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[official] Corrinne May 符美芸


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Asian-American vocalist / song-writer / composer / pianist


Corrinne May (born Corrinne Foo May Ying 符美芸) is a Singaporean singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. Born on January 19, 1973, she was named after her mother's favourite song, "Corinna, Corinna".

Corrinne studied in Raffles Girls' Primary School, Raffles Girls' School (Secondary) and Raffles Junior College. She later majored in mass communications and English literature at the National University of Singapore. Corrinne left Singapore to further her music education at the Berklee College of Music, where she majored in songwriting and film scoring. In order to pursue her dreams in music, she moved to Los Angeles in 1999.

Corrinne co-wrote the song "If You Didn’t Love Me" with the legendary songwriters Carole King and Carole Bayer Sager as part of her winning entry in a songwriting competition on the music industry website Tonos.com. Carole King & Carole Bayer Sager wrote the lyric for the song and entertained submissions for the best musical accompaniment and melody. Corrinne's version was the winner. The song is featured on Corrinne's debut album. Corrinne has met Carole Bayer Sager but not Carole King.

Her song "Journey" was featured on the Taiwanese drama Dolphin Bay Lovers and was covered by popular Asian singers Angela Zhang and Gigi Leung.

Corrinne’s cover version of the Burt Bacharach classic “Close to You” was featured prominently in the movie “So Close” released by Columbia-Tristar films (2002).

In September 2004, Corrinne May became the first (and only) artist singing exclusively in English, to be signed by the record label Forward Music in Taiwan, which distributes her music to Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and China.


Beautiful Seed [2007]


1. Love Song For #1

2. Shelter

3. On the Side Of Me

4. Five Loaves And Two Fishes

5. Beautiful Seed

6. Leaving

7. Scars (Stronger For Life)

8. City Of Angels

9. My Little Nephew

10. Slow Down

11. Green-Eyed Monster

12. On My Way

13. 33

14. Shelter - (Cherry Blossom Edition)

The Gift (A Christmas Album) [2006]

1. Silent Night

2. Hark The Herald Angels Sing

3. Joy To The World

4. Angels We Have Heard On High

5. The Answer

6 . What Child Is This

7. Away In A Manger

8. Be Thou My Vision

9. O Come All Ye Faithful

10. O Come O Come Emmanuel

11. Hail Mary

Safe in a Crazy World [2005]


1. Little Superhero Girl

2. Save Me

3. Free


5. Safe in a Crazy World

6. Let it Go

7. Angel in Disguise

8. If I Kissed You


10. Every Beat of my Heart

11. Free (Radio Edit)

Fly Away [2001]


1.Fly Away


3.Something About You

4.Fall to Fly

5.If You Didn’t Love Me

6.Stay on the Road

7.Mr. Beasley

8.All That I Need

9.Walk Away

10.Will You Remember Me


12.Mr. Beasley(unplugged)


I'm honestly surprised that no one made a thread for her yet. Her voice is absolutely breathtaking^^. My personal favorites have got to be:

Save Me

Same Side of the Moon

Little Superhero Girl

The Birthday Song

.. bah, who am I kidding! There's too many to list! They're all amazing^^!

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Guest novemberbaby

Hehe, I've only heard Same Side of the Moon and it's great! Her voice is really different from other singers. Should listen to her songs sometime.

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Guest fallenbroke

I agree with tomatotooty . Though she's a Singaporean , I hardly even hear of her . Maybe once in awhile but she isn't really as popular as the Singaporean chinese-singing artistes .

But yeah , I have to admit she has a brilliant voice .

And well , most Singaporean artistes are signed on to TW record companies . I have no idea why :sweatingbullets: but that's why you see so many chinese singers from Singapore .

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Guest polabola

upping this thread...

such an amazing talent. I discovered her when her song "On the Side of Me" was frequently played here in the Philippines...

I thought she could be the Asian Sarah Mclachlan...

why can't she be more famous? she's brilliant and miles more talented than a lot of the fluff on Asian radio these days...

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Guest heretoc

I jus love her songs... after watching "Leap Years"... strongly recommend her song: Scars (Stronger For Life).

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Guest kakaakajes

i used her 'the birthday song' on this video i made for my bestfriend for her birthday. even though i had the song for years in my comp i never really LISTEN to it until i was searching for songs suitable for birthdays in my music library. and this song just say everything i wanted to say to my bf and more. it was so sweet and touching. and thats corrinne may for you. she is real and sincere, touching you with her lyrics and voice.

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Guest beauty-chamber

any one know where i can get the insturmental or piano sheet for the song Journey?

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