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It would be a sin if I don’t share these beautiful voices :kiss_wink: always love this song <3


Some people think that the physical things

define what’s within 

and I’ve been there before

that life’s a bore

so full of a superficial 



And Sohyang leveled up this song with her fascinating performance. Sohyang always sounds like she is not from this world :heart: Her sense in melodies, art, musicality, and everything are from another planet hahaha. Love her too much. 


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I am listening Circles by Mac Miller's Circles album. It's my favorite song. When it was released I am very excited & I asked my father to bought me mac miller circles t-shirt. I cant believe he left us too early. He was a great rapper and made an impact in the rap world in such a small time.




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I have never thought before that Kim Go Eun has this kind of a very sweet voice. I need to wear my earphones to listen to her innocence voice carefully. Love the way she sings this song. Very expressive and sweet <3 mmm.. I love Henry’s voice too as well ^_*


I’ll Never Love Again <3



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