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[drama 2008] Park Jung Geum, Heavenly Beauty (woman Of Matchless Beauty) 천하일&#4

Guest huangsy

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GS proposes to PJK? wow! that's fast. that means he is really really sure of his feelings for her........but it is not easy for JK to accept him, there's the undeniable fact that he is her stepsister's fiancee! and also i suppose the different age ...but i want to see them end up together in the end :D

Actually, l think "propose" is not the correct word to use....but l think GS is really sure of his feelings for PJK since he tells Yura about his feelings for PJK. l think lots of fans are "rooting" for PJK and GS pairing....we see how the story goes......42 more episodes to enjoy !

Cococrust, thanks for the link * ^ ^ *

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Guest prita

As much as I'm rooting for JG - GS, it's still a long way before it's happening....42 episodes to go ! Hope the scriptwriter won't drag the story towards the middle for having lack of ideas because this may cause viewers to loose interest and stop watching the drama.

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Guest mandalaywith

Park Jung Geum E09 Captures

Today E09 is interest.watch drama 1hours is how to finshed donot know. B):P



































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Character Description from MBC Global Media


Park Jung-geum (age: 38 / Detective, high school education) | actress Bae Jong-ok

Starting as a traffic cop, she rose through the ranks to become a detective who handles gang-related crimes

Just go through the motions! Do you want to win a damn medal or what!

I’ve got a kid so I can’t go to any dangerous places!

You should just arrest all the pretty girls in the streets and lock ‘em up!

Park Jung-geum is having another long day at work.

She’s not tackling gangsters to get a good workout. She just wants to arrest the criminals who know no boundaries as they lunge at her with a knife or swing a metal rod at her head …

But she’s not a strong, burly detective. She’s a middle-aged female detective.

She gets beaten up and stabbed at in her line of work. Some days, she’ll walk home with a limp after breaking a leg. When there’s a special sale going for fish, she’ll have to run right out again with a limp to put food on the table. Watching every penny she spends, she has to worry about paying her monthly credit card bills without paying any late fees and come up with the money for her son’s cram schools. Then there are the endless house chores she has to do that include sorting recyclable cans, throwing out leftover food into the food trash bin, doing the dishes, and ironing shirts. On top of that she has to worry about rising housing costs. She attends the weekly apartment cooperative meetings so that she won’t have to pay the $5 fine for missing any of them. She’s a typical lady you’ll see every day when you leave your house in the morning.

She’ll rub her bloodied hands on her jeans to wipe of the blood. After catching a bad guy, she’ll knock her head back and make small talk interspersed with spontaneous laughs. She’s a typical middle-aged woman alright.


Jeon Yong-joon (age: 38 / General Practitioner, Jung-geum’s former elementary school classmate) | actor Son Chang-min

He is not authoritarian or takes himself seriously like most other doctors. Armed with a jolly humor, he’s a compassionate doctor

I’m sorry for being so cool!

When he was a kid in elementary school, he ran around with a runny nose and gave a stench because of his poor hygiene. But he became a doctor and later meets Jung-geum, a childhood friend.

His mother passed away when he was still in elementary school and then his father died when he was in middle school. His older brother Yong-doo protected him from the mean side of the adult world and paid for his college and medical school tuition. So he has a bright personality and grew into a man full of confidence. But his supreme confidence has also given him delusions that all the women in the world like him.

He has a mischievous side and a sex appeal that oozes effortlessly. When he has no patients in the waiting room, he’ll sneak some time looking at his reflection in the mirror and pretend to be Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.

His hobby is riding motorcycles, fly fishing, and other cool things.

His nickname is conceited loaf man, which the nurses came up with because he acts so conceited.


Han Gyeong-soo (age: 36/ Lawyer, Yoo-ra’s fiancé) | actor Kim Min-jong

He has a sad past but he empathizes with the plight of other people He was abandoned by his parents and became an adoptee. His foster parents are respected people in society but they are not warmhearted at all. They never hid the fact that Gyeong-soo was their adopted child and they ingrained into him the teaching that he must watch his manners because an adoptee like him is more apt to receive criticism from others. They urged him to become a contributing member to society. Thanks to their influence, Gyeong-soo became a lawyer with impeccable manners. But for some reason he never felt at home in his foster parent’s house and that left him constantly adrift. He decides to get engaged to Yoo-ra because that is what his foster parents want.

He was taught not to draw scorn from anyone for behaving inappropriately so that is why he appears to be distant and sensitive over quaint matters but in reality, he was born with a compassionate heart. He is not used to being on the receiving end of compassionate acts so he finds it very awkward in those times. He would never hurt anyone intentionally.


Sagong Yoo-ra (age: 36 / Graduated from a two-year college. Majored in clothes design) | actress Han Go-eun

She ran a wedding dress shop once but now she is unemployed I don’t know. I was in love with you then! I love you. I love you. I love you so much! She is the daughter of Lady Sa, who brought her with her when she married Jung-geum’s dad. She cohabitated with all kinds of men and never cared whether they were married or not. Legally she is single. She’ll put on a big scene if she doesn’t get what she wants. She is so blunt to the point where it seems that she is burning bridges down so that none of her ex-boyfriends would ever approach her. She is a lowlife who looks glamorous. Self-centered to a fault, she always acts like she is superior. But although she is full of these personality flaws, no man could resist her advances once they lay their eyes on her exotic beauty. Even the girls grudgingly admit that she is quite beautiful with a nice figure. A femme fatale.... At first she was unwilling to get engaged to Gyeong-soo because she thought he was eager to marry her for her money. But she gradually learns more about him and finds out that he is different from the other men she had dated so far. One day, she becomes desperate for love for the first time in her life.


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Guest mandalaywith


Thanks update Character Description .you is fast. :)

i will fist page in modify.

this forums first maker is no update. :sweatingbullets:

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Guest mandalaywith

Drama "Park Jung Kum" E09 Rating

TNS Nationwide-17.5% Seoul-18.3%


AGB Nationwide-17% Seoul-17.6%


Captures credit-mandalaywith

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Guest mandalaywith

Drama "Park Jung Kum" E10 Rating

TNS Nationwide-18.9% Seoul-20.3% :w00t:


AGB Nationwide-18.7% Seoul-20.1%


captures credit-mandalaywith

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