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October 16, 2018



‘Crime’ pays at weekend local cinemas: Detective film elbows aside Hollywood blockbusters after debuting in 2nd place




The Korean “Dark Figure of Crime” shot past Hollywood’s anti-superhero blockbuster “Venom” to top the weekend box office.

According to data provided by the Korean Film Council on Monday, “Dark Figure of Crime,” starring Ju Ji-hoon and Kim Yoon-seok, topped Korea’s weekend box office from Friday to Sunday. In its second weekend, the crime drama sold 553,000 tickets at 1,064 screens.

The movie about a detective (Kim) who looks into additional crimes after hearing a confession from a prisoner (Ju) that he had committed additional murders, has now sold 2.83 million admissions since its release on Oct. 3.

BY JIN MIN-JI [jin.minji@joongang.co.kr]



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : JoongAngDaily

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October 18, 2018



Holiday films fail to break even: Experts say audiences found options to be unoriginal and flat


During the Chuseok holiday season last month, audiences were offered rife choices in cinema. Hoping to produce a box office smash, distributors enthusiastically pushed big-budget releases starring high profile actors. Four weeks after their arrival, however, there seems to be no obvious winner.

Hoping to attract large crowds during one of the most popular movie-going seasons of the year, “The Great Battle,” “Fengshui,” “The Negotiation” and “Monstrum” arrived in theaters just in time to fight it out over the holiday.

Despite high expectations, none of the four films managed to reach their break-even-points by this Monday despite the fact that the total number of tickets sold last month rose by more than 30 percent on-year, backed by the holiday season.

According to the Korean Film Council on Tuesday, more than 3.5 million tickets were sold over the three-day Chuseok holiday - the most since 2008.


“Releasing four big-budget movies during the Chuseok season resulted in reckless competition,” said film critic Hwang Jin-mi. “There still seems to exist a common perception that the Chuseok holiday is the most lucrative season to release movies because big families are expected to spend time at the cinema over the long holiday. But people’s lifestyles have changed. Not as many people spend their holiday with their family anymore.”

Hwang also pointed to a lack of creativity from movie production studios.

She added, “The essence of these films are pretty much the same as the ones audiences have already seen so many times before, except with different A-list actors.”

Instead of spending large amounts of money on seasonal movies, it is crucial to distribute the spending on smaller movies throughout the year, according to movie critic Kim Heon-sik.

“Films [released during the Chuseok holiday] imitated elements commonly used in successful movies, which mostly relate to the use of CGI. This ultimately raises production costs,” said Kim.

Kim referred to “Dark Figure of Crime,” which topped last weekend’s box office, as an example of a film that is performing well thanks to its timely release. “These types of crime movies do not usually top the box office. However, many people are choosing to watch the movie because there aren’t enough choices in theaters right now.”



(skipped unrelated.....)

BY JIN MIN-JI [jin.minji@joongang.co.kr]


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Joo Ji Hoon Confirmed To Attend 2018 Asia Artist Awards




Joo Ji Hoon is the next actor to join the 2018 Asia Artist Awards!


2018 was a great year for the the actor as he appeared in three of Korea’s most successful films of the year: “Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days,” “The Spy Gone North,” and “Dark Figure of Crime.” After premiering on October 3, “Dark Figure of Crime” surpassed 3 million moviegoers in just 15 days since its release.


The actor’s next projects will be a Netflix original drama titled “Kingdom” and MBC’s upcoming drama “Item.”


Joo Ji Hoon will be joining the actor lineup which currently includes 2PM’s Junho, INFINITE’s L, B1A4’s JinyoungLee Byung HunJang Ki YongJin Joo Hyung, and Kim Da MiBTSWanna OneiKONTWICESEVENTEEN, Block B’s Zico, IU, and NU’EST W have been confirmed for the artist lineup. A total of 25 artists and 25 actors will be in attendance.


The 2018 Asia Artist Awards will take place on November 28 at the Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon, with Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Lee Sung Kyung as the MCs.


Stay tuned for more information!




Source (1) / soompi news

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On 10/20/2018 at 2:19 PM, wanda77 said:

ITEM first script reading.




Hi wanda, thanks for sharing this. Can't wait for this drama. :P







The long journey to make ‘Dark Figure of Crime’: Director Kim Tae-kyun was focused on making sure the film was not too gruesome



Despite the controversy surrounding its release, “Dark Figure of Crime” has done well at the box office. It has sold more than three million tickets as of Wednesday. [SHOWBOX]



“Dark Figure of Crime” was shrouded in controversy well before its release on Oct. 3. Inspired by a real-life serial murderer, the movie tells the story of a prisoner named Tae-ho (Ju Ji-hoon) who confesses to committing a slew of murders to a respected detective named Hyung-min (Kim Yoon-seok).

Prior to its theatrical release, the family of one of the serial killer’s victims applied for an injunction to ban the movie from being screened, arguing that the film’s producers did not ask for consent before making the story into a film, and that many actual events, including the crime itself and where the incident took place, are reflected in the movie. The family, however, ultimately decided to withdraw the case just before the film’s scheduled release after receiving a sincere apology from the producers.

In spite of the controversy, the movie is performing well at the box office. It initially trailed the Hollywood antihero flick “Venom” upon its debut, but eventually climbed to the top of the box office last week. It has sold more than three million tickets as of Wednesday.

Director Kim Tae-kyun said he focused on making sure to not show the victims of the serial killer too vividly because he did not want to repeat what in real life on the big screen.

In a recent interview with JoongAng Ilbo, an affiliate of Korea JoongAng Daily, Kim talked about the care he took while making the film. “The movie tells the story of a detective who searches for victims that were murdered without anyone knowing. They were someone’s daughter, son and mom, so I thought it would be very insensitive to vividly depict their death under the guise of portraying the characters.”

Kim added, “Producers, distributors as well as actors could have demanded that I shoot the film in a more provoking way, but thankfully, they agreed with the direction I had hoped to take with this feature. I am glad that I did not do any financial damage to those people who trusted me and invested in the film. This movie is quite different from average commercial titles, and I’m hoping for people to watch and sympathize [with the story].”

Instead of depicting brutal scenes, which are often seen in commercial crime flicks, “Dark Figure of Crime,” instead demonstrates the intense psychological confrontation between Tae-ho and Hyung-min. Tae-ho tactfully messes with Hyung-min, sometimes giving him the truth, while at other times handing over skewed information. Shedding light on the detective’s journey in discovering the dead victims, the movie highlights the tragedy caused by society’s indifference.

Stressing that “the film is a complete dramatization although it was inspired by an actual incident,” the director explained that the part where the detective offered money to the prisoner in exchange for clues is fictitious.

Kim, who had previously directed “Spring, Snow” (2011), learned about the murderer after watching the SBS investigative show “Unanswered Questions” by chance. The following day, he headed to Busan, where the incident happened, and met Detective Kim Jeong-su, who was in charge of the case.

The following are edited excerpts from the interview with Kim.


Q.What drew you to the case?

. It seemed like the exact opposite of how murder cases are usually investigated. Since the detective was not sure whether the murder’s confessions were true, he had to start from the very end by searching for victims. After looking into the story, I learned that the murderer sent letters to many detectives, but only he (Kim Jeong-su) showed interest in his confessions. He could have focused more on new cases instead of inquiring further into the crimes of someone who was already in prison. When I asked the detective why he delved into the difficult case, he told me, “Since there are victims, there are bereaving families.” He says he is still looking for the victims. I am really glad that there is a detective like him. Hearing that, I was determined to make the story into a film.

What were some difficulties in making a true story into a film?

The actual case was a lot more comprehensive than what was shown on screen. My biggest homework was to construct a plausible story. Over a year, I met with Detective Kim Jeong-su around 10 times as well as his colleagues and others involved in the case. I also analyzed the case by looking at the murder list that was made based on the killer’s confessions. Until the court’s ruling was made in 2016, my script could not be completed. I developed several versions of its ending.

In the film, Tae-ho is shown as the absolute evil character and a victim of social indifference. What did you want to say through his character?

Tae-ho is a character that I mulled over the most. It felt irresponsible to simply depict him as a psychopath based on the little information that has been revealed about him. So I narrowed him down to someone at the lowest level of society, who eventually becomes a monster born in the sewers of Busan’s Jagalchi Market. I imagined that if there were just a few people who had paid attention to him, the tragedy coming from the monster would have been halted earlier.

The film was engulfed in controversy before its release. How did you feel when the family of the victim applied for an injunction to ban the movie screening?

My shoulders felt so heavy with guilt and responsibility that I could not use the internet for a while. From now on, I think I will be more cautious [about directing] a movie based on an actual incident.

Did you get any comfort from friends or colleagues?

I got a lot of support from long-time friend and cinematographer Hwang Gi-seok (who worked on 2005’s “Duelist”) and mentor Kwak Kyung-taek, (who directed 2015’s “RV: Resurrected Victims” and 2001’s “Friend”). When I worked on my autobiographical drama “Spring, Snow,” I acted like a dictator on set. I later realized how many people’s feelings I had hurt, and I felt deeply regretful. So for “Dark Figure of Crime,” I opened my ears and exchanged opinions with the actors and the entire staff.

It took six years for the murderer to get a ruling from the time Detective Kim Jeong-su took charge of the murder case. This is the same period of time that I spent on this movie from the beginning until it premiered. Looking over the movie again, I can only see what should be improved. From now on, I earnestly hope to communicate with contemporary people through meaningful works.

BY NA WON-JEONG [jin.minji@joongang.co.kr]





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[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Fantasy Blockbuster "Item" Holds Script Reading




Upcoming fantasy blockbuster "Item" has released stills of its script reading, and we have more character information along with new names. "Item", which is based on a webtoon of the same name, is about two men and women with tangled fates, who dig into the conspiracies and secrets around ordinary objects with special powers.


Aside from leads Joo Ji-hoon, Jin Se-yun, Kim Kang-woo and Kim Yoo-ri, and among others forming a great ensemble, we have some new names along with their roles. Shin Rin-ah plays Kang Da-in , the niece of Kang Gon (Joo Ji-hoon), while Lee Dae-yeon plays Shin Goo-cheol, Shin So-yeong's (Jin Se-yun) father and a veteran investigator helping Kang Gon. Park Won-sang plays Goo Dong-yeong, a catholic priest with ties to So-yeong. Kim Byung-gi is Jo Gwan, the father of Kim Kang-woo's Jo Se-hwang. Also present were Lee Jung-hyun-I, who was recently in "Mr. Sunshine", and Jung In-gyeom.


The script reading reportedly went off without a hitch, while the webtoon's original author was also present at the event. He expressed his support for the drama adaptation, saying that, although he has only seen the script reading, he is very satisfied with that he sees.


This is a thought I definitely share, as I love writer Jeong I-do-I's "Save Me", and the premise of "Item", along with most of this cast.


The series will follow "Bad Detective" on MBC, so it should premiere around January.





(skipped unrelated.....)



Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'

Translation : Hancinema

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12 hours ago, sushilicious said:

Recently Knowing Brother episode Lee Joon Gi was asked who would you recommend to come to the show. He recommended Ji Hoon. *Wish* 


Hi sushilicious, oh.............really? They became good friends during army days. JJH entered the military February & LJK followed on May. They did a musical production entitled Life’s Voyage, as part of the army’s entertainment unit. :P






Joo Ji Hoon Talks About His Successful Year Of Hit Movies




Actor Joo Ji Hoon was recently photographed for the cover issue of men’s fashion magazine Esquire’s November issue.




The accompanying interview was conducted by Esquire’s digital director, Min Yong Joon. The director asked him about his streak of hit movies: “Along with the Gods,” “Along with the Gods 2,” “The Spy Gone North,” and “Dark Figure of Crime.”


Joo Ji Hoon said, “I was grateful for the opportunities and did my best. From my perspective, I was extremely lucky to get a warm response for each of those movies. They were also opportunities for me to try different genres and expand my horizons as an actor.”




Dark Figure of Crime,” which came out earlier this October, was the first time that Joo Ji Hoon had taken on the role of a “perfect villain.” The actor said, “It was the first time I’d taken on the role of someone who does evil things without any excuse or reason. But it was easy to get into character. I decided to believe that there are people who do this without asking themselves why.”


Although he received plenty of praise for his role, Joo Ji Hoon said it wasn’t 100 percent up to him. “If Kim Yoon Suk had not been there, my character would just be yelling a lot. I’m not saying this just to be respectful to my senior, either. I am really grateful to have such amazing seniors.”


Joo Ji Hoon will next be seen in the Netflix original series “Kingdom,” from “Signal” writer Kim Eun Hee and “Tunnel” director Kim Sung Hoon. “‘Kingdom’ has the advantages of a drama script and the advantages of a film shoot, so it was fun to make,” Joo Ji Hoon said. “I heard that it will be streamed in 190 countries. Although I’m proud that I can help Korean culture around the world, I feel responsibility too. I hope it does well.”


The actor is also currently filming the drama “Item,” slated to premiere sometime in the first half of next year. “I don’t have this amazing blueprint [for my future career],” he said. “I just want to keep doing what I do. If I live honestly, I think that fate will be on my side. And isn’t that how you become someone to remember?”





Source (1) / soompi news

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***JJH is nominated for Best Supporting Actor in Film category in The Seoul Awards. It will air live on SBS on October 27 at 6 p.m. KST in Kyunghee University’s Grand Peace Palace. I hope he's going to attend  for this year’s ceremony! :P



Best Supporting Actor (Film)

Kim Sang Ho — “The Witness”

Joo Ji Hoon — “The Spy Gone North”

Jin Sun Kyu — “The Outlaws

Bae Sung Woo — “The Swindlers,” “The Great Battle”

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Ju Ji Hoon Lands On The Cover Of Esquire Korea’s November Issue




The cover boy for this year’s November issue of Esquire Korea Magazine is none other than Ju Ji Hoon.

Ju Ji Hoon’s eyes glow as he poses in front of the camera for the magazine’s photo shoot. As the camera snaps, he completely projects an image of an alluring and successful man.




The magazine’s Digital Director Min Young Jun sits down with Ju Ji Hoon for an interview. He speaks about his acting career, particularly his recent films and upcoming project.


The actor starred in box-office hits The Spy Gone NorthAlong with the Gods: The Two Worlds  in 2017, and its sequel Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days (2018). He also headlined the crime drama movie Dark Figure of Crime (2018).


With regards to the critics and viewers response to the movies mentioned, Ju Ji Hoon said “I was really blessed in my position because I got a positive evaluation for each movie, and it was an experience that allowed me to have a broader perspective as an actor”.


In Dark Figure of Crime, he plays the character of a serial murderer who confessed about his crimes. It is the actor’s first time playing a villainous character. He also praised his co-star Kim Yun Seok for they complemented each other well.




He is also starring in Kingdom, an original series produced by popular streaming site Netflix. Kim Eun Hee (Signal) and Kim Sung Hoon (Tunnel) co-penned the series.


The actor is shooting for his upcoming drama, Item, scheduled to air in the first half of 2019. He looks forward to the future. He is feeling more responsible as he wants to be a memorable person as well as an actor.

READ: Ju Ji Hoon & Jin Se Yun To Star In MBC’s Supernatural Drama “Item”




The actor’s complete interview is available on Esquire Magazine November 2018 issue. Get a copy through online and physical bookstores across South Korea. It will also appear on Esquire’s homepage.



source : Hellokpop

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Korean Celebs Who Captivate With Their Different Eye Shapes




Some people may think of it as a complex, but for these celebrities, their two different eye shapes only add to the list of their many charms.

Here are six celebrities who have two unique eye shapes.


1. Joo Ji Hoon


Joo Ji Hoon has shown detailed emotional acting teetering between good and evil, like his two different eyes.

His eyes, however, did not help his career in the beginning. When he was transitioning from a model to an actor, someone at an audition told him, “[People with] mismatched eyes can’t become actors.”

Now, his unique eyes have become one of his biggest charms and a sexy attribute loved by his fans.





(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news

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I saw "Dark Figure of Crime" at LEAFF last week. JJH acting... wonderful as well as the entire movie. Kim Yoon Seok attended with Q&A after the screening. The real killer admitted murder for 11 persons and committed suicide while in prison, the detective himself was present at the filming site . The movie is really heartbreaking, there were family members who didn't know about their relatives  being murdered and just thought they were abandoned .

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On 11/6/2018 at 7:27 AM, wanda77 said:

I saw "Dark Figure of Crime" at LEAFF last week. JJH acting... wonderful as well as the entire movie. Kim Yoon Seok attended with Q&A after the screening. The real killer admitted murder for 11 persons and committed suicide while in prison, the detective himself was present at the filming site . The movie is really heartbreaking, there were family members who didn't know about their relatives  being murdered and just thought they were abandoned .


Hi wanda,  ohhh..............you're lucky, dear that you get to watch this movie. I'm waiting for the DVD copy of this movie to be available in the market soon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the movie. There's another one from him to look forward to - his upcoming drama, "Kingdom" - I've seen some stills & I can say that it seems there are beheadings, a lot of blood, and many deaths in this drama.  There are many brutal scenes. Can't wait for January. :P

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*** This looks great. I'm sure it'll be great...We will only have to wait (2) more months. Not long now, time passes quickly, anyway. AND it's only six episodes, so short. I'm looking forward to this with glee. I'm in it for Joo Ji-hoon! You can never have enough of him on your screen... This look exciting because cinematography is really beautiful. I'm so ready for this! Not thrilled about sageuk genre but for Joo Ji Hoon I will watch this, though it looks terrifying..! I wonder if Joseon zombies a new trend. :P





A prince faces his enemies both alive and undead in Netflix’s Kingdom





LINK here : http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/11/a-prince-faces-his-enemies-both-alive-and-undead-in-netflixs-kingdom/


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*** Congratulations, JJH! :P





Winners Of 38th Korean Association Of Film Critics Awards




The 38th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards has recognized some of the best in performances and movies from the past year.


The award ceremony on the evening of November 13 celebrated the winners’ achievements after the list of award winners was announced late last month, and included some moving acceptance speeches from the actors. The evening was hosted by announcer Shin Ji Hye and actor Kim Ji Hoon.


Joo Ji Hoon received the Best Supporting Actor Award for his role in “The Spy Gone North” while Kwon So Hyun was given the Best Supporting Actress Award for her performance in “Miss Baek.”


Joo Ji Hoon described the award as a great honor, and commented on how each film is created by the hard work and dedication of many great people. “Happily, I have been lucky enough to be able to connect with the audience through several films this year,” he said. “I will continue to work hard so that I can connect with the audience through great works in the future as well.”




See the full list of winners below:


Best Film: “1987: When the Day Comes”

Best Director: Yoon Jong Bin (“The Spy Gone North”)

Lifetime Achievement in Film Award: Yoon Jung Hee

Best Screenplay: Kwak Kyung Taek and Kim Tae Gyun (“Dark Figure of Crime”)

Best Actor: Lee Sung Min (“The Spy Gone North”)

Best Actress: Han Ji Min (“Miss Baek”)

Best Supporting Actor: Joo Ji Hoon (“The Spy Gone North”)

Best Supporting Actress: Kwon So Hyun (“Miss Baek”)

Best New Actor: Nam Joo Hyuk (“The Great Battle”)

Best New Actress: Kim Ga Hee (“Park Hwa Young”)



(skipped unrelated.....)



Congratulations to all the winners!





Source (1) / soompi news

Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews

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39th Blue Dragon Film Awards Announces MCs And Nominees


The Blue Dragon Film Awards has revealed its hosts, along with the nominations for 15 categories of this year’s ceremony!


On November 16, it was announced that Kim Hye Soo and Yoo Yeon Seok will be MCing the ceremony. Kim Hye Soo has been hosting the annual awards ceremony since 1993, so this will be her 25th consecutive year as an MC. Her co-host Yoo Yeon Seok has an impressive film record with successful movies, such as “Oldboy,” “Re-encounter,” “Architecture 101,” and “A Werewolf Boy.




For the nominees, films released from October 12, 2017 through October 11, 2018 were eligible, and the final nominees were selected through a survey of film industry experts and netizen votes.


In addition to the 15 categories listed below, winners for the Popularity Award, Best Short Film, and Most Viewed Picture will be announced at the ceremony. The 39th Blue Dragon Film Awards will take place at 8:55 p.m. KST on November 23 at Kyung Hee University’s Grand Peace Palace. The ceremony will be broadcast live via SBS.


Check out the nominees below!


Best Picture


“The Spy Gone North”

Little Forest

“Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds”

“Dark Figure of Crime”


Best Actor

Kim Yoon Suk – “1987”

Yoo Ah In – “Burning”

Lee Sung Min – “The Spy Gone North”

Joo Ji Hoon  – “Dark Figure of Crime”

Ha Jung Woo – “Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds”


Best Supporting Actor

Kim Dong Wook – “Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds”

Kim Joo Hyuk – “Believer”

Yoo Hae Jin – “1987”

Steven Yeun – “Burning”

Joo Ji Hoon – “The Spy Gone North”



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news






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