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[drama 2008] Wanted : son-in-law / Why Did You Come To My House 우리집에

Guest huangsy

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Guest huangsy

[sBS] Lee So Yun, Kim Ji Hoon, Oh Yoon Ah, Kim Seung Soo
SBS romantic comedy Friday drama starting from 28 March 2008 9:55 pm Seoul time.

10 episodes.

Director : Shin Yoon Sub 신윤섭





Scriptwriter : Im Sun Hee 임선희

Cast : Oh Yoon Ah 오윤아, Lee So Yun 이소연, Kim Ji Hoon 김지훈, Kim Seung Soo

Official Site : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/ourhome/index.html

Episodic preview at http://wizard2.sbs.co.kr/resource/template...vMenuId=1008292

Other VOD clips at http://wizard2.sbs.co.kr/resource/template...vMenuId=1008304


A wealthy man places an ad in search of a son-in-law!

A suitor is found, but he’s one of a kind. The war has begun!

Stakes are high as the hostile atmosphere turns violent. Who will come out victorious?

A funny love story between a third-rate survivor and a foolish, modern day princess.

After breaking up with her fiancé, Lee Kang-jae (Kim Seung-su), Han Mi-su (Lee So-yeon) takes on a life of a rebellious night club hopper who frequents nightclubs every day. She reluctantly attends a party hosted by her father at his construction site and becomes unfortunately linked to Jo Gi-dong. The two bump into each other often by some twisted fate which worsens their relationship, eventually turning them into enemies.

Jo Gi-dong(Kim Ji-hun) is a passionate young man who is trying to make ends meet in the difficult world. Just once, he borrowed money from dodgy men to fund his fake branded goods business. Little does he know that it was actually loan sharks who had lent him the money. To make matters worse, his mother has cancer and Gi-dong must care for his brother, Su-dong.

Su-dong creates trouble, and to make up for his brother’s misdoings, Gi-dong must come up with 50 million won (50,000 US dollars) by the end of the week or he must be willing to give up his life. Just when he thought there was no hope, Gi-dong comes across a classified ad that may just end all of his troubles. “Heavily loaded family seeking son-in-law,” the ad reads.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, Gi-dong replies to the ad. Much to his surprise, he is chosen as the lucky candidate. Is it truly good luck or perhaps it’s bad luck in disguise? As he embarks on an “internship” as a son-in-law at the home of Han Jin-tae(Ju Hyeon), what’s shocking is that his new “wife” is Han Mi-su of all people!

Drama OST : 07000014104.jpg



















3 music videos:
















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Guest huangsy
Guest Redrac

Thanks for the news and pictures everyone.

Looks like it is going to be funny as well. It starts this week :D

Could anyone translate the character chart and character descriptions if possible.

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from Dramabeans


Kim Ji Hoon streaks through Myungdong


And no, that’s not a metaphor.

Actor Kim Ji Hoon actually had to streak through Seoul’s busy Myungdong district for his new show, Why Did You Come To Our House? (which premiered yesterday, the 28th). On press conference day for the new SBS Friday drama, Kim Ji Hoon described that scene as being the hardest to film — not only because of the personal embarrassment of running through a crowded street in only his boxers, but because of the cold weather. That, and:

“Myungdong was unusually crowded the day we filmed that scene. Because the scene needed to be shot from afar, the camera and staff were removed on a rooftop while I ran through Myungdong in my underwear, and we shot it four times.”

Kim Ji Hoon last acted in the popular KBS weekend drama Golden Age for Daughters in Law with Lee Soo Kyung, but it was his role as the scruffier Mr. Sexy (Hot Bedroom Eyes) Eun Tak in last year’s Flowers For My Life that caught my eye. (By the way, great drama. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen drama where there are absolutely no bad guys, much less one that’s so satisfying, complexly drawn — and morbidly funny.)

In Why Did You Come To Our House, Kim Ji Hoon plays a son-in-law who goes to live in the home of his wife’s rich family. The drama also stars Kim Jung Nan, Lee So Yeon, Kim Seung Soo, Oh Yoon Ah, and Jung Joon Ha.

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Hi there! I watched the first two episodes and decided to upload this series on my Veoh account. It's hilarious, this drama deserves much more attention! :D

Just downloaded it. Thanks lyptika.

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Guest Redrac

Hi there! I watched the first two episodes and decided to upload this series on my Veoh account. It's hilarious, this drama deserves much more attention! :D

Thanks lyptika

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