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Pics Of Kang Ho Dong Volunteering At Tae Ahn

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^ yes its quite common for guys in korea...anywayz i LUV KANG HO DONG- im so gonna meet him someday and take a funny pic w/ him.. ^_^ last pic *speechless yet hilarious* haha

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i love how in the first picture hes still all smiley about it! (:

ive never seen this man not smiling before!

hes just awesome <3 and that picture of him in a speedo is O____________O very un-expected!.. and hes not even FAT.. haha hes REALLY buff actually O___O

haha i know right?

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Guest aznchocol8luver

wow how nice of him...

the last picture is totally unexpected...

he's actually buff not lards around his body..

i knew he wasn't tat fat.. jus his face makes him look like it..

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nope, not fat---just still built like the wrestler he was.

It may not be right, but seeing 'celebs' do something like this might make others think about it too. They're going to need help for a long time--especially the people whose lives depend on those areas. ><

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haha I love how funny and cool he is! His smile always brings a smile to my face

He's really awesome for helping out.

wow. he's really buff... but still.. that just changes everything. EVERYTHING lol.

but speedos.. I know it's a thing in Korea.. but no. just no.

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