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[drama 2008] Park Jung Geum, Heavenly Beauty (woman Of Matchless Beauty) 천하일&#4

Guest huangsy

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Guest dramaok

from Ep. 9:


KS: did you make all this?

YR: of course? did you think my mom came and made all this?

KS: you know how to make these?

YR: i just don't do it but when i do it i do great. try it..

KS: but i came empty-handed.

YR: of course.

KS: i didn't know it was this kinda of invitation.

YR: what invitation? between family.. let's eat.. try this..

KS: it's good.

YR: really? hehe ah.. this is why women live on the joy of making food for their husbands. try this too. i ruined it a bit when i was grilling it. there must be some secret to cooking fish but i still don't know it.

KS: it's okay. i'll do it myself.


YR: aren't we just like spouses when we do this? but then.. i guess we will be living together til death..

KS: um Yura ssi..

YR: hm?

KS: no let's eat first.. you worked hard.

YR: i told you i didn't work hard. you thought i was a total flake huh?

KS: it's delicious.

YR: did miss Park Jeong-Geum say anything... ? about her lost child...?

KS: (?)

YR: ah.. you probably didn't see her because you didn't get to go the fencing studio.

KS: actually while we were exercising a call came in. she was too startled i couldn't send her out alone.

YR: you did good. at times like that one should accompany someone so.

KS: i went with her but we did not meet him. he quit his work.

YR: (!) ic.. did you not get his contact either?

KS: no. but do you know something?

YR: of course not. don't worry and eat please..

KS: Yura ssi... actually i came to tell you something.

YR: tell me what you want to say after we eat..


KS: you're good at peeling fruits too.

YR: are you thinking that i might be okay to live with then?

KS: i didn't know you could joke too.

YR: then you should try and see my pretty side.. i want to look pretty for you.

KS: you are already pretty how much more prettier do you wish for.

YR: hehe.. hm.. after cooking and dealing with fish and oil i smell it on me. i'm gonna go shower. please have your wine for the meantime.

KS: no. i have to get going. actually i only came to say what i have to tell you

YR: fine i won't be long okay?


YR: shall we dance?

KS: i told you i can't dance.


YR: then just stand. how's my shampoo fragrance?

KS: it's nice. like grass..

YR: really? then i'll keep using this shampoo only from now on until the shampoo company goes out of business hehe

KS: (slight smile)

YR: you're finally smiling at me. did you know you never smiled at me before?

KS: is that so?

YR: so it's not just my fault.. (hugs him tight) how many ppl should we invite for our engagement? maybe not too many and quietly with just a few guests?

KS: (pushes her away gently) Yura ssi. let's turn off the music and sit for a while.


KS: i'm sorry.

YR: for what?

KS: i can't be what you need for you.

YR: how do you know that? are you saying i can't be what you need for you?

KS: no. i am grateful that you're fond of me.

YR: then you should just sit and be quiet.

KS: Yura ssi.. you are too beautiful and too lovely for me.

YR: then it's possible for us.

KS: it's impossible.... i realized late that someone is already in my heart.

YR: Park Jeong-Geum?

KS: i'm sorry... really sorry..

YR: but you said you can't leave someone behind.. was that just something you said. was it?

KS: i can't leave you, so please give up on me instead.

YR: and if i said no? if i said i don't want to?

KS: then we will all suffer. actually before i met Detective Park, i thought it didn't matter who i am with.

YR: but it turns out it's the opposite of those dirty words of yours?

KS: in my heart now.. i only wish to see Detective Park happy even for a day.

YR: i heard you so stop already. you are too cruel. i heard you so you don't have to explain in such detail. seeing that the worm is not yet dead so are you pouring salt over it now?

KS: yura ssi..

YR: i heard it all so stop showing off your love already.

KS: thank you for understanding me.

YR: i never said i'd understand. does Park Jeong-Geum say she loves you too?

KS: i don't know yet.

YR: then it's too far from farewell here. you are more brash then i thought. today our talk should end here.

KS: Yura ssi..

YR: you should get going. you said you wanted to leave early.

KS: at any rate. i have told you my heart difficultly.

YR: it's too late for that. for our engagement how about about twenty guests?

KS: Yura ssi. i said this will make us all suffer.

YR: i suppose it will but that is better than ending for good. please get going. i can't send you off far.

KS: (walks away)

YR: (throws wine glass against wall)

KS: !

YR: don't worry and get out.



KS: why are you so busy all day?

JG: during the day i have to wait around by the chinese diner and at night i'm staying up the night to catch a suspect. so i haven't even had a chance to go home in days so today i'm stopping by to get some fresh clothes.

KS: then i'll come toward you.

JG: no you can't! i'm only just grabbing some clothes from home and leaving right away.

KS: that's why i want to see your face briefly infront of your home.


KS: you must be the busiest person in the republic of korea. that's why you have no time to catch a man...

JG: but i don't think there's woman in this nation who's caught more men then i have.. i mean each time i catch a criminal it counts!

KS: (nudges her hand)

JG: hahaha

KS: (smiles)

JG: did you have a good day today?

KS: a day passed as i thought of certain someone...

JG: i guess you are the type with good concentration.

KS: gee did i say it was you? why are you having the kimchi juice already..


JG: hahhaha

KS: heh~



KS: we are already here. i didn't even get to talk to you much.

JG: you should get going.

KS: bring down your stuff. i'll take you to work.

JG: i plan to go straight to the case location. i'll be calling detective Jang.

KS: it's even more precious to see you briefly like this since we are both busy.

JG: there's no time.. you should get going.

KS: gee you are really playing hard to get... how about just 5 more minutes.

JG: i got here comfortably thanks to you.

KS: call me if you get sleepy during your night lookout.

JG: would i call and wake you since you have to work tomorrow?

KS: but it's alright... i got it so go in.. (hugs her) how much are you gonna suffer again.. through the night..



YJ: you're having an affair! an affair!

JG: what?

YJ: a woman who doesn't come home for days! isn't it affair?

JG: hey!

YJ: (dirty look and leaves)

JG: what's wrong with that person now! hey! are you my husband!?



KS: did you have dinner?

JG: kind of.

KS: but kind of isn't good.

JG: um.. us.. i think it's strange to talk about this out of nowhere but what can i do we're both busy..

KS: just speak comfortably..

JG: i thought of this, and let's just be comfortable like before.

KS: --

JG: well i think i should make the rejection nicely according to rules of etiquette but you know i'm not good at that. well.. thank you, and sorry, and thanks to you i gained more confidence so i'm thankful a lot.. so let's go back to the comfortable state as before. the end.

KS: why?

JG: what do you mean why? i mean.. it's kinda funny. i'm 38 how can i be dating men?

KS: why not? because your age is 38?

JG: well it's one thing if you were older than me. i might force to give it a try.. but it's strange don't you think?

KS: how do you know my age for certain? i don't even know myself.

JG: Kyeongsoo ssi...

KS: do you think i'm joking?

JG: not that..

KS: i am someone who always thinks too much. i mean i am not doing this without any thinking.

JG: ---

KS: i met with Yura ssi and told her.

JG: what?

KS: i told her i can't be what she needs.

JG: really?

KS: i still have to convince my parents and deal with Yura ssi's feelings as well as yours.. so i too do not think this is something easy.

JG: that's why you shouldn't be spending your effort into something useless.. when life is already complicated as is.

KS: because your existence is not useless to me, detective Park.

JG: why? because you pity me?

KS: ---

JG: Kyeongsoo ssi you are faint hearted so you must be confusing the feeling of pity with the feeling of love... of course, half of love is empathy, and more so as you get older. but... that is not all.. when it comes to love.

KS: who knows for sure what love is. isn't it just that you feel this person is yours?

JG: thanks, but i don't think that's possible..

KS: instead of that, let's give each other more time.. if it really won't work out then we can go back to being friends, or like sister and brother.

JG: once you cross the bridge you can't go back.

KS: but we can. even if we can't be lovers, we are fond of each other as humans.

JG: ---


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Thank you dramaok......your are just great ! *big hug* !!

l saw episode 10 and my heart really melts just seeing the way GS looking at PJK when she eats, his eyes simply feels with such love and tenderness. One can just feels his love for her. l can see PJK warming to his love too when she puts on the scarf that GS tenderly put on her the nite before.....but alas lat the last scene, we can see Yura kneeling begging her to give GS back to her. From the trailer

we saw GS's adopted mother meeting PJK (nothing good can come out of this) and the finally scene PJK saying coldly to GS that she has no feelings for him...poor GS is left with asking her if his feelings has been one-sided all along? It is not surprising that PJK comes to this decision (step back and giving way to Yura), there is too many things for her to consider, GS for one, she has no doubt that GS truly loves her but their age difference, their status are factors that bother her. She feels that she will be a burden to GS if she accepts his love. Towards Yura, l think she feels a slight tinge of guilt too

Oh l believe episode 11 is going to be a really heart breaking episode for GS :tears::tears::tears:

We also read in the news that the filming of GS and Yura's engagement (or wedding ??) had just completed.......oh ! oh ! this drama is getting more and more interesting. The scriptwriter certainly has a way of keeping the viewers longing for the weekend.....l am one of them...hee hee.

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Guest dramaok

l saw episode 10 and my heart really melts just seeing the way GS looking at PJK when she eats, his eyes simply feels with such love and tenderness. One can just feels his love for her. l can see PJK warming to his love too when she puts on the scarf that GS tenderly put on her the nite before.....but alas lat the last scene, we can see Yura kneeling begging her to give GS back to her.

yes Ep. 10 was a powerful episode.. and made me realize something.. which is that Kyeongsoo needs Jeong-Geum more than she needs him. actually she doesn't need him, she is already a complete and beautiful person the way she is... but she is the piece of puzzle that Kyeongsoo needs in his life... and same goes for Yura.. what she needs isn't someone to love her.. but the opportunity to love Jeong-Geum as family... what a beautiful character the writer has made Jeong-Geum.. though she is an aging woman divorced and rustic at times.. she is surely a beauty unmatched..

thx for the spoiler news. it's better to flush out these scenes earlier in the drama then later on when the stakes are higher.


from EP. 10:


YR: i drank tea first.

JG: fine. (to waitress) could i not order any tea. i already had some not long ago sorry.

YR: were you gonna pay for coffee?

JG: if you get pissed and run out who's gonna be paying the bill huh?

YR: gee you're something.

JG: then am i like you?

YR: aren't you so full of worries. even worried about coffee money.. (pours water on JG)

JG: !

YR: what did you say? that you don't want to get involved in my life?

JG: (to waitress) please give us some napkin here. i know you're complex-hearted but i didnt' do anything to deserve this from you.

YR: it's all good if you just get out of it.

JG: even if i'm not in it you're still not it.

YR: what?

JG: it's not possible for you with Kyeongsoo ssi because you are this kind of girl. if you want to love you gotta see who the other is. do you think love will do if only you say so? it's for two people.

YR: huh.. lecture.. who said i wanted to hear you lecture.

JG: i haven't involved myself in your life yet. i'm saying i didn't get myself involved with any bad motive.

YR: how you try to act strong til the end.. listen here mz. Park Jeong-Geum. you did such wrong but you can still raise your voice? are you saying you were just there being still but he wants you so what are you to do?

JG: (sighs)

YR: aren't you saying you have no fault since you didn't do anything?

JG: are you here to hear i'm sorry? if you hear that then will you leave? then why can't you say it? it's not like it requires money from my dad.

YR: Han Kyeongsoo is someone who is about to marry me!

JG: and my husband is someone who married me! you never said sorry to me.

YR: so? is this revenge then?

JG: no. i don't use Kyeongsoo ssi like that. you seduced my husband just to ruin my life, didn't you?

YR: --

JG: you're worse than your mother! your mom plays joke with money but you play joke with people!

YR: --

JG: it would've been possible for me to forgive you had you done so out of love. but you.. who can't stand not having something you want.. you who gets tired in less than 10 days after getting what you want and throwing it away.. the whole world does not revolve for you, Sagong Yura!

YR: i didn't play.

JG: then what? did you love?

YR: why would i go so far with someone i don't love.. because you always looked down on me. is it my sin to be born as my mother's daughter? did i push my mother to go seduce your father? i knew nothing and at my young age i was so happy to have an older sister, do you not remember? i followed you around calling you sister sister, but you pushed me away like a catepillar that you were so grossed out at.... and i always thought of my existence as worse than a cockroach. why? because since i was little, someone always, never-failingly, looked down at me.

JG: --

YR: (leaves)



mom: i understand your words but it's already too late for that so you just have to endure it.

KS: at my temperament i would not be able to live w/ her in the end, regardless. it would be worse to go to a divorce then. it's late, but now..

mom: it can't be.

KS: please go with my wish just for once.

mom: when did you go wrong at my wish?

KS: i have never declined your words. when you said not to do something i did not do so. when you told me not to go someone i did not go there, but marriage is something concerns the person i will be living the rest of my life.

mom: this is why they say not to bring in a stray animal. if i were your real mother would you be saying this thinking only of yourself?



KS: detective Park.. could you meet me now? please meet with me if you're not busy. i miss you.


KS: what will you eat?

JG: could we leave after having tea here?

KS: why? i wanted to buy you a yummy meal since i asked you out when you are busy.

JG: i don't mean to be pretentious but this really isn't suit to my tastebud.

KS: i wanted to buy you something nice...

JG: (smiles)

they end up at a diner that sells bloodclot stew instead...


JG: why? it doesn't suit your taste?

KS: no. it's good.

JG: then why do you keep looking at my face instead?

KS: just because.. i called you cuz i wanted to see you, so i'm looking at you.

JG: Kyeongsoo ssi.. well eat first and then we'll talk.

KS: you were famished.

JG: do you think it's the same for someone who runs around all day chasing after thugs and someone who sits in an office all day? early today at following the lead from the chinese diner, i found out it was about an illegal sales operation.

KS: then you must have suffered a lot again.

JG: well it's what i always do..

KS: did you get hurt?

JG: no..

KS: would you like some of mine too?

JG: no.. if i wanted to eat more i'll just order another. see. you're making me look pitiful.. don't do that detectives make good money too... but the issue is what goes out is greater than what comes in. i wish my second child would soon to go college.. just paying for his tutoring classes will have me end up with a crooked back.

KS: (smiles)

JG: sorry. we're eating..

KS: no. i think it's fun to hear this and that.

JG: fun? i said my back is gonna be out. but do you want more blood clot?

KS: no it's okay.

JG: what do you mean no. it's free. (to lady) here! give us more blood clots.

KS: (grins more quietly)


JG: Kyeongsoo ssi, as for me.. i really like that heart of yours that likes me.. whehter it is out of pity or comfort.. it's really nice and warm... however for me.. i am an ajooma who is more eager to earn money to send her son to school than to receive the love of a man. do you know what i'm saying?

KS: ---

JG: when i go to the bank to settle my card balance for the month my heart is at peace for some ten days. i wish for no more.. except for the worry that another balance is due soon.

KS: (laughs)

JG: i'm talking about something serious why do you keep laughing?

KS: because it's funny.

JG: gee my word..

KS: when i am with you, detective Park, i smile when i eat food and i smile when i drink water. when we eat we talk about food and drinking water with talk of water.. the talk does not cease and everything is joyful and good. where do i go to meet someone who can make me laugh so comfortably..

JG: Kyeongsoo ssi..

KS: today i went to my home. i told my mother i could not marry Yura ssi, that if i marry her i would die from loneliness, but she told me she shouldn't have taken in stray animals... so detective Park.. would you be the one not to push me away today?

JG: Kyeongsoo ssi.. without thinking about anyone else but yourself, this is something that is just not possible.

KS: what about you detective Park? how do you feel?

JG: you didn't understand me? i talked for so long until now..

KS: but that is all about me and the people around me. you didn't say anything about how you feel, and you always just worry about me. how do you feel about me, i'm asking.

JG: if i met you 10 years ago i wouldn't have pushed you away so easily i suppose.

KS: that's good enough... that is good enough to mean you like me.. if you like me then why do you say it so round about way?

JG: but i'm not saying i like you.

KS: (looks at her)

JG: actually i am burdened and uneased by it. i don't want anything else to happen in the rest of my life. my life as is is already too complicated and tiring. love is too tiring for me. Kyeongsoo ssi you don't understand me, do you?

KS: everytime you open your mouth it's about you aging. do you think you got to age all by yourself? stop the useless talk and you should get going.. (puts scarf on her) but why do you dress so lightly in this cold weather. what is a woman so careless in taking care of herself.. gee.. there!.. (hugs her)

JG: ----

KS: it's so warm and nice when i hold you.. today all day long.. strangely i felt cold in the neck...



mom: who is that miss?

KS: mother.

mom: if she's a good match we can pursue it.

KS: i am not prepared to tell you about her yet.

mom: why?

KS: i'm sorry.

mom: but this isn't something to be resolved by a sorry!! i have never been so humiliated like today.

KS: she is not a miss.

mom: not a miss?

kS: she is a woman with 2 children.

mom: what did you say!! bring her to be right away!

KS: mother, if you bring pain to her heart i will not sit still.

mom: what!

KS: she is a person who has endured many heartaches until now. and if she suffers more heartache because of me i will not stand it.



JG: Sagong Yura. i was too young then too. i was too young to differentiate my hatred of your mother with that of you... i'm going in first.

YR: sis! sis, please forgive me once. (kneeling) sis, you are a person who can receive love from anyone anywhere.. but for me, he is the only one. i know you can't forgive me for losing your child, but forgive me once.. because i really love that person.. so you forgive me once, sis..


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Guest mandalaywith


Thanks a lot you.

i know korean.but.my Enlish writen is weak.

this forums is need to you help.

you is korean.??

good job. :w00t:

항상 감사합니다.건강하시고 행복하세요.^^

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thanks Dramaok for the recap of Episodes 9 and 10...wow KS is really falling for JG...though I think it's a one sided love at first and Yura really wants him badly....though the doctor neighbor of PJG seems to like her as well...

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Guest dramaok

건강하시고 행복하세요.^^

thanks ^^

덕분에 고화질 박정금을 보고있어요~ 때마다 감사해요 ^^


hi koala ^^

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Thanks again dramaok.....you are great !

You are right dramaok, at this stage, Kyeongsoo is more in love with PJG than she with him and he needs her more than she needs her just like Yura needs Kyeongsoo more than Kyeongsoo needs her.

l think at this stage, PJG has a bit of feelings for him but not really that kind of deep love like what KS has for her, it is just the beginning, she is comfortable with him, he makes her laugh and he gives her the warmth and tenderness that she misses all these years. KS treats her and loves her like a woman. After years of sufferings, l think it must be a great feelings to feel loved...however, with the "age" issue, immense pressure from KS's adopted mother, Yura's begging, probably more pressures from her father and perhaps even her own mother, so it is a pity that before her feelings for KS can be developed further, she is "force" to give him up. :tears: ......this is one drama that it is hard to predict the ending...it can goes so many ways. The scriptwriter is just awesome, he keeps us "chasing" week after week. thumbs up !

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thanks Mandalaywith for the BTS pics...wow the doctor and Kyeong-soo meet...something to look forward to...

I agree with Jojo...what KS feels right now is more than what PJG gives since I'm sure she is preoccupied by her lost son and some issues with her family but I know that she enjoys being with KS though they might have to encounter lots of obstacles if KS pursues his feelings for her, especially with Yura wanting him back and of KS' mom

*waves to Dramaok* ^ ^

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Thank you Dramaok!

I wonder what will happen when KS finds out what YR did to JG and her son. Being the person he is, with the background he has, will he even be able to stand the sight of her afterwards? I don't think so.

Anyway, I like the progress of the story. It's very entertaining.

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Sypnosis for epi 11 + 12

11회 2008-03-08

정금은 경수 유라 약혼 문제로 봉필에게 치도곤을 당한다. 사공유라의 혼사길을 막

지말라는 사여사의 경고도 받고 봉필의 집을 나선다. 민여사도 정금을 찾아와 마지

막 경고를 한다. 머릿속이 뒤엉킨 정금은 사건 현장에 나갔다가 방심하는 바람에 후

배가 부상을 당하기까지 한다. 정금은 경수에게 용준을 남자친구라고 소개하는 극약

처방을 하면서 마음아파하는데...

JG's father insults JG for interrupting the engagement between GS and YR. Her

stepmother warns her not to obstruct the marriage between GS and YR, and JG

leaves her father's home. GS's mother also finds JG and gives her a last warning.

JG's mind gets complicated. In executing her duty, her colleague is hurt due to

her carelessness. To end the matter, JG introduces YJ (the doctor) as her

boyfriend to GS, but she feels painful in doing that...

12회 2008-03-09

경수와 사공유라는 결국 약혼식을 하기로 양 부모의 결정하에 옴짝 달짝을 못하는

가운데 경수가 미적거리며 계속 뚱하자 사공유라의 분노가 터져나온다. 유라는 경수

에게 박정금의 남편을 뺏은 여자가 자신이라며 박정금이 이번에는 경수를 꼬셔 복수

하는 거라고 털어놓는다. 경수는 사공유라에 더욱 실망하고 일부러 자신을 피하는

박정금에 대한 안타까움과 허전함으로 힘겨워한다.

Finally GS's adoptive parents made GS and YR to fix the engaement ceremony.

While the adoptive parents' mind is firm and cannot be moved, GS becomes

taciturn and keep in sullen silence. YR becomes angry. YR told GS that because

she is the person who took away JG's husband from JG, JG is trying to have a

revenge on her this time. GS is more disappointed with YR. GS thinks of JG

avoiding him intentionally and feels regret and empty without JG and that is too

much for him.

Source : www.minjong.net

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Sypnosis for epi 11 + 12

12회 2008-03-09

Finally GS's adoptive parents made GS and YR to fix the engaement ceremony.

While the adoptive parents' mind is firm and cannot be moved, GS becomes

taciturn and keep in sullen silence. YR becomes angry. YR told GS that because

she is the person who took away JG's husband from JG, JG is trying to have a

revenge on her this time. GS is more disappointed with YR. GS thinks of JG

avoiding him intentionally and feels regret and empty without JG and that is too

much for him.

Source : www.minjong.net

Really did she think she was going to win any brownie point telling her fiancee that she is a floozie? Who wants a floozie as a wife! (Apparently JG's father does! :lol: )

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Guest prita

PJG is getting interesting.....i just love how the story unfolds one step at a time....very good !

Thanks dramaok for epi 9 & 10's summaries, it's really good to watch it having known what's going on :) and jojo for the synopsis of epi 11 & 12

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Guest pure_joy

thank you dramaok for the translation for the crucial parts. somehow for me, watching how cold the characters can be in this show from time to time, you can simply just feel the warmth of GS. i melts* ahahaha. like in epi 9 how he took the step up and hugged JK. its sooo awwwwww. i'm gonna awwww another time if i'm gonna catch epi 10! its in progress i only wished it was faster. :crazy:

this drama is certainly making me fall off my seat since i'm at my edge. i might as well fall of it? ahaha. kidding but its good stuff. the ratings speak whahaha. i can't wait for new epis!!! WHOOOT. GOOOoo PJK. rawrr PJK power. ahhaa :D

in any cases, i don't know. its a confirm sure thing that PJK is gonna reject this love of GS. mean afterall, she's an ajuma, married with 2 kids, a divorcee, she's the older woman, then there's her work, her carelessness resulting in a colleague getting hurt, yura, pressure from yura and the many elders. OMG. like seriously, who is every gonna say a yes when it seems that everything is all pointing against the green light in the relationship with GS. all i can say, to handle these so many things, she is wonderfully awesome. but man its pressurising and it gets so crazy. but it'll be interesting to see how this love is gonna unfold. either end up in the dumps or how both lovers painfully get on and try to get by the obstacles or be bowled over by it. i really am praying for a gs-pjk end up together oh please please please. HAHAHAHA.

and did you see GS's looks in the pic ahaha so funny. its the "OH, YOU. hi." ahaha. solemn whoo hoo hoo. my heart goes out to the two fellas gs+pjk. :) thanks jojo omma for the synopsis. it just makes me xin3 yang3 yang3. (heart-itchy) so totally. grrr. :)

and to share :) isn't anything fancy just thought its a nice shot and its plonked and sitting on my desktop. enjoy :D


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