, sighhh.. it’s a perfect song for the singing competition. 


I think Holland voice is one of the best. And this version is one of the best too. I love their voices harmonization. Each singer are great with their own character. Rock voice color vs pop voice, they blend very well. It’s.. enchanting <3




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I always looking for the live version from every song I love in youtube. Because in live version I can feel the feel that should be felt in the song through the singer interpretation by seeing their expressions when singing and listening to their voices and their sense of melodies. Yes. In music and songs, feelings and emotion are important for me. And I fell in love with this song and Kelly 20 years ago. She is my forever idol. I love her classic pop voice very much <3



I never lived before your love

I never felt before your touch

I never needed anyone to made me feel alive,

But then again I was not really living, 

I never lived before your love :kiss_wink:

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