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[drama 2008] Park Jung Geum, Heavenly Beauty (woman Of Matchless Beauty) 천하일&#4

Guest huangsy

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Guest mandalaywith

Drama "Park Jung Kum " Ep 4 TV Watch Rating

AGB Nationwide-20.1%

Ep 3 Rating 2%update.

drama Ep4 in 20% Rating~! :w00t:

continue Rating update.good! :w00t:


TNS Nationwide-18.3%


captures credit-mandalaywith

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Great news ! The rating has certainly been creeeping up.....*sigh* if only the time slot doesn't clash with KBS' drama, l feel the drama may get a even better rating....well, as it is l happy to know that it has move into the top 10 already.....yeah !

l also wish that there will be more discussion on this drama in this thread but l guess most of us really don't understand much Korean and it makes it harder to discuss anything as there is a lot of "guessing" on our parts *sigh* :unsure:

l really appreciate what Mandalaywith has done, providing us with the wmv files just right after the show has been air, it certainly help fans like me who is unable to watch online. l get so excited and really look forward to each weekend.

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l am interested to know the conversation between Yura and PJK at the beginning of epi 4, l think that in that conversation, some lights are shed about the relationship of the 2 (step) sisters. Yura is furious (a sign of guilt and wrong doings) whereas PJK remains cool and handle the situation really well despite getting a slap from Yura (mmmm......definitely one up in the eyes of GS).

The other scene l am interested in is in the later part where GS met up with PJK again and they have a meal and drink together, this time round, l think it is GS's background that is being reveal. Any kind soompians can help with some explanations or briefs please ?

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Guest dramaok

from Ep. 4...

YR = Yura (Han Go-Eun)

JG = Jeong-Geum (Bae Jong-Ok)

KS = Kyeong-Soo (Kim Min-Jong)


JG: listen to me clearly. i have no desire to get involved in your life. just running into you by coincidence gives me the shivers, so let's not let us make things hard on other ppl.

YR: then why did the two of you came for drinks together? did you ask him to buy you drinks first? or did he offer to buy first? you say you don't want to get into my life! but that man is the man who will marry me. didn't you hear it that day?

JR: --

YR: don't drink water with him and dont' drink alchohol with him. don't even appear before him if you don't want to get involved in my life. how you come here with him for drinks and now you're talking different!

JG: why are you so scared? seeing you scared i guess you do know what you did to me.

YR: --

JG: then you should apologize to me. how dare you slap my cheek!

YR: how dare? ha! ha.. where the hell did you get that confidence. why? did you think he will flee if you stoop me down a little? haha.. oh how naive. did you think he's marrying me for love? you think a guy with his desire elsewhere would run away just cuz you say some unsavory things about me? do it! try it i say!!

JG: i suppose even if he doesn't run away, he could lose attachment toward you.

YR: you think i'd fear loss of attachment? but he probably doesn't even have any attached feelings toward me.

JG: see! you're scared right now! i can see you like him! don't i know you? the one and only Sagong Yura is going around with fear of being dumped now, heh! or else.. are you jealoused right now?

YR: --

JG: great! this should be really fun!

YR: why don't you watch your speech, Mz. Park Jeong-Geum!

JG: do you know what is one of your specialties? you always say your weakness with your own mouth! cuz your brain is so great!

YR: i told you to watch your speech!

JG: but aren't you the one who taught me how to act crazy and ruin other ppl's life?

YR: --

JG: if you fear something then get ahold of yourself. and stop being obnoxious! (leaves)


[~ 33 min]


JG: i didn't really like that song before but lately i'm quite fond of it.. it reminds me of the past era. actually i don't have too many memories. or.. i didn't have time to make memories..

KS: --

JG: i became a patrol guard right after highschool.. and i married soon after i started earning a living.. hehe..i became a mother at 21 you know, heh. so how did i have a youth.. fall in passionate romance like others.. or hold hands with a man strolling around.. but still when i listen to songs like that i think of the old days, as if i have memorable days of youth.

KS: --

JG: but Kyeong-Soo ssi you are quite peculiar too.

KS: why?

JG: you don't ask people any questions.

KS: i suppose they will tell me if they want to say something. what if i ask and bring up something they don't want to talk about?

JG: ah. you're faint-hearted.

KS: am i?

JG: are you curious about how i lost my son?

KS: -- (drinks)

JG: my husband had an affair. a few years after marriage i became a detective and back then i worked to death. i would not come home for days and didn't even know he was having an affair. then one day he asked me for a divorce and i was crying and begging as i was dealing in shock and confusion, and somehow i lost my child.

KS: --

JG: (teary) i don't know why i cry so easily these days.. during the olympics when the athletes come out they play the national anthem, right? whenever they do that i cry, heh..

KS: -- (drinks more)



JG: my Ji-Hoon.. he should be 18 now. if he's still alive he's getting older of course. i don't even talk about Ji-Hoon with my mother very often. it's hard to bring him up because it pains us both. it's been a long time since i call his name.. my Ji-Hoon...

KS: did i cause you to...?

JG: no. actually i wanted to grab someone and talk about him too. everyday i do. because i feel as though if i remember him then he will live better.

KS: --

JG: thank you. i've been following you just so i can say that to you. and that day infront of Yura i made your stance difficult too..

KS: no it's alright.



KS: actually i dont' even know how old i am for sure. and my name probably wasn't Han Kyeong-Soo either. cuz i lost my parents when i was really young. if my adoptive parents didn't tell me, i wouldn't even know i was adopted. they helped me in foster care and eventually adopted me.

JG: when did they tell you that?

KS: let's see.. was it in 4th grade of elementary school?

JG: --

KS: to be honest, even now at times i wonder why the parents who raised me told me such thing... that it might've been better had they not say anything.

JG: --

KS: they taught me that someone like me cannot be the object of other ppl's finger-pointing.. that i must become a useful person to the society.

JG: maybe that's why, but you look like a square guy even just by your face.

KS: but after i found out the truth it always felt like living in a house without roof. even now when the sun sets, there are times i don't know where i should go.

JG: --

KS: the next life probably doesn't exist but if it did, in my next life, i too would like to live as a person who has a mother.


JG: (taps her hand on his) what's a man doing with such fine hand. you're gonna make a woman suffer a lot!

KS: (slight smile)

JG: Kyeong-Soo ssi you will someday meet your birth mother too. even though there is pain, when she sees that you know how to make others feel warm, your mother who gave birth to you would be happy too.

KS: i am really happy that i got to meet you too, Detective Park, because you seem like a very warm person.

JG: (smiles)

KS: my adoptive parents were not warm people, but i am always grateful toward them and i want to repay my debt to them.. and they want me to marry Yura ssi.

JG: yeah... even though we are not people who can meet often, let's always watch each other from a distance, to see if each other is happy. then is that alright?

KS: yeah..

JG: hehe.. (laugh)

KS: (laugh)


this drama is getting more intense and more touching by the episode.

and the chicken. LOL...

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Oh dramaok......thank you so much ! Is it too much if l ask you to tell us more about the last scene, where Yura went to Kyeong-soo's apartment and waited for him ? l hope they keep up the good script.

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thanks Dramaok for the recap....I will catch up on this drama since I haven't seen the latest episode yet...but from reading the dialogue between JG and KS is touching enough and it's climbing up the ratings as well...I'm excited for more developments in this drama

and thanks to mandalaywith for providing the links...I was relying on those links in watching the episodes thanks a bunch!

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It's episode 4 already....and I haven't got time to watch.....at least not until this weekend *sigh*

I'd like to thank mandalaywith for the updates and dramaok for the recap of eps 4

The rating is getting better each episode but apparently this drama isn't that appealing to soompiers...

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Epi -05 (synopsis)


유라를 만난 경수는 자신과 유라의 성격이 잘 맞지 않는다고 생각하고 민여사에게 결혼을 하지 못하겠다고 하지만 민여사는 무조건 혼사를 마무리 짓겠다고 한다. 경수는 유라의 오피스텔을 찾아가 우연히 주차장에서 사여사와 유라의 대화를 듣게 되고 유라의 마음을 이해하게 된다. 한편, 장형사에게 전화를 받고 출동한 정금은 범인과 몸싸움을 벌이던 중 칼에 찔리는데...

GS thinks that Yura and himself are not compatible. So GS tells to Ms.Min (GS’s mother?) that he will not marry Yura. However Ms.Min says that she will go ahead with this marriage no matter what happens.

GS visits Yura’s apartment. He happens to overhears the conversation between Yura and her mother and begins to understand Yura’s true feelings.

PJK receives a call from detective Chang and proceeds to the crime scene. She fights with the criminal and is stabbed by him…

Source : clover/www.minjong.net

Looks like another touching scene (Yura + GS).....looking forward to this Saturday. dramaok, hope you are able tell us more about the conversation between Yura and her mother after you have seen this episode. It will definitely sheds some light as to why Yura behaves the way she does and probably changes GS's altitude towards her too......thank you * ^ ^ *

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Guest kht2015


Thank you for the screen captures and recap. Since there's no sub it sure makes it much better for us who don't speak Korean. Much appreciated.

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Wow....that's really fast mandalaywith.....many thanks for wmv file !

Looks like GS is having a torn heart between JG and Yura....

Can't wait for the avi file :w00t:

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