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[movie 2008] My Wife Got Married 아내가 결혼했다

Guest kdramafanusa

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Guest kdramafanusa

Son Ye-Jin, Kim Joo-Hyuk

My Wife Got Married 아내가 결혼했다


Production: Jupiter Film

Distribution/International Sales: CJ Entertainment Inc.

Director: Jung Yoon-soo 정윤수 (Changing Partners)

Screenplay: Song Hye-jin 송혜진

Cast: Kim Joo-hyuk 김주혁 (Lovers In Prague), Son Ye-jin 손예진 (Alone In Love; A Moment To Remember, Classic), Joo Sang-wook 주상욱 (Kimcheed Radish Cubes)

Original Story: Best-selling novel "My Wife Got Married (아내가 결혼했다)" from Park Hyun-wook 박현욱

Opening Date: October 23, 2008

Rate: Over 18

Genre: Drama, Romance

Running Time: 119 min

Synopsis: It all started with football. Deok-hoon falls in love with In-ah who shares his love and passion for the sports. They quickly become lovers and he proposes. She refuses at first but they are eventually happily married. Marriage is like a dream until one day In-ah declares her wish to marry another man. She doesn’t want divorce as she loves Deok-hoon all the same, only change is that she loves the new man as much. Leaving Deok-hoon who finds himself unable to leave In-ah in the middle, she goes ahead and marries her new man. And so the bizarre bigamy begins.

RELATED LINKS: Official Homepage * CJ Ent [K | E] * Cine21 * Image Gallery - Daum




News Articles

[2008-02-05]: Son Ye-jin & Kim Joo-hyeok's new film "My wife got married" will crank in on 10th

[2008-02-06]: SON Ye-jin puts a new spin on marriage

[2008-04-29]: [son Ye-jin] Envious of an independent life leading two men

[2008-07-15]: Kim Ji-soo and Son Ye-jin return to the theaters!

[2008-08-07]: Son Ye-jin trip to Cuba alone

[2008-09-19]: Son Ye-jin and Kim Joo-hyeok marrying?

[2008-09-20]: Nearly 40 movies lined up for October release

[2008-09-23]: Son Ye-Jin is Back with 아내가 결혼했다 (My Wife Got Married)

[2008-09-23]: Cast of “My Wife Got Married” walks down the aisle

[2008-09-23]: Press Conference

[2008-10-15]: Koreans go to the vault for B.O.

[2008-10-18]: Son Ye-jin ‘Marries Two Men’

[2008-10-20]: Expected local blockbusters "My Wife Got Married," "Antique" and "Portrait of a Beauty."

[2008-10-23]: [movie REVIEW]'My Wife' celebrates bigamy

[2008-10-27]: 'My Wife' tops Korean box office

[2008-11-03]: Filmmakers eye hit with stories from other genres

[2008-11-03]: Debutant My Wife Got Married leads box office

[2008-11-03]: 'Wife' scores at Korean box office


Release Date: 2008-10-17

01. Foolish Blues

02. Love Is Cruel

03. Why Not?

04. Don't Think Twice It's All Right

05. Foolish Blues (Inst.)

06. Don't Think Twice It's All Right..

07. Volare (Guitar Inst.)

08. Daughter's Name

09. Confused

10. Volare (Choir Ver.)

11. Cucurucucu Paloma

12. Divorce Resolution

13. Symbol Of Leaf (Episode 1)

14. Again (Episode 2)

15. Double Marriage (Episode 3)


Ceremony (2008-02-04): 1

Press Conference (2008-09-23): page 2 | page 3

VIP Premiere (2008-10-14): 1

Magazines: Cine21 + Film 2.0 | Movieweek

Stills: 1 | 2

Captures: Section TV | Previews & BTS | Entertainment TV


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Does any body has a news about the filming!??! I am soo excited for son ye jin.. I just heard she's doing a 16 ep drama at MBC titled SPOTLIGHT playing a role of a newscaster... ;) ;) ;) ;)

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Guest kdramafanusa


Jung Yoon-soo 정윤수

Changing Partners (2007)


Song Hye-jin 송혜진


Kim Joo-hyuk 김주혁

FILMS: Love Me Not (2006), Blue Swallow (2005), When Romance Meets Destiny (2005), Mr. Handy (2004), Singles (2003), ...

TV SERIES: Lovers In Praque (2005), ...

Son Ye-jin 손예진

FILMS: Open City (2008), The Art Of Seduction (2005), April Snow (2005), A Moment To Remember (2004), Crazy First Love (2003), The Classic (2003), Lover's Concerto (2002), ...

TV SERIES: Spotlight (2008), Alone In Love (2006), Summer Scent (2003), Delicious Proposal (2001), ...

Joo Sang-wook 주상욱

FILMS: The Best Romance / The Perfect Couple (2007), Arang (2006)

TV SERIES: Ggak Du Gi / Kimcheed Radish Cubes (2007/2008), Air City (2007)


Best-selling novel "My Wife Got Married (아내가 결혼했다)" from Park Hyun-wook 박현욱



Name: Ahnaega Kyulhonhaetda (아내가 결혼했다 )

Category: General Fiction

Author: Park Hyun Wook

Publisher: Munidang

ISBN: 8974563304

Publish Date: 3/15/2006

Language: Korean

357 pages | 223*152mm

About This Book

The latest bestselling novel in Korea (as of April 2006). Park, in his late 30's, tells a thought-provoking story about the system, customs and common sense about "marriage. As the author put it, this is a story with contemplation on the conditions of happiness.

source: HanBooks

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Guest kdramafanusa

English Translation: HanCinema / Via: JoyNews24 2008-02-05 09:05

Son Ye-jin & Kim Joo-hyeok's new film "My wife got married" will crank in on 10th

Actress Son Ye-jin and actor Kim Joo-hyeok's first cooperative film, "My wife got married" (Directed by Jeong Yoon-soo, Produced by Jupiter Film) held a traditional success ceremony before crank-in.

The ceremony was held on 4th, in the presence of main actor Son Ye-jin, Kim Joo hyeok, the director Jeong Yoon-soo and about 100 staffs.

The film "My wife got married" is based on an original novel, where an attractive character 'In-ah' argues to have two husbands. Already 9 out 10 people who have read the novel chose Son Ye-jin for the role of 'In-ah'. Many agree that this is a perfect customised casting for the role.

Many audiences place high expectation for Son Ye-jin's new transformation as well as toward Kim Joo-hyeok, who seem to be a sweet romanticist who will endure anything under the name of love.

View the ceremony on February 4.






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Guest chatteraddict

Filming started on the 10th.

It's mentioned in papers that she's doing "My Wife Got Married" first, then she will begin shooting drama "Spotlight"; she decided to accept "Spotlight" as well because of the realistic script and fresh/challenging role.

hey kdramafanusa! thanks for the info! i was actually confused cause i thought she'll be doing both projects almost at the same time, looks like "My Wife Got Married" shoot wont take long since the target date for "the Spotlight" is this May already!

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Guest thislove

wow, looks interesting, I've watched all of Son Ye Jin's movies and all are so impressive and good. This one is without a doubt going to be good as well. Will watch it too :rolleyes:

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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: Korean Film Council Feb 06 2008

SON Ye-jin puts a new spin on marriage

Leading actress SON Ye-jin extends her roles of strong women with her latest Anaega Gyeorhonhaetta (English translation: my wife got married). JUNG Yun-su directs and KIM Joo-hyuck takes on the male leading role.

SON’s character demands from KIM’s character the right to have a second husband. The film is an adaptation of a novel. Filming started in February 2008.

SON is currently in cinemas as a confident gang leader in Open City. KIM played in Singles. CHONG directed last year’s romantic film Love Now.

Yi Ch’ang-ho (KOFIC)

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Can't wait to see this movie too! haha..

what a refreshing storyline~~ hee hee..

Looks like 2008 is a great year for SYJ fans..keke.. first w/ Open City, then Spotlight and now this? :w00t:

Thanks for all the updates!


PS: hmmmmm now that I look at his pic again... the guy Joo Sang Wook is kinda cute :blush:

he has that... hwanhee aura in him, somehow :unsure: lol

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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: koreanfilm.org

Upcoming Films

(by Tom Giammarco and Darcy Paquet)

MY WIFE GOT MARRIED. ("Anaega Gyeolhon Haetda") Deok-hoon has the good luck to fall in love with the beautiful In-ah and she loves him deeply as well. Unfortunately for him, In-ah has a very liberal view of love and she sees nothing wrong with loving and marrying two men at the same time. Jeong Yoon-soo (Yesterday) directs this drama from Jupiter Films. It stars the popular Son Ye-jin (Open City, Eraser in My Head) and Kim Ju-hyeok (Blue Swallow, Say Yes) as the couple who can't seem to see eye-to-eye on their future together and Ju Sang-wook (Arang) as the other man. Expect this film to hit theaters on October 23.





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