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[drama 2008] The Last Scandal Of My Life 내생애 마지막 스&


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Guest dramaok

OK, this is so weird. How come they don't recognize each other???

I mean, they've met before, and even though she looks so different now, but he still looks the same~ :huh:

^ yeah it's funny that they don't recognize each other...maybe bcoz of Sun-hee's appearance haha...maybe we'll see more progress in tonight's episode...

actually he did recognize her, but i think her friend called her by a different name (nickname) so he dismissed her as NOT being his first love, Seonhee (CJS)..

and she also thought he looked just like her exboyfriend/classmate Dong-Cheol (JJH), but the thing is Jang Dong-Cheol changed his name to Song Jae-Bin, and he also changed his age (lied about it to everyone). so everyone thinks the celebrity Jae-Bin that he portrays is like 32 years old.. but he and Seonhee both should be 39-ish.. so when Seonhee told her friend about how Jae-Bin looks just like her exboyfriend Dong-Cheol, the friend laughed and said the world is full of ppl who resemble each other. and there's no way Jae-Bin could be Seonhee's classmate since Jae-Bin is so much younger.

btw Seonhee was diagnosed with menopause in the beginning episode.

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^ thanks Dramaok for the clarifications...so they did recognize each other, it's just that they know each other from before so differently...the second episode was funny especially when Sun-hee manages to follow Song Jae-bin even at his house like a stalker...too bad ratings are not that good though but I'm enjoying the story so far



from Episode 1

Episode 2 Screencaps







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Guest tooloveli3

I just watched this tonight and I absolutely love it! Finally a romance comedy! I've been waiting for a drama like this since Coffee Prince. JJH looks really good. I mean, he's always looked good but he looks even better in this drama. The haircut really suits him! I can't wait to see CJS transform her ahjuma perm into something more trendy. And, what's up with the ratings?! I hope it'll catch on!

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She got menopause? :huh: what does that mean?

And they do recognize each other? hehhe.. surely doesn't look like that.

But I'm glad they got that part solved early in the episode...

Thanks for clarifying it, dramaok! :D

u watchin' this one too?

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Guest babymarzy07

ohhh shenny and dramaok! hhehe

how is this drama?

im still debating if i should download?

thanks for explaining dramaok, gives me some insight into the drama! ^^

i do like JJH tons. the trailer looked cute.

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Guest dramaok

you can get it through CB>

godlove3494 or doldu or beautiful7979


OMG episode 2...

Seon-Hee was told by her friend that

if you get urinary incontinence surgery you get 500 manwon (~ 5k usd) from your insurance company, so she goes.. and pretends she has really bad control over her peeing.. but the doctor misunderstood why she's there and signed her up for vagina restoration surgery (for better sex w/ her husband) and Seon-Hee got the vagina surgery so in the end she has to cough up 2k for the surgery, instead of getting 5k form insurance company.. so funny.. but so sad too.. omuhna..

it was funny to see Song Jae-Min getting botox and all. LOL>... what a loser.. albeit very handsome and charming.. what a pretentious fake guy though. how he pretends he can't get over her just so she won't ever reveal the truth about him.

and the ending of ep. 2 was quite shocking too.. oh..

i think the ratings aren't too bad for a new wkend drama. wkend drama timeslot is so fierce these days.. the toughest place to debut, especially replacing 'winter bird' timeslot.. so it's not really bad... i think it would do much better if it were on a different day though..

Choi Jin-Shil is so funny.. hahahhaa.

i can't wait to see Byeon Jeong-Soo come out.. she's one of the funniest and steadiest support actresses. always enjoy her shows too.

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^ thanks Mic for the insights...yeah I guess the ratings were not bad at all...I'm actually enjoying the show even watching it raw...now I get it why Sun-hee went to the hospital so she could get money...I guess after what happened when her husband stole all their money ...and yeah Song Jae-bin is so fake but I'm liking him haha

Byun Jung-soo's character will appear on Episode 3...she has a funny role as well, but we'll see a love triangle to cook up really soon...I wonder what will happen to Sun-hee's husband though

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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: JoongAng Daily

Ajumma now depicted as smart, strong, cool

March 12, 2008


Bae Jong-ok plays an ajumma detective in “The Unique Park Jung-geum” [JoongAng Ilbo]

Call it ajumma power.

Ajumma is Korean for middle-aged women, and ajumma characters are currently in full control of the screen ― both television and film. But they are no longer portrayed as aggressive or hot-tempered, for example, as a woman dashing for a vacant seat in the subway or elbowing other ajumma for the last grocery item on sale. They no longer wear loose floral-print pants or sport curly hair. Their aggressiveness is presented rather as an endearing trait ― as enthusiasm for life and full tolerance of others.

Jung-geum (played by Bae Jong-ok) from MBC TV’s “The Unique Park Jung-geum” is one example. Jung-geum is a 38-year-old detective in charge of investigating violent crimes and a single mom living with a child. Her divorce transformed her into an uncompromising, tough woman. In one episode, she shouts fearlessly at a knife-wielding gangster, “Stab me if you can. I’m just ashamed that I have to deal with a loser like you.” The gangster turns tail and flees.

Lee Hyung-seon is the producer of Park Jung-geum. “In the past, divorcees were typically cast as characters who owned a flower shop or a grocery store,” Lee said. “Making Jung-geum a detective was an attempt to break the biased view people have toward Korean ajumma.”

Other ajumma in the spotlight are Bok-soo (Kim Hye-sun) and Hwa-sin (Oh Hyun-kyung), two lead characters in SBS TV’s “First Wives’ Club.” Viewers like the characters ― the weekend drama has attracted an average of 25 percent of viewers watching television.

MBC TV’s “Last Scandal,” which aired its first episode last Saturday, also features a 39-year-old ajumma ― Seon-hee (Choi Jin-sil). She becomes a single mom overnight when her husband dumps her for another woman. Seon-hee, now the head of the family, is portrayed as brave and intelligent. She has two jobs ― a part-time maid and a voice-over talent at a broadcasting station. In the show she was pretty in high school but due to life’s trials, Seon-hee has let herself go.


Kim Hye-sun beats up her adulterous TV husband, played by Oh Dae-kyu, in “First Wives’ Club” [JoongAng Ilbo]

“The spiritedness of modern housewives does not just include rebelling against their mothers-in-law,” said Moon Hee-jung, the drama’s scriptwriter. “They [modern housewives] contain a progressive spirit.” The character Seon-hee was created to bring out an active and positive ajumma.

“The fact that ajumma are spotlighted on TV and film reflects society’s growing interest on the special force that ajumma have ― their activeness, comprehensiveness and problem-solving abilities,” said Lee Tae-gon, the producer of Last Scandal.

Film columnist Lee Yun-jung agrees. She says the greater role ajumma have on screen reflects their larger role in real life. “Compared to the past, housewives play a greater role in families today,” Lee said.

By Ki Sun-min JoongAng Ilbo [estyle@joongang.co.kr]

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Guest dramaok

I wonder what will happen to Sun-hee's husband though

it looks like he's gonna divorce Seon-Hee for money. that rich lady offered him 1 million bucks in ep. 2 if he can be hers.

from the preview for next wk:

man how old is CJS again.. she looks mighty refined and sexy for her age whatever it is.. i just know she's at least 35 right?




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Guest kdramafanusa

man how old is CJS again.. she looks mighty refined and sexy for her age whatever it is.. i just know she's at least 35 right?

Hello Dramaok. =)

Her DOB is December 24, 1968. She looks amazing! =)

EDIT: Koalabear, I didn't know you already replied. Sorry.

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