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What Song Are You Listening To?

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My colleague had a tune of this song played out in her phone.. and I suddenly miss this song... LOL


Its an old song of Richie Ren's you're too soft hearted... I like the song's message about letting go and not forcing things that doesn't do good for you. 


Forget it, just forget it
Let go when you should let go, it is no use thinking more about it
Waiting for him foolishly, but he still will not return
You should think of your own future
Loving someone is always easy, but getting along is difficult.
If something is not meant to be yours, then don't force it


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This song had stuck with me for a really long time, it fits how I feel about myself. 


The name of this song is called I’m ugly but I’m very gentle (Translated). It’s a good song, you guys should listen.

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The male version of unsullied. One thing this drama did it right is the music. From the opening credits and ending credits, to the bgm, everything was spot on. Even if I forget Phoenix, I'll not forget this song. Ok who am I kidding, how can I forget my love, Phoenix?!?!?! He is etched into my heartand will stay there forever. LOL. Ok that got cheesy. 



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