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[official] The Jyp Tour Auditions 2008

Guest love=music=life

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Guest love=music=life

New York [3/9] & Los Angeles [3/15]
I either made an update or answered questions on almost every page of this thread so PLEASE read through the thread before asking any further questions.

Thank you!


Click on the flyer to direct you to the JYP Tour Audition Website.

* Open the link with Internet Explorer

I am working with JYPE's Artist Training Division in publicizing this audition event.

If you have any questions, I'll try my best to get you answers directly from the ATD.


Update Feb. 12, 2008 11:00AM


Currently The JYP Tour Auditions will only be held in Los Angeles and New York. We are in the process of planning future JYP Tour concerts which will be followed by JYP Tour Auditions.

This is a joint project with JYPE in Korea and in America. The accepted will have the opportunity to debut in Korea, America, China, etc.

JYP Entertainment’s Artist Training Team will be judging.

We are searching for people from all categories (Singers, Dancers, Models, Actors, etc.). Also, the most important thing they are looking for is potential for the future. All categories will be judged equally (There is NO favoritism between dancing and singing).

Everyone is allowed to audition for any category. Also, you may audition for more than one category, however, it is not required. Everyone will be given a chance to audition.

There is NO rhythm test. Only those who audition for the dancer category will dance. They will dance what they have prepared to music that they must provide themselves.

For the acting auditions, you must provide your own script. There should be plenty of monologues available online.

If you are having problems with opening the link, try opening it on Internet Explorer. The website is not Firefox compatible. You DO NOT have to register onto our Daum Café in order to apply.

There is no set deadline for the applications. I suggest sending it in a couple days before the day of the actual audition.

*** Please don’t answer questions by saying what happened at the SM auditions.

JYP and SM are different companies and therefore will be holding the auditions in a different manner. I suggest watching previous JYP audition videos on youtube.

Also, please do not PM me, it makes it really hard for me to answer questions.


Update Feb. 21, 2008 8:45PM


Reply from JYP's ATT:

The auditions will be held in private (not in an open room).

Auditioners will enter the room 10 people at a time and then one by one audition.

You may audition with your friends/in groups.

The time limit for each auditioner will be 1 minute.

People chosen for the 2nd round auditions will be notified in private.

Accepted individuals will be notified individually.

The deadline for the email applications will be the day before the audtion date.

(For the LA auditions, 12 midnight on March 14th)

Rappers should audition under the SINGER category.

All auditioners must be at the audition location from the beginning of the auditions.

The audition will end according to the number of auditioners.

For the singers auditions, by "paragraph" we mean that you should prepare about one verse of a song.

You do not need to prepare a paragraph of speech.

You do not need to bring a profile picture on the day of the audition.

However please print a copy of your application and bring it with you on the day of the audition.

Time will not allow for audtioners to both sing and rap. If you feel the need to rap AND sing, pick a song which combines both.

In my opinion you can sing in any language but I'm pretty sure that they will prefer either Korean, English, or Chinese, since that is their main target.

Also, you can sing any song, whatever fits your style and range.

Just have confidence :D

Regarding being able to audition for more than one category, the only thing the JYP Rep said was that both people who audition for one category and those who are only auditioning for one will be given one chance.

He worded it kind of funny but I'm sure that means that you will be able to audition for more than one category.

I think the only thing that would prevent that is if they ran out of time.

Just prepare as much as you can for everything you want to audition for. :)

And don't worry about appearances unless your auditioning for the model category (commom sense, no?)


Update Feb. 27, 2008 9:50PM


JYP will NOT be at the auditions.

The auditions will be held by the JYP Artist Training Team.

For those of you who are 14 and under, your parents do not have to come with you to the audition.

Just make sure that you have their sign of approval on your application.

Everyone must bring a copy of their application on the day of the audition.




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Guest ms.minhwan_choi

hi!! just wondering i heard that they mainly look at dance when you audition..although they look at your singing danc eis the main thing..? is that true?

and also..

what do you mean you work for/with them?

like are you a trainee for JYP?

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Guest love=music=life

I have a question. I tried to send my application for the JYP Tour Audition but it wouldn't work....what do i do?

Can you be more specific...

Did the email return to you saying that the email address you sent it to didn't exist?

Hi. I was wondering...

Can you turn in the application at the audition or do you have to send it online?

It says on the flyer that you can apply on the day of the audition.

do you send the forum through attaching file? link through photobucket/tinypic?

Send the application by attaching the file to your e-mail.

hi!! just wondering i heard that they mainly look at dance when you audition..although they look at your singing dance is the main thing..? is that true?

and also..

what do you mean you work for/with them?

like are you a trainee for JYP?

I'll get back to you on your first question...

But, no I'm not a trainee... I wish.

I'm just working with them to publicize this upcoming audition.

I think it's because it's a lot easier for a fluent English speaker to post up information onto online forums and to do research on local academies and art schools, etc, etc.

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Guest xxanonymity

hii :)

umm i have a question.

in the poster on the website. it says dance part: bring music cd. does it mean that we can audition as a dancer or if we want to audition for singer, we can do a dance instead for the audition? hope that made sense ><;;

thank you!~

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Guest jesskaax3

yeah, same with what xxanonymity said. i want to become a singer, but i dont really feel like singing. i want to pass the auditions with dancing but if i pass, would they make me a dancer instead of a singer? D:

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Are you guys holding any auditions in SF or anywhere else besides in NY or LA?

And if there is a possibility or word that there would be a global audition of JYP in the US???

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Guest happyheartmee

Hey guys!

I was browsing YT and I found this!

Just thought it was interesting XD

It's just an advertisement of the JYP Auds, like


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Guest cloudxsayuu;

I'm guessing JYP is targetting only Koreans neh?

JYP held an audition in LA

that's where Nich Khun got picked (:

And he's thai~ So you never know ^ ^

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Guest simply_dream

OMG! i heard about it from my friend today! and i got so excited, ANOTHER AUDITION! yay this should be fun, last yr it was only in LA and not NY, so at least this time it's in NY... hope it'd be fun =D

they are having it in the open center, that's where sm had it, until 2nd yr until they prob realize they were too poor to afford it LOL...

OH MAN!!! the app is in xls form i dont have that... program to open it, does anyone know where else can i get a different format of the app?

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Guest musicpoplove


1) can you audition for more than one stuff? I wanna do acting AND singing.... REALLLYYYY BAD

2)if you send a email audition (along with your signing, acting. etc) will they just tell you to go to the tour audition since it's close? if not, do we email those by links or files from computer?

3) and is JYP gonna be there? or just workers?

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Guest JuliaYYK

Thanks for opening this thread! We seriously need some real answers out here, lol.

I am just wondering, when will the audition end on that day? I might come really late...

If I do singing but I am really bad at free styling at the end, would that be a BIG minus?

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Yea I also wanna know if you can audition for more than one thing? And there's an audition for dancing rite?

Also, there was one last year right? So does anyone know what time it ended last year? Cuz i also wanna know when it ends.

And...do you have to get there at 1? (im going to the L.A. one) i might get there late considering i might have competitions...cuz the poster says that "participants should arrive an hour early." so can you go later?

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