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[drama 2008] Bittersweet Life 달콤한 인생 (la Dolce Vita)


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new pics from the official site














and a second teaser trailer for the drama


related articles posted by Rubie at the Korean Celebrity News Thread

'Car accident' Park Si-yeon 'Jaw injury.. receiving treatment'

Actress Park Si-yeon was in a car accident while moving drama filming locations on the 18th.

She was moving for filming of MBC drama "Bittersweet Life" when she was involved in an accident. She is currently receiving treatment at a local hospital emergency room.

A representative from her company said, "The car that Park Si-yeon was in collided with the car in front. There weren't big injuries but her jaw was injured and she is in a state of shock".

"We will join filming as soon as she recovers".

The new drama "Bittersweet Life" is planned to air in May, and she will be acting with Oh Yeon-soo and Lee Dong-wook.

English translation by www.hancinema.net

src: http://kr.news.yahoo.com/service/news/shel...p;newssetid=487

Oh Yeon-soo, Kiss scene in the snow with 10-year-younger Lee Dong-wook

Oh Yeon-soo plays Hye-jin in the new weekend special "Bittersweet Life", who leaves for Japan by herself after seeing the dishonesty of her husband. Joon-su (Lee Dong-wook), who saw her from the airport, has the same plans as her, and their feelings grow and continue to a kiss.

Filming in Japan started in February for a month in Japan's Hokkaido and Sapporo Otaru, where Hye-jin goes after her husband's betrayal and Joon-su after the death of a friend. Despite Oh Yeon-soo(37) and Lee Dong-wook(27)'s ten-year age difference, they acted like real lovers and created a romantic and passionate atmosphere.

Oh Yeon-soo also had a kiss scene with Oh Ji-ho, also ten years younger, four years ago in KBS "A Second Proposal". Oh Yeon-soo and Lee Dong-wook said, "It was so cold that we wanted the kiss scene, and all the other filming, to end quickly".

The mystery melodrama "Bittersweet Life" will air May 3, and aims to show the dangers of a 15-year married couple and the brutality of youth.

English Translation: www.hancinema.net



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Guest lyptika

Synopsis of the 1st episode of "La Dolce Vita".

1회 2008-05-03

서울 한 복판의 고급 아파트, 평화롭다 못해 고요하기까지 한 이곳에서 한 젊은 남자

의 의문의 자살이 발생한다. 퇴역형사 박병식은 그 젊은 남자가 자신이 오랫동안 쫓

으며 주시해왔던 이준수임을 알고 이 사건의 실마리를 풀기 위해 나선다. 드라마는

박병식의 시선을 따라 6개월전으로 거슬러 올라가며 본격적인 이야기를 시작한다.

이준수는 과연 자살한 것일까? 그의 연인인 홍다애, 그리고 중년의 여인 윤혜진과는

어떤 관계가 있을까? 과거와 현재를 자유자재로 넘나들며 전개되는 스토리라인을 따

라가다 보면, 어느 새 놀랍도록 치밀하게 짜여진 플롯에 감탄하게 될 것이다.








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Guest ripgal

I saw the second trailer.. and Wookie was crying so hard in one of the scenes..:tears:

I think we're in for a really tragic romance between the LDW and OYS's characters...

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I'm really looking forward to this. Oh Yeon-soo is one lucky lady - she got to romance hot Oh Ji-Ho in Second Proposal and now Lee Dong-wook! She was beautiful in Jumong, ajummah turned to elegant business woman in 2nd proposal and now simply stunning with her new short hair. Already getting the intense loving tension between the two.

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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: MBC Global Media 2008-04-24(14:04)

Lee Dong-wook stars in “Sweet Life” a new MBC TV drama currently in production


Actor Lee Dong-wook (age: 27) returns to the small screen after a 2-year hiatus.

He will star in “Sweet Life,” a special MBC weekend TV drama that is set to premiere on May 3, 2008 in the leading role. His co-star will be actress Oh Yeon-soo (age: 37). The show is a romance about how Joon-soo, the character that Lee Dong-wook will play, falls in love with a married woman whom he met by coincidence during a trip to Japan.

It would seem to be another TV drama about a scandalous affair but Lee Dong-wook offers a different take on the drama by emphasizing that “it’s not story about a typical romance or extramarital affair.” Yet, he didn’t go into any details to elaborate on the differences. “If I reveal any aspect of the plot, it would be a major spoiler so I don’t know what I can or cannot say about the show” he said. But he did drop a hint that the tagline in the “Sweet Life” synopsis that says, “There’s a devil inside me,” reveals something about his character.

While filming a scene on location at Hokkaido, Japan, Director Kim Ji-min told Lee Dong-wook to “try to bring out the devil inside of you.”’ Instead of describing the character that he plays, Lee said, “You might think that my character is the villain. But you’ll learn later on why he became like that. When I read the script, I knew that I had to play the role because of the uncharacteristic elements that you’ll see in him. Many actors and actresses crave to play characters that spiral downward into a pit of misery because it gives them a chance to display the raw emotions of a downtrodden figure.

With a wry smile, Lee said, “It’s easy to approach a role in a romantic comedy or a drama about a scandalous affair but this drama is totally different. That’s why I wanted the role so much. It’s more challenging than other roles but I believe that after I complete this project, I’ll become a better actor than before.’”

When asked about the playing the love interest of actress Oh Yeon-soo in “Sweet Life,” Lee said, “It was awkward at first to play opposite Oh Yeon-soo because not only is it my first time to co-star with her but she’s also 10 years older than me. I’m basically a shy guy. It wasn’t easy to act as her romantic partner. But since I spent 22 days shooting scenes with just her in Japan, I was able to get to know her well.”

Asked about any interesting incidents during his shoots, Lee Dong-wook marveled that, “The minute I landed in Japan, my days were filled with uncommon events that would never happen in Korea.” “It snowed 22 consecutive days in Japan. Don’t you think that’s crazy? I had a difficult time because of the snow and cold weather,” he recalled with a shiver. In one scene, he treads through the snow in a rage and that was one of his hard scenes to shoot. But Lee didn’t go any further as he stopped himself from unraveling the mystery surrounding his character. Known as the pretty boy of romantic comedies, he transforms into a villain in his new TV drama according to the vague hints that he dropped about his character. Viewers will have to wait until the TV drama premieres to find out more about his role.

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Guest mandalaywith

koalabear:Always Thanks post to Great job.^^

kdramafanusahi Nice to meet here.Thanks post to New.^^

lyptika:Nice to meet you.Thanks post to preview 1 text&wallpaper.

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Guest mandalaywith

Now i read one news finshed.

Update to Drama conference Date& Time

MBC Drama "Bittersweet Life " Drama production press conference Date& Time

****** 새 주말드라마 <달콤한 인생 > 제작발표회 ******

ㅇ 일 시 : 4월 29일(수) 오후 3시

Time :2008 April 29 3:00 PM

ㅇ 장 소 : MBC 일산 드림센터

Place : MBC Tv IlSan Dream Center(as called to MBC new shooting studio)

ㅇ 주요 내용: 시사회, 포토타임, 밀착 인터뷰 등

Subjiect:Press Conf,Phototime,Media Interview.

i will update to press conference pics.

Info source- http://media.daum.net/entertain/broadcast/...6&cp=Edaily

◇ 4월29일

- 케이블 채널 OCN '경성기방 영화관' 현장공개(오전10시)

- MBC '달콤한 인생' 제작발표회(오후3시/일산 드림센터)

- 이승철 콘서트 기자회견

- '라이프 워터 한국 출시 기념 제품발표회 및 런칭파티' (오후 6시/압구정동 클럽 예홀)

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Guest vkkkim

Looking forward to this new drama ! Haven't watched any of the lead lady, OYS' previous work. LDW and her chemistry will be crucial because of the age gap. Hope this series will do well - Wookie's first drama since My Girl. ^_^

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Now i read one news finshed.

Update to Drama conference Date& Time

MBC Drama "Bittersweet Life " Drama production press conference Date& Time

****** 새 주말드라마 <달콤한 인생 > 제작발표회 ******

ㅇ 일 시 : 4월 29일(수) 오후 3시

Time :2008 April 29 3:00 PM

ㅇ 장 소 : MBC 일산 드림센터

Place : MBC Tv IlSan Dream Center(as called to MBC new shooting studio)

ㅇ 주요 내용: 시사회, 포토타임, 밀착 인터뷰 등

Subjiect:Press Conf,Phototime,Media Interview.

i will update to press conference pics.

thanks in advance for posting the pics Mandalaywith...I have to work all night tomorrow so I won't see the Press Conference Pics until the 30th...will be sure to camp on this thread for sure

more pics from MBC




























thanks Kdramafanusa for the Wookie News...he must have exerted a lot of effort for this drama...anyway Oh Yeon-soo is so lucky to get paired with hot guys...

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