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Do You Know The Crank That Dance?


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HM...I don't know if this goes here or not, but whatever. I wonder if there has been a topic like this...

Do you know the Crank That dance? A lot of people around where I live can't do it. But then again they are dance-illiterate. Or rhythm-illiterate. Whichever.

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Guest l0vel0vek0rean

I still don't know how to dance it....lol or....i don't want to? hahah~

our school ALWAYS use that song whenever we have like a rally or something.....=.=

our school is really ghetto....(no wonder...)LOL

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Guest Sunkiss*Nhixxie

oh my gosh. i newly migrated from philippines (a very asian country, LOL) to US

three months ago and i go to this kind of ghetto school. during the first rally

of the school year (which is the first rally i have ever attended in my whole entire

life) they played that song by the end and EVERYBODY swarmed into the middle of

the gymnasium, dancing to the song. i was so scared. LOL.

eeek, speaking of which, i just saw some filipino celebrities dance to that song.

they shouldn't have done it. they honestly looked like wannabes in my opinion.

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Guest EHNerJI

yesss T_T sooooo easy honestly .... idk why it exists... but yahhh omg my school had a dance just for it -_____- i swear the people there felt so cool. the end lol

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Guest kahlieh

crank dat soulja boy??

there are srsly like 1000 crank dats.

i hate all of them

but i like 2 hehe

crank dat batman and crankdat lion king.

i don't like the dance, just the song.

the dance is retarded. it was like ok when it was on youtube, and underground

no that its mainstream and on the radio 24/7 it annoys the hell out of me.

i hate azll of souja boys songs.

they did it at my pep rally fall this year. it was stupid.

you had all the ghetto kids and preppy kids doing it.

i hated that song and was forced to do it at a church youth confrence! i was so embarrased!

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