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Who's That Celebrity?

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Anyways who are these girls? I saw them on a Korean show, can't remember the name.


the girl in green is deanna kim. she's a model (and i believe she branched out to acting ... but i have no idea).

i don't know about the other girl.

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Anyways who are these girls? I saw them on a Korean show, can't remember the name.


the show is called Taste vs. Taste--it was a Chusok special (why everyone was in Hanbok)--LAELA already gave you Deanna Kim's name--the other girl is Lee Yoo Jin (이유진)

yes, Deanna Kim is also an actress--she debuted as a singer in a duo called Azn Love (I think that was the name), but I don't know what happened to them. She does a lot of stuff.

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Guest fallenframes

i'm so sorry if this was posted already but does anybody know who the male models are in this photoshoot?



they should have model profiles on the site, so check http://www.tbj.net

could anybody tell me the name of the guy in the tv series SINGLE DADDY IN LOVE?

the other guy who happened to be Jeon Ha RI's boyfriend at the first part..?

I don't recall her having a bf before at all...

unless you're talking about her friend who's also a med student Min Hyun Ki (Im Joo Hwan)

im joo hwan's official thread: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=71258

best to ask at the official papa in love thread: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=190559

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Guest Mayuu

Hello =)

I would like to know who's that cute girl

I just can remember that she's a taiwanese or chinese top model and that she's quite famous there. But I've found this picture a few years ago so she may be older now (of course XD)

Hope that you can help me ! =)

(Sorry for my poor english =x)


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Guest fallenframes

^from epik high thread



is the guy that suppossedly is the one in the MV.

but i found no pics o_o; so im guessing he's newww.

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Guest wretch

wow this is such a good idea =) putting all requests in the one thread ^^

umm.. does anyone know who this guy is? i saw him on a character chart

for BLACKMAIL by Kumikox3 =P all we know is that he's chinese lol

hes really good looking!!!!!!!! ah gonna go crazy if i dont find more pics of him =P


i'm not sure...

but i think if he's chinese he might be jiro a member of the band feilunhai...

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Guest rotten_sherry

Please don't quote picture, wretch. You have to remove the tag....or you will get warned by admin... :P

Umm....I have 100% sure that he's not Jiro Wang from Fahrenhait. Jiro has smaller body size and face size.... but I have no idea who is the man on the picture is.... :D

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Guest feyana

Aaah, this thread is such a nice idea, thank you ^^

I wondered if someone knew the name of :

¤ these guys who were/are SM trainees, especially the one on the left corner (this guy is everywhere on Super Junior predebut pics) ? This band was just a project and had several names (Smile, Ok!, Pricor). You can spot Teuki (right corner with a wonderful hairstyle xD) & Donghae (in white on the front row) from Super Junior ^^.


More pics :


¤ the guy in black, and the one on the right in white (between Typhoon & Teuki) :


Thanks in advance !

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the person in the bottom pic you're asking about, Next to Jay Kim--looks suspiciously like our Kangin--one of the two original members of Blackbeat--they left before the group's debut. I'm going to ask my friend to look too, because she knows about a lot of people. I never saw that pic. I have thoughts about the other guy, but I won't say anything until I know for sure, unless someone gets here before us with that info.

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