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[Drama 2010] Daemul 대물

Guest joynara

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Guest joynara

[sBS] Go Hyun Jung, Kwon Sang Woo, Cha In Pyo, Lee Soo Kyung

==========[Nov. 3, 2010] Opening Post Update & Formatting In Progress=========


* Title : DaeMul | Dae Mul | 대물 | 大物

* Episodes : 24

* Broadcast Company : SBS

* Airing Date & Time : Oct. 6, 2010-? @ 9:55pm on Wed-Thurs.

* PD : Oh Jong-Rok 오종록 and Cho Hyun-Tak 조현탁 (Ep. 1-6); Kim Chul-Gyu 김철규 and Cho Hyun-Tak 조현탁 (Ep. 7-)

* Writer : Hwang Eun-Kyung 황은경 (Ep. 1-4); Yoo Dong-Yoon 유동윤 (Ep. 5-)

* Production Company : YiGim 이김

* Official Website : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/president/

* Cast : [section in progress]



Go Hyun-Jung 고현정 as Seo Hye-Rim 서혜림

Kwon Sang-Woo 권상우 as Ha Do-Ya 하도야

Cha In-Pyo 차인표 as Kang Tae-San 강태산

Lee Soo-Kyung 이수경 as Jang Se-Jin 장세진


Park Geun-Hyung 박근형 as Cho Bae-Ho 조배호 (Ruling Party Leader)


Lee Soon-Jae 이순재 as Baek Sung-Min 백성민 (President)


Lim Hyun-Shik 임현식 as Ha Bong-Do 하봉도 (Do-Ya's father)

Choi Il-Hwa 최일화 as Kim Myung-Hwan 김명환 (SanHo Group Chairman, Tae-San's father-in-law)


Lee Jae-Yong 이재용 as Gong Sung-Jo 공성조 (Do-Ya's boss, Chief Prosecutor in Namsong)


Ahn Suk-Hwan 안석환 as Sohn Bon-Shik 손본식 (Hye-Rim's boss at HBS)

Lee Joo-Shil 이주실 as Yoon Myung-Ja 윤명자 (Hye-Rim's mother)


Kim Jae-Bin 김재빈 as Park Dong-Ha 박동하 (Hye-Rim's son)


Jang Young-Nam 장영남 as Wang Joong-Gi 왕중기 (Political consultant, campaign manager)


Seo Ji-Young 서지영 as Kim Ji-Su 김지수 (Tae-San's wife, Kim Myung-Hwan's daughter)


Song Ok-Sook 송옥숙 as Madame Min 민여사 (Heritage Club owner, friend to SeJin's late mother)

Park Ji-Il 박지일 as Chief of Staff (to President Baek)

Kim Il-Woo 김일우 as Oh Jae-Bong 오재봉 (Cho Bae-Ho's right-hand man at MinWoo Party)


Lee Moon-Soo 이문수 as Kim Tae-Bong 김태봉 (Member of National Assembly in Hye-Rim and Do-Ya's hometown)

Kim Jin-Ho 김진호 as Kim Hyun-Gab 김현갑 (Kim Tae-Bong's right-hand man, Hye-Rim's rival in Namsong)


Shin Seung-Hwan 신승환 as Kim Chul-Gyu 김철규 (Kim Tae-Bong's son)

Yoon Joo-Sang 윤주상 as Min Dong-Ho 민동호 (Opposition Party Leader)

Jo Duk-Hyun 조덕현 as Lee Dong-Baek 이동백 (Mob boss)


(cameo) Kim Tae-Woo 김태우 as Park Min-Gu 박민구 (Hye-Rim's husband)

* Character Description/Storyline/Synopsis : [in progress]

Seo Hye-Rim

A native of Nam-Song in the province of Nam-Hae, Hye-Rim is on her way to Seoul to apply for a job at a broadcasting network, when she has a chance encounter with Do-Ya. With his help, she is able to get out of a sticky situation and catch her train to Seoul, where she lands a job at HBS as anchor. But she suffers a series of career setbacks at the network, and ends up as a host ('PoRoRong unni') on a morning program for children, where she meets her husband, Min-Gu. They get married and have a son, when years later, Min-Gu, a cameraman, is sent to Afghanistan on a reporting special. His abduction and eventual death in Afghanistan change Hye-Rim's life forever, setting her on a path to a political career--first as Member of the National Assembly, then as Governor for the Nam-Hae Province, and eventually, as the first female President in Korea.

Ha Do-Ya

Also a native of Nam-Song and the son of a gomtang restaurant owner, Do-Ya is a teenaged troublemaker who loves to dance when a chance encounter with Hye-Rim irrevocably changes his life. Determined to reform his wayward ways, Do-Ya studies for the bar exam and eventually becomes a prosecutor for the Western District Prosecutors Office, one of the high-profile branches in Seoul. But when his undercover work in an investigation results in embarrassing a high-ranking politician, he is forced to take the blame and demoted to his hometown as prosecutor for the local branch. It is in Nam-Song that Do-Ya is reunited with the now-widowed Hye-Rim and becomes deeply involved in her life and her son's.

Kang Tae-San

The elite of elites, Tae-San passed the bar exam with the highest scores and graduated from the Judicial Training Institute at the head of his class. He is married to the daughter of a chaebol group owner, and after a brief tenure as prosecutor, becomes a Member of the National Assembly for the ruling party. Widely considered a rising star in his party and a natural contender for the next presidential elections, Tae-San sees Hye-Rim as a useful ally in his power struggles against the party leader, Cho Bae-Ho, and serves as a mentor in her political career.

Jang Se-Jin

Curator for the art gallery at the Heritage Club, Se-Jin returns to her native home after a lifetime in the United States, eager to find out the man who banished her and her mother there. Her ties to the men in Daemul become critical to their downfalls.

* OST :

Part 1. 죽어도 사랑해 (Loving You Till Death) by 거미 (Gummy) : MP3 | MV | Lyrics (translation by wennah)

Part 2. Missing You by KCM : MP3

Part 3. 내 세상 (My World) by 싸이 (Psy) : MP3

Part 4. 왜 나를 울려요 (Why Do You Make Me Cry) by 이현 (Lee Hyun) : MP3 | Lyrics (translation by wennah)

Part 5. 떠나지마 (Don't Leave Me) by 이선희 (Lee Sun-Hee) : MP3 | Lyrics (translation by joynara)

Part 6. 태양 (The Sun) by K. Will : MP3 | Lyrics (translation by joynara)

* Ratings (Nationwide & Seoul) :

AGB Nielsen

Ep01 Nationwide 18.0% - Seoul 20.2%

Ep02 Nationwide 21.5% - Seoul 23.2%

Ep03 Nationwide 26.4% - Seoul 27.1%

Ep04 Nationwide 26.1% - Seoul 27.2%

Ep05 Nationwide 27.4% - Seoul 28.5%

Ep06 Nationwide 28.3% - Seoul 30.3%

Ep07 Nationwide 25.5% - Seoul 25.4%

Ep08 Nationwide 27.3% - Seoul 27.8%

Ep09 Nationwide 24.5% - Seoul 25.9%

Ep10 Nationwide 25.9% - Seoul 26.1%

Ep11 Nationwide 25.9% - Seoul 27.5%

Ep12 Nationwide 26.5% - Seoul 27.8%

Ep13 Nationwide 25.0% - Seoul 25.4%

Ep14 Nationwide 26.2% - Seoul 26.9%


Ep01 Nationwide 17.4% - Seoul 17.8%

Ep02 Nationwide 21.2% - Seoul 21.4%

Ep03 Nationwide 23.0% - Seoul 22.2%

Ep04 Nationwide 23.4% - Seoul 22.7%

Ep05 Nationwide 24.7% - Seoul 23.3%

Ep06 Nationwide 26.0% - Seoul 25.9%

Ep07 Nationwide 25.0% - Seoul 23.9%

Ep08 Nationwide 26.0% - Seoul 25.4%

Ep09 Nationwide 24.4% - Seoul 23.3%

Ep10 Nationwide 24.3% - Seoul 24.1%

Ep11 Nationwide 23.9% - Seoul 23.1%

Ep12 Nationwide 24.8% - Seoul 24.2%

Ep13 Nationwide 24.2% - Seoul 22.9%

Ep14 Nationwide 25.1% - Seoul 24.3%

* Link to official pics : http://wizard2.sbs.co.kr/w3/template/tpl_iframetype.jsp?vVodId=V0000346777&vProgId=1000640&vMenuId=1013120

* Link to official previews (reg. required to play videos) : http://wizard2.sbs.co.kr/w3/template/tp1_preview_list.jsp?vVodId=V0000346777&vProgId=1000640&vMenuId=1013183

* Behind-the-scenes footage :

Most of these can be found @ Y-Star's YouTube Channels:

Y-Star1 http://www.youtube.com/ystarchannel1

Y-Star4 http://www.youtube.com/ystarchannel4

Official poster shooting : 여자 대통령! 고현정 복귀 '대물' 현장은?

Eps. 1-2 :

'대박예감' '대물' 첫 촬영 비하인드 스토리 (highlight: first day of filming, ritual ceremony)

'대물' 고현정 연기, 남다른 노력

권상우 열연 '대물' 촬영 현장

기선 제압, 고현정의 '대물' 뒷이야기

Ep. 3 :

'대물' 인기 비결은 촬영 현장에? (includes deleted GHJ-KSW scene)

Ep. 4 :

'대물' 고현정-권상우, 최강 호흡! (highlight: GHJ & KSW playing badminton)

고현정을 구하라! (tunnel scene) | Screencaps

Ep. 5 :

대물 현장, 권상우 "법조문 어려워" (GHJ @ rallies; KSW struggling with legalese) | Screencaps

Ep. 6 :

'대물' 현장에서 고현정이 기절했다? (GHJ, KSW, CIP; car chase scene) | Screencaps

드라마보다 재미있는 대물 촬영현장

Eps. 7-8 :

'대물' 권상우, NG 퍼레이드 예감 적중?! (highlight: KSW's dance routine) | Screencaps and translation

SBS Morning Show 좋은아침 -- DAEMUL Special (Oct 28, 2010) | HQ | Torrent | Screencaps

Ep. 8 :

BTS footage (fancap @ GHJ's Daum cafe) + Screencaps

Eps. 9-10 :

Footage from the official/SBS website (fancap @ youku) + Screencaps

* Subtitles :

DarkSmurf's FanSubs

Ep. 1 | Ep. 2 | Ep. 3 | Ep. 4 | Ep. 5 | Ep. 6 | Ep. 7 | Ep. 8 | Ep. 9 | Ep. 10 | Ep. 11 | Ep. 12 | Ep. 13 | Ep. 14


Ep. 1 | Ep. 2 | Ep. 3


Ep. 3 | Ep. 4 | Ep. 5 | Ep. 6 | Ep. 7 | Ep. 8 | Ep. 9 | Ep. 10 | Ep. 11 | Ep. 12 | Ep. 13 | Ep. 14

cococrust's Chinese-subbed eps. @ http://co2r.wordpress.com/2010/11/12/sbs10-big-fish/

joynara's clips and screencaps of selected scenes (Eng-subbed)

Ep. 2 | Ep. 3 | Ep. 4 | Ep. 5 | Ep. 6 | Ep. 7 | Ep. 8 | Ep. 9 | Ep. 10 | Ep. 11 | Ep. 12 | Ep. 13 | Ep. 14

* Ep. summaries :

Ep. 11 | Ep. 14

* Links to Ep. Downloads :

Xvid, HD 450p

Ep. 1 Torrent | MU/FS | Tudou

Ep. 2 Torrent | MU/FS | Tudou

Ep. 3 Torrent | MU/FS | Tudou

Ep. 4 Torrent | MU/FS | Tudou

Ep. 5 Torrent | MU/FS | Tudou

Ep. 6 Torrent | MU/FS | Tudou

Ep. 7 Torrent | MU/FS | Tudou

Ep. 8 Torrent | MU/FS | Tudou

Ep. 9 Torrent | MU/FS | Tudou

Ep. 10 Torrent | MU/FS | Tudou

Ep. 11 Torrent | MU/FS | Tudou

Ep. 12 Torrent | MU/FS | Tudou

Ep. 13 Torrent | Tudou

Ep. 14 Torrent | MU/FS | Tudou

HD 720p HANrel : Eps. 1-10 | Eps. 11-12 | Eps. 13-14

Xvid HANrel :


http://co2r.wordpress.com/2010/11/12/sbs10-big-fish/ (Chinese-subbed)

Medium Quality :



* Print Previews :

Eps. 5-6 | Eps. 7-8 | Eps. 9-10 | Eps. 11-12 | Ep. 13 | Eps. 15-16

* Video Previews :

Teaser | 10-min. Highlights @ Press Conference

Ep. 4 | Ep. 5 | Ep. 6 | Ep. 8 | Ep. 10 | Ep. 12 | Ep. 14

(No video preview has been released for Eps. 7, 9, 11 and 13.)

* Filming Spoilers / Ep. Stills :

Eps. 3-4 #1 | Eps. 3-4 #2 | Ep. 4 #1 | Ep. 4 #2 | Ep. 4 #3 | Ep. 5 | Ep. 6 #1 | Ep. 6 #2 | Ep. 6 #3 | Ep. 7 | Ep. 8 | Eps. 9-10 | Ep. 11 #1 | Ep. 11 #2 | Eps. 11-12 #1 | Eps. 11-12 #2 | Eps. 11-12 #3 | Eps. 11-12 #4 | Eps. 13-14 #1 | Eps. 13-14 #2 | Ep. 13 | Eps. 15-16 #1 | Eps. 15-16 #2

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Guest mandalaywith


Today mmorning i found new.some translate to news.


Kwon Sang Woo come back sbs drama "Dae Moo" 대물.

"Dae Moo" 대물 drama is wed,thu drma.

This drama is sbs News drama "On Air" boarding finshed coming.

2008 May in may be shown.

Kwon Sang Woo play in casanova character.OMG :D

character name is Har Ryu(하류)

Now "Dae Moo" 대물 drama is only Kwon Sang Woo casting.

Another star casting is may be come.

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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SangWoo didn't go too far after all.... I was getting a bit sad that after the drama 'bad love' that he was going to take time off again and we'll not see him in another drama for maybe a good 2 to 3 years again but he is coming back this summer... I just love this man... can't wait to see the drama... I only want to see KSW:)

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Guest yeohweping

Actually SBS has been trying to get Lee Young Ae to be the lead for Dae Mul for quite a long time and I heard that ahe has rejected it already. But Park Hye Mi who plays the money-lender in the 'War of Money' specials has been confirmed since last year to play an unknown supporting role in this drama.

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^ this is also the same Park Hyemi from High Kick right? (asking cuz i haven't seen War of Money specials.) if it is, i think she'd be good for the female presidential candidate role also, imo :lol:

edit again.

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I tot Park Hyemi will be playing the supporting role if its cofirmed??

would love to see Choi Jiwoo and Kwon Sang Woo paired up again in this SBS production

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Guest babymarzy07

yeahhhhh!! i cant wait. this plot sounds better than his previous. more KSW action!!

waiting for the female lead!! ^^

cool, thanks for the thread.

dae mul translates to what?

something water?

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^ this is also the same Park Hyemi from High Kick right? (asking cuz i haven't seen War of Money specials.) if it is, i think she'd be good for the female presidential candidate role also, imo :lol:

edit again.

could ya post her pix here? i dun know her... sorry :rolleyes:

dae mul translates to what?

something water?

대 = Big

물 = Thing

i see them translating the title Daemul to Big Time :)

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Guest betchay

This is GREAT!! :w00t: Another KSW drama, wow.

The synopsis is interesting.. I think he can portray that character perfectly.

If Lee Young Ae turned down the lead role, Choi Ji Woo would be a perfect choice. :w00t:

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Guest yeohweping

Actually 대물 is more of the chinese origins than korean's. So it's more accurate in chinese than english translations.

대물 = 大物 in chinese and when translated to english, it should mean important, powerful person who is at the very top with no one else above him or her.


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Guest babymarzy07

Thanks yeohweping :) if its chinese origin and those are the words really then i understand better. hhehehe ^^ it refers more to the woman to be president in a way right? it seems like it. have not read the manga.

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I love his character here - a male socialite. It means he'll be playing a rich guy here - so, always in suits again, huh & a fashion designer clothes. :P

of course dear... As a role of a Casanova... he will be a perfect looking man in this film!

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Guest betchay

of course dear... As a role of a Casanova... he will be a perfect looking man in this film!

101% agreed.. TY. :)

He's going to seduce the aspiring lady president

to create scandal. I like the idea. :wub:

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Guest kdramafanusa

This drama is an adaptation of Park In-kwon's manhwa.

Park Shin-yang & Park Jin-hee's drama "War Of Money" was also adapted from Park In-kwon's comic book series.”

source: Korea Times

Dramas: Epic Dramas Dominate TV Screen Again

Following epic dramas that swept Korea this year, such as "Taewangsasingi'' and "The King Dae Joyoung,'' dramas depicting historical events will continue to boom in 2008.

Various aspects of Korean history, from Goguryeo (37 B.C.-A.D.668) to Joseon (1392-1910) and from kings to mysterious thieves, will captivate audiences.

KBS's comic historical drama "Hong Gil-dong'' will start the epic drama race on Jan. 2, with "King Sejong'' following on Jan. 5. In the second half of the year, "The Kingdom of the Winds'' will continue the race about the Goguryeo Kingdom.

SBS is preparing "Princess Jamyeonggo'' ― set in the Goguryeo Kingdom, and "Jejungwon'' will show off the first modern doctor in Korea.

MBC will revive the great queen of Silla through "Queen Seondeok.''

Adaptation from novels and cartoons will also be popular. Solid original pieces ensure popularity and high ratings, such as SBS' hit soap opera "War of Money.''

KBS' epic drama "The Kingdom of the Winds'' is based on the cartoon by Kim Jin, which has the same title as the drama. This novel was transformed into a musical in 2006 and now aims to win on TV screen.

SBS will work again with Park In-kwon, the author of "War of Money,'' and will film "Daemul,'' a story about a female president. "Le Grand Chef'' based on Huh Young-man's popular comic series is currently filming and will be aired in 2008 as well.

(All drama titles are working titles and subject to change.)


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