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I always adore Adele. She sings just like she is doing story telling and she is also a very talented song writer. Love all her songs lyrics. The messages from her songs are perfect <3 



I can’t bring my self to swim

when I am drowning..

Go easy on me baby <3 

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I watch Gentleman and Young lady kdrama and it’s reminding me to the Sound of music movie. Then I remember my most favorite ost is when they sing ‘how do you solve a problem like Maria’ when she walks down the aisle gracefully. I think this is the most beautiful scene with background song ever. Whenever I feel sick or feeling down, I always rewatching this movie. I feel very happy just by watching Maria and the captain’s love story :kiss_wink:



Also I grew up by learning Sound of music osts. I remember every morning when I was in the elementary school I need to sing the hills are alive. It was frustrating but after watching the movie I understand why this movie is a legend.

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This is my theme song :kiss_wink:


You are worth beyond a thousand reasons why

and you can’t be perfect baby

’cause nobody’s perfect darlin’

But no no no no

there’s nobody in the world like you :wub:



So fits for all the perfectionist in this world. We always want the perfect and always try to manage and plan everything to be perfect and we always notice every tiny little thing to make sure everything perfect and do every perfect thing so everything will be perfect until one day we face a rough way and no one there to help but only our own self can do the help because we know that nobody as perfect as us Hahahahaaa <3


there’s nobody in the world like you ^_*



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I love this song. The self confidence in the song reminding me to my own self. Love the lyrics. Hua Ha Ha ha


and I can’t help loving myself

and I don’t need nobody else..

uh huh..

if I was you I would wanna be me too,

I’d wanna be me too

I’d wanna be me too

I’d wanna be me.. too ^_*






Can’t wait to do the reels dance challenge of this song with friends ^_*

I would wanna be me too wanna be me too uh uhhh <3

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Junho’s red sleeve kdrama is calling back my memories when I was a fan of 2pm. I remember that they are the 1st popular boyband idol and JYP’s special boys. Their posters are very big in the lobby of JYP’s entertainment building. I watch their training moments, it was a very hard times for them. And one of my favorite episode on running man is when they invited 2pm. My favorite songs from 2pm of course hands up and heartbeat ^_* 


they sing and dance in this video and I so love love love these guys. Just look at their movements when dance. They are sooooo manly. Oughhh My beasts :heart2beat:




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