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what are your thoughts on this manga?


Yamazaki Tanpopo moves from Hokkaidō to Tokyo in order to begin high school in an entirely new environment. When she goes to see her new school, Meio Academy, she meets a young man who is replanting a Tanpopo (dandelion) flower. At school the next day, Tanpopo is not only amazed by the modern facilities but also that she is in the same class as the young man she met the day before: Kugyou Kouki, the son of the owner of Meio. When she greets him, Kouki pretends not to know her and she is shocked that he would act so differently from their previous meeting.

Volumes: 5 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=411
Published by: Viz
i got volume one for free and i think it's okay, what do you guys think of the rest????



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Guest Doreamon

I bought the whole series.

and heres a warning: IT SUCKS BUTT.

seriously. im so mad i wasted so much money on that piece of poo XP

Dont waste your time or money! your better off reading Kare First Love LOL.

but thats just what i think :]

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Guest remorse_angel

I was and am getting sick of Yuu Watase's work. >_>...hahah. It's just my thoughts. Besides, the ending was a real sucker...and you should download it instead of buying it if you want to read it. You can saved 50 bucks excluding tax by just downloading it. I liked it at first but it got sickening.

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It was good at first but towards the end it started turning into Yuu Watase's regular works. I mean the whole love triangle thing, the character developement, the plot...it's just to similar to her other works. Definately not worth spending $50 on.

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Guest Max_4_lyfe

it's a good series but i must admit...yuu watatse guys looks alike!


but i guess it'z okay since they all look good!

with the exception of the "weak" Erica

imadoki is overall very good!

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Guest moonie_heejunnie

i have the whole thing on disc. it's good, ends when it should. heh. but gets kinda annoying after a while...yu watase sensei's works are getting more and more similar.

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aww i love yuu watase's work

her drawings are so neat and clear to see hehehe

i love this manga i think i practicly love all her mangas =D

but i liked this one it was interesting to read but i guess its better then okay but less then perfect you know wut i mean O_o

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Guest simpleandpink

I spent money on this too T_T (All 5 because of my OCD)

I'd rather have just read it and bought other stuff. It was a good read, but not one I want on my shelf, so I'm probably going to sell it, haha.

The ending was a little gay, and...it was just kind of boring. The only one who adds fun to the series is Flippy....

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