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Petit Petit Muse

Guest jaejoongie <3

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Guest jaejoongie <3

Korean Anime (or do i call it manhwa?)Petit Petit Muse 쁘띠쁘띠뮤즈
New korean Animation

official site: http://www.kbs.co.kr/1tv/enter/muse/index.html

(Only 2 episodes are out, so I can't really give an accurate summary but so far...)

QUOTE A new animation will bring something fresh to the predominantly children-oriented Korean and foreign animation industries.

To premiere on KBS1, 7:30 PM, on Jan. 27, Sunday, the youth-oriented animation Petit Petit Muse, co-planned and co-produced by
KBS and Seoul Movie, is a story about twin sisters, Ara and Ari, who strive to achieve their dream despite difficulties.

Particularly, as an animation that targets the youth, Petit Petit Muse introduces real issues sympathetic to the young generation of
today, such as the divorce and separation of parents and other real-life events that can happen to any adolescent girl.

To consolidate the animation's quality, Seoul Movie introduced a preproduction system, which is rare in the Korean industry. Also,
for the animation's OST, some of the hottest acts in the Korean music industry participated such as Park, Jeong-Ah of Jewelry, and
Blue Sorbet, who had worked for the OST of drama Soulmate.

source: http://www.ecplaza.net/news/0/9440/new_ani...etit_petit.html

Episode index:
20080217 Ep.04 우린 인연일까? (Are we connected by fate?) <-- duno nice translation
20080210 Ep.03 모델이 되고 싶어! (I want to be a model!)
20080203 Ep.02 라벤더향기! (aroma of lavender)
20080127 Ep.01 쁘띠쁘띠 뮤즈! (petit Petit Muse)

Stream links:
opening: http://youtube.com/watch?v=HVvJ3YZbYJE

anyways you can find out the more accurate stuff as you watch!

I watched 2 episodes of it and it's really cute.
The first episode was okay and didn't catch my attention that much,
but I watched episode 2 and I think that it's pretty fun and entertaining ^^.

I think this anime will be geared more towards shoujo and love.
But since there is magic and all in this anime, I think there will be other genre's involved. ^^

The voices for the anime is really nice and cute. Although, the art isnt as amazing as
modern day japanese animation it has its own charm.

Check it out!



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