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Actually I don't wanna admit which song it is because I don't like it.  And I don't wanna even think about it.  :P  I was watching a TV show that featured some retro music when I heard an old song that I never enjoyed.....and now I can't get it out of my head.  I even heard it in my dreams last night.  :crazy:   Hearing a 30-second clip of this awful old song has disrupted my thinking for days.  :lol:  

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More than OSTs, I love it when BGMs are so good, you can instantly recall the scenes when it is played.


"Sea of Innocence". The reason why I watched TMOPB. ^_^ I inadvertently opened a short clip in my newsfeed with this as BGM, and I was hooked.

"Su Su". The BGM totally matches Su Su's innocence and lack of artifice.

"Descending From the Sky". It is a BGM of  ELOD, the second adaptation from the 3L3W universe after TMOPB. Some parts certainly matches "Su Su", in a more dynamic arrangement.



"Don't Leave". If I haven't already watched ELOD, or if I don't know or haven't read the novel it was adapted from, this will be the BGM that will make me see the series.



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This should have been a theme song for the 2020 Olympic Games but, of course, they were cancelled.....maybe the struggles that we are all facing these days makes the lyrics more meaningful.  We all need to fly the kite of hope.



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I am currently hooked on 2 songs right now... 1st is Beggar by Huang Zi Tao and 2nd is All About You by Taeyeon from Hotel Del Luna OST. The first one is very catchy and somehow good for when you're in a cheerful mood and the other is for when you are in a love sick mode.

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