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Soshi ♥ Bang (소시뱅) - 14 Times The Love

Guest Soy

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Guest iLOVEYB_x

i love you SOY. xD i really do wish that Soshibang make a collab. it'll be SO cute and hilarious. leader with leader and each guy gets two girls. your facts were what made me smile the most. i think its so adorable how Tiffany says Seungri's name and how each group dances to their songs.

and i always make a serious spazz whenever i see them together for some reason. =D for example, MVAD.

thanks octieu2005 for the upload! i always wanted to see the fancam because people kept talking about Sunny and G-Dragon's tail. xD

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Guest sockrahtease

lol and yuri is just like ... hi seungri hahaha .. lol its a cute moment. gosh top looks huge next to leader taeyeon, and yet they both eat tons of yanggeng .. hahah

I know! Tempo is HUGE compared to them, that beast. ; P

yeahh I like soshibang

especially Yoona & Seungri ^^ maybe it's because of that manwon episode haha

I've never really liked super soshi (lol that sounds so weird), cause they seem more like brother & sisters cause of the age difference

I agree. "Super So Shi" seems more like .. platonic friends, siblings to me.

A few So Shi Bang pics I managed to find on my computer. Not a lot, unfortunately!



^can barely see Big Bang T_T they're all the way in the back and ish...





It warms my heart to see SNSD so supportive of Big Bang!<333









credits to the BB Thread.

: D

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Guest skyhigh302

Both WG&SNSD can make cute pairings with BB.

And the SUJU&SNSD pairing is cute too.

But who cares if you think there are better pairings, read the title of this topic: Soshi Bang.

There's a thread just for them because people like the two groups together.

So let's not start comparing the groups and etc.

Personally I really like SNSD&BB.

At first it was weird but after the MV episodes and Tiffany's shout out to Seungri, I fell in love with the two.

I wish they can do a musical collaboration besides appearing on variety shows together.

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mmm i like wonderbang more than soshibang although i love all of them seperatly. probably cuz im a super generation fan. hehee.

only cuz of SUNGMIN & SOOYOUNG<3. someone should make a chunji thread. im like in l ove with them together.

but yeah its kinda random cuz snsd & bb never did anything together besides manwon.

but i DO love tiffany&seungri.. it was cute when tiffany gave a shoutout to him on her show with hyesung.

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Guest whiterose.

well.. they never did any real collabs together...

plus, i think wonder bang is MUCH cuter together :)

super junior & SNSD are a better collab

yeah i think so too

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During Taeyang's speech at the MKMF Award, Yuri made that 'teary' face which was so adorable. SNSD all love Big Bang.

SNSD sings LIE a little bit

Big Bang - LIE MKMF 2nd camera

EDIT: I'm pretty sure Seohyun isn't the only one who hadn't had a boyfriend yet

:sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets: lol well remember that one interview when only hyoyeon and seohyun raised their hand for the first kiss thing, the other girls quickly raised theirs and then put their hands down, and im almost postive hyoyeon had a bf before. other than that .. im pretty sure all the other girls have had bfs before in the past.

thanks for the pics sockrahtease <#

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Guest Vivian1430263011

thanks for making this thread. i always wanted to, but i was too chicken there would be too much people comparing/bashing. xP

ahhaha i love all those reasons listed down in your post, i always wanted there to be a soshibang after seeing the ep. of MVD with jiyong, seungri, tiffany, and yoona.

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Guest I<3SunSunYeMi

funny thread haha

i hope to see how these 2 groups react together (SM and YG seems not have any collaboration right?)

but SNSD has too much members for Big Bang

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Guest pencilcasee.

i hope people won't fill this thread with comparisons/bashing. seriously.

i think soshi bang would be one hecka unique collab. i personally think their differences is what makes this pairing so intriguing. who's to say they can't collaborate because they have different music genres? i think that's a extremely narrow minded reason and way of thinking. & the whole a is for b only and c is for d, etc business is a bit elementary don't you think? the groups don't belong to us nor do they belong to each other.

anyways thanks Soy for all the pictures plus the facts. especially the one about top & taeyeon's love for yanggeng. haha my two favorite members <3

anyways even though big bang and snsd haven't done major collabs together, i find it cute that they're always on the same episodes of miraculous defeat. they should just have a snsd vs. big bang special :D

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Guest lilswtazndevil

those are jsut really cute facts...

they do look cute together!!

but i like big bang and wonder girls better

and SNSD and super junior!!

but i hope they would do a collabration together!! it would be so cute!!

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Guest m4rshmall0w

Aww i love SNSD & Big Bang together. I think they should do some collaborations together. I mean, come on now, they're both really good singing live performances also on YoonA's and Seungri's manwon, who can't get enough of that? Lols.

I also love Wonder Girls with Big Bang but then, Wonder Girls doesn't seem all that enthusiastic with Big Bang. Ya' know what i mean? Hehe.

Love both girl groups with Big Bang but definitely love SNSD more. x3

WORD! Haha.

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Guest U-knows.xHunnie

^^ i toltally agree on you with the whole wondergirls not being enthusiastic when there with BIGBANG

I totally HEART this thread ! AHH SOSHI-BANG IS SOOO CUTE.

SOY you are soo awesome for making this thread.

They seriously need to do a collab , and i bet you one day they will.

I adore Seungri&Yoohna <33

And i love the fact that SNSD cares so much about BIGBANG : )

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Guest tsubomichan

I also love Wonder Girls with Big Bang but then, Wonder Girls doesn't seem all that enthusiastic with Big Bang. Ya' know what i mean? Hehe.

Love both girl groups with Big Bang but definitely love SNSD more. x3

I agree :)

snsd is more fun and energetic/hyper, i bet

big bang would never get bored hanging with the girls :P

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Guest *lyrynne*


they all look cute kinde...


i like suju much better...

i like bigbang too but kinda...

i dunno...i like bigbang with wondergirls...

but they can be friends of course...it's their choice anyway...

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