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Who's That Celebrity?

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Guest xiaochingu.

so i know this is...kinda off topic

but does anyone know what show this is from?





on second thought..to make this post legit does anyone know the girl in the second picture

next to danny im?

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Guest xiaochingu.

^ ooh thank you suejinners!

now i have to go find that nonstop episode..ahhaha


Well.. the second picture... that's from the sitcom, Nonstop 5, and the girl is Goo Hye Sun.

Dunno if the first picture's from the same show though.. Sorry >_<

^ the bottom pic is from New Non-Stop 5, 'Nappeun Namja' (Bad man). Not sure about the first one.

edit: lol-posted at the same time =p

wahh! thank you guys so much!

gu hye sun :D she's so pretty

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Guest rotten_sherry


really hard to recognize

But i hardly said it was not Boa.

Please remove the image quote, wonderyana or you'll get warned by the admin....

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Guest tuna_madunna

^ She's Ayumi Hamasaki

But yeah, she does look like Eugene+Photoshop100x

[EDIT] WAIT. I'm wrong, the more I look at her the less Ayumi Hamasaki I see. :unsure:

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Guest pikapika


i know who this LOOKS LIKE...obviously jaejoong

but is it him or that one crazy look alike that his ex dated?

because it looks like jaejoong at first glance...but when u study it...something seems a little off

and i do know my baby's face quite well

i need someone who is ABSOLUTELY sure to let me know if its the real deal or the lookalike...

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