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34 minutes ago, wallflowersforjane said:


I found my musical twin! I watched The King and I's musical last year. It was screened as a movie but whatever I can have, I will take.


The King and I has so many good songs! Getting to Know You is a favourite. Have you also watched the other movie adaptation, Anna and the King? 


Between R&H and Disney Cinderellas, I preferred and enjoyed watching the former more as a kid. ^_^


Stepsister's Lament (This is from the Cinderella edition I've endlessly watched, hehehe)



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Absolutely dear!!!  With Arijit Singh's hot voice & Akshay/ Kareena's sizzling combination, this is one of my fav songs ever!  Teri meri kahani - The story of you & me...    Thanks a

now I'm listening to chinese instrumental on utube. the zither sound is always so nice and calming.

Not a song.. but instrumental music ... I have always love Denis's work... 

I've been hearing Noel today, but I think he deleted that in his YT.. so I'll share another one of my fav.. Sweet Saturn.



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And now.. the acoustic version...

Marina has always been a good singer... 


Its been 8 years and I'm still loving her songs.. almost every song in Electra Heart were a winner.. 





Sigh... this song left me feeling melancholic ...


@themarchioness how far along are you with Draw Near? :tears:



Guess I had my last chance, and now this is our last dance
You fell through the cracks in my hands, (I) tell myself be stronger
My heart's like a rubber band
And it's such a shame, You'll always be the one who got away
We both know that deep down you feel the same
Hard to say it's over,  but I'm already someone else's baby....

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On 7/16/2020 at 10:36 PM, TDeas said:

Bit emotional, miss my daddy in heaven 


Daddy .... Is his little girl 1st love ...


Nite everyone ... 

Youre not alone.. Me too :' Hope u have sweet dream dear..


Im listening to this heheh




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This song came out yearsss ago (IIRC 2002/2003?) and still feels so relatable at these day and age..

Candy Lo feat. Wang Leehom - 好心分手




Just set me free, all my efforts has been for nothing
The past years and months have not been spent joyfully



Why sing this song? (And) Breaking up because of resentment
 (I'm) Asking you if you can forgive me


 Forcing this relationship won't bring us anything, why don't we just break off everything?

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