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[drama 2008] Bittersweet Life 달콤한 인생 (la Dolce Vita)


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February 16, 2008

Hokkaido becoming popular filming spot for South Korean TV dramas

A South Korean drama is being filmed in Otaru, Hokkaido, on Thursday.SAPPORO -- An increasing number of South Korean TV dramas are being filmed in Hokkaido, with an eye to air the programs not only back in South Korea but also here in Japan.

Last year, SBS became the first South Korean broadcaster to shoot a TV drama, titled "Salt Doll" in Hokkaido. On Thursday, another South Korean broadcaster, MBC, started filming the first four installments of a drama titled "Bittersweet Life" in Otaru.

Otaru was home to the shooting of the Japanese film, "Love Letter" (1995), which also became a hit in South Korea. Kim Jin-min, director of the drama "Bittersweet Life," says the film influenced South Koreans' image of Japan.

"For South Koreans, winter in Japan is associated with snow. And snow is associated with Hokkaido. These images are strongly influenced by the film, 'Love Letter,' " Kim said.

"Bittersweet Life," which will be aired across South Korea from May during prime time on Saturdays and Sundays, stars popular Korean actor Lee Dong-wook, 26, and actress Oh Yeon-su, 36.

"South Korean producers are shifting the target of their dramas to Japanese fans. 'Bittersweet Life' features Korean actors who are also popular in Japan, and it is highly likely that the drama will be aired in Hokkaido, too," said the executive director of the Japan Korea Culture Association, a nonprofit organization based in Sapporo.

In fact, Hokkaido is known to air more South Korean TV dramas via land broadcasts than other prefectures in Japan. Currently, three TV stations in Hokkaido air six Korean dramas a week via land broadcasts, while Korean dramas are shifting to communications satellite broadcasting in the metropolitan area.

According to the Hokkaido branch of Video Research Ltd., a TV rating service company, the audience rate for the three South Korean dramas aired on Tuesday morning was between 3 to 4 percent.

"The viewer ratings (of Korean dramas) are stable. We will keep on broadcasting (Korean dramas)," said a public relations official of a broadcaster in Hokkaido.

Noriko Mizuta, 70, president of Josai International University, said, "South Korean dramas often use snow or winter scenes as a metaphor in describing psychology, such as in 'Winter Sonata.' I assume people in northern areas, where people regularly deal with snow in winter, may sympathize more with Korean dramas."

Although several South Korean films have been shot in Hokkaido since 2006, it's another story when it comes to South Korean TV dramas.

"Hokkaido will gain higher recognition by appearing in South Korean TV dramas, rather than films. We expect that Korean broadcasters will continue to shoot their dramas in Hokkaido," said the executive director of the Japan Korea Culture Association.


related Korean Article








src: Ahgou_9@ Popcornfor2.com, Baidu.com

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an article about the Korean Wave boom in Japan..one paragraph speaks of Lee Dong-wook shooting in Hokkaido...not that much description though keke

[THE HIGH TIDE OF THE KOREAN WAVE(17)] Korean dramas carve a niche in Japan

The full force of the Korean Wave hit Japan in 2004. Four years later, the phenomenon known here as "hanryu" has succeeded in creating a comfortable niche for itself in the Japanese TV and music world.

In November, 2004, the initial frenzy clogged Narita Airport, as thousands of Bae Yong-joon fans flocked to welcome him to Japan, ten people were injured as the crowd outside his Tokyo hotel scrambled to get a peek at him. Today, the hanryu boom has evolved into a calmer, sustained and widespread interest in Korean pop culture that has increased the Japanese public's desire to better understand the customs, lifestyle and cuisine of their closest neighbor.

Of course, not everyone has rushed to ride the Korean Wave, but it has succeeded in widening the perceptions and perspectives of many. Here on the northern island of Hokkaido, where Korean TV dramas are especially popular, signs of the hanryu presence are everywhere. Ladies gently jostle each other out of the way to get at the wide array of hanryu magazines at the local bookstore, and TV commercials remind us that the new "Winter Sonata II" and "Spring Waltz" pachinko (pinball) machines will be out soon. At the local music store, a large box containing a 30-centimeter Kwon Sang-woo doll decked out in the priestly robes he wore in the movie "Love So Divine" is propped up against shelves full of Korean drama theme music collectors' boxes and DVDs from John-Hoon and Rain.

In Hokkaido, five to six Korean TV series are shown each week on terrestrial TV, mostly on weekday mornings and mostly without Japanese voiceovers. Not only have many Japanese TV viewers discovered they love Korean dramas, but they have found that they are just as happy watching them in the vernacular with subtitles. That would have been utterly unimaginable even a few years ago -- an indication of the amazing effect the hanryu boom has had. Add in the plethora of dramas offered on Japan's dozens of satellite TV channels, and those of us who have never been to Korea could easily spend everyday there vicariously, if we like. Nor is the exchange all one way. While Japanese TV tourists flock to Seoul, several Korean dramas have featured Hokkaido locales. This February and March, director Kim Jin-min has been in the port town of Otaru filming a new TV drama starring Lee Dong-wook and Oh Yean-su that will air on MBC in May. Otaru is hoping it will be good for local tourism, too.

The big question, of course, is just why has the hanryu boom been so successful? Mutual profit, timing and quality seem to be the answers. The entertainment industries in both countries quickly recognized the lucrative potential of the pop culture exchanges, and have actively promoted them. It would be difficult to even try to estimate the reverberating economic impact that all the hanryu spin-off industries, from publications and tourism to language study and licensing, have produced.

The cross-cultural entertainment world influences are now so great, it's hard to imagine that this all took off just four years ago with one memorable TV drama -- "Winter Sonata," starring Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo. NHK, the national public broadcaster, decided to try it Saturdays at 11:10 p.m. in a time slot usually reserved for U.S. and British fare. Like all the Korean dramas shown on NHK since, it was broadcast with Japanese voiceovers. Japanese TV viewers, especially middle-aged women, quickly were carried away by the sensitive love story. Soon, glasses and wool scarves were fashion statements. Yong-sama, as he affectionately became known, was being carved in ice at the Sapporo Snow Festival, and tours to the filming locations became all the rage. NHK quickly followed up with "Beautiful Days," "All In," "Spring Waltz," and the historical dramas "Damo" and the very popular "Daejanggum," which NHK also later ran in animated form for the kids. Asian dramas have occupied the Saturday 11 p.m. time slot ever since. Those desperate for "Desperate Housewives or "ER" now have to wait until 1 a.m. As an added bonus for those who stay up even later, "Himawari" with Lee Byung-hun airs at 1:50 a.m.

The historical dramas and lighter Korean romantic comedies broadcast on satellite TV and available for sale or rental on DVD have insured that hanryu fans now include both sexes and all age groups. The appetite of the most dedicated fans has become insatiable, and has stimulated interest in Korean movies, music, musicals and tourism.

A Hanryu Cinema Festival featuring 14 films, mostly starring actors who are familiar to Japanese TV fans, is running again this year in Tokyo and Osaka from March to May. (Check http://www.cinemart.co.jp/han-fes2008). The spring 2008 travel brochures advertising Korean destinations are offering tickets to the popular musicals "Nanta (Cooking)" and "Jump," besides promoting all-in sights on Jeju, "Daejanggum" locales and dining experiences and, for the die-hard Bae Yong-joon fans, a Yong-sama "mo ichido" (once again) tour that even includes his college campus. JTB also sponsored special tours to the open sets used in "Jumong" in February and March. And the list of Korean actors and musicians coming to Japan for concert tours, fan meetings, dinner shows or to release albums here grows longer by the day. March promises Big Bang concerts and the release of the first SG "Wanna Be + Japan" album.

The desire for ever more information on the activities of Korean entertainers has led many big-name Tokyo publishers to issue an impressive array of hanryu magazines, directories and the glossy photo-heavy, magazine-style books known in Japan as "mooks." Those who want even quicker access to the Korean entertainment scene news can get up-to-the-minute bulletins on their cell phones.

With all the dramas and information now available, Japanese hanryu enthusiasts are becoming increasingly knowledgeable. The latest directory of Korean stars includes the profiles of 780 actors, directors and scriptwriters. Truly dedicated hanryu fans can even test themselves on how much trivia they have amassed.

"Kentei" (proficiency tests) in all sorts of subjects, from languages to local history, are popular in Japan, and the first introductory-level "hanryu kente" (a project done in conjunction with JTB) is currently underway. Those who pay for and successfully complete the test on-line will receive certificates of proficiency and be eligible for special TV tours to Korea. An intermediate-level exam is already planned for May. Those who think they have watched enough Korean dramas to qualify may want to try the mini-test at http://www.k-x.jp, with sample multiple-choice questions like: Amnesia is a recurring theme in Korean dramas. Select the drama which did not deal with this theme.

Few fans take their fascination to this level, but even occasional and casual TV viewers will recognize the names of the stars of those first few NHK series -- Bae Yong-joon, Choi Ji-woo, Lee Byung-hun, Ryu Shi-won and Lee Young-ae -- and their works -- "Winter Sonata," "Daejanggum," "Stairway to Heaven," "Beautiful Days," and "Hotelier" -- which top a list of the most popular Korean dramas in Japan, according to a survey of 1,600 Japanese, mainly women in their 30s, done in 2007 by the TV Asahi program SMAStation. Hosted by SMAP's Shingo Katori, the program unfortunately has had to compete with these dramas in the Saturday, 11 p.m. time slot. And even Japanese TV scripts have begun to recognize the hanryu presence as a part of the modern 21st century Japanese lifestyle. In the recent Japanese TV series "Hatachi no Koibito," the heroine's colleague is a devoted Lee Byung-hun fan who reads hanryu magazines on her breaks, and rushes off from work to attend his fan meetings.

This brings us to the second important aspect of the hanryu success: the timing was right. Had the Korean Wave arrived five or 10 years sooner, when Japan's own TV dramas were at their peak and bringing in average ratings of over 30 percent, the hanryu boom might have faced a more difficult challenge. But, for the last few years, Japanese dramas have been weathering a considerable slump. Although two dozen series are launched each quarter, it has become extremely difficult for most to get anywhere near 15 percent ratings, and few top that figure. Only dramas starring SMAP's Takuya Kimura have been consistently capable of climbing up over the 30 percent mark in the new century. Irritating or inconclusive endings, predictable dialogue and a trend away from serious romances have discouraged viewers, and created a vacuum that the quality Korean products have very conveniently filled. Serious drama fans have taken refuge in the parallel hanryu world with its overall high quality, straightforward and sincere style, freer expression of emotions and romantic leading men.

Hanryu dramas might even be able to help enliven the Japanese prime time lineup, now heavy with variety shows and trivia quizzes, if given a chance, but foreign TV series have been unable to significantly break through into the 8-11 p.m. market. Since 1990, I can recall only one foreign drama that was able to crack that barrier and be welcomed into the Japanese prime time schedule -- "The X Files" in 1995.

Still, the hanryu phenomenon has become secure enough in its niche that it has been able to make some dents in the barrier in two ways: Japanese remakes of Korean hits, and appearances by Korean stars in Japanese dramas. In 2006, Tokio's Tomoya Nagase starred in a successful remake of "My Boss, My Hero," the Korean comedy about a gangster who goes back to high school that was among the top ten-rated Japanese TV dramas that year. A Japanese remake of "Hotelier" was less successful, even though it featured a cameo guest appearance by Bae Yong-joon. SMAP's Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and actress Reina Tanaka will appear in "Ryokiteki na Kanojo," a remake of the 2001 hit Korean movie "My Sassy Girl" beginning in April, 2008.

Korean stars who have tried acting in Japanese dramas have faced a bigger challenge. Choi Ji-woo starred in "Rondo" in 2006 and Ryu Shi-won co-starred with Japan's top actress Yukie Nakama in "Joshi Deka (Lady Detective)" in 2007, but the latter reached only 54th place in the year's drama rankings. Both series met with only moderate success, in part because the Korean stars were not given ample opportunity to display their talents.

While hanryu fans in Japan might idolize the Korean stars, and rush to their fan club meetings, what they are really buying is the whole Korean drama package -- the excellent camera work, the passion, the direction, the perkier dialogue and plots, the detail regarding fashion, and the beautiful background music that make them a distinctly Korean commodity. Thus, Korean stars might want to think twice before accepting roles in Japanese series.

Korean actors who want to try their hand at Japanese dramas may find it educational, but it is also a career choice fraught with peril. Their popularity on the archipelago may be more secure if they continue to star in domestic Korean dramas with export value, and only pop across the sea for periodic personal appearance tours, rather than getting caught up in the slumping continuing-drama-series crunch in Japan.

Although Ryu Shi-won's week-long guest appearance on the 2007 NHK morning serial "DonDon Hare" significantly helped spike ratings for that series, just look at what he faced in one romantic scene with Yukie Nakama in "Joshi Deka:" In the scene where she is so distraught that she hasn't eaten all day, what does the script call for -- a kiss, a hug, empathy, sympathy? Not even some concerned and caring Korean drama-style wrist yanking (which makes one wonder if repeated strain wrist injuries are an occupational hazard for Korean actresses who have to rehearse scenes like that all day).

No, Ryu Shi-won has to tell her to close her eyes. Then he leans over and pinches her nose while shoving a morsel of food into her mouth. Ridiculously unromantic and a waste of his talents. And the Japanese networks wonder why their drama ratings are plummeting, while the public craves serious romances. As long as Korean dramas continue to fill this void, the hanryu boom should continue to be a lucrative niche industry in Japan.

The next bounce will no doubt come from "Taewangsasingi," starring Bae Yong-joon. Already running on NHK's satellite channel, it will be broadcast in NHK's lucky Saturday 11:10 p.m. terrestrial time slot from April 5. Japanese actor Masato Hagiwara, whose own career got a boost when he did the Japanese voiceovers for Yong-sama in "Winter Sonata," will be back to give voice to the hero again.

For now, it looks like the hanryu TV boom is here to stay and will continue to bring the peninsula and the archipelago closer together through couch-potato diplomacy.

By Kathleen Morikawa



here are some pics from Baidu


credits to original poster Mima


and reuploaded by 潜ing and me


gift given by fans to LDW on his fan meeting yesterday...fans showing support to Wookie on his new drama

and from Mima's blog and from Baidu...arrival pics taken last month







and two BTS pics from Bittersweet Life...original source CY...posted by 潜ing and reuploaded by me




credits again to the original posters of the pics

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wow! wookie got a haircut for the drama... hehe...

gosh, i know this is a challenge for him, but i still can't imagine him potraying such role as to fall in love with an older, not to mention married, woman... aishhh but since this drama is already on its way, that is to say confirmed with wookie in it, i just gotta have to accept it, more importantly, to support wookie... i hope he would do well, or should i say 'do great', in this new drama... i'll be looking forward to it!!! aja wookie!!! we'll see you in a few months!!!

p.s. japan... snow... reminds me of yoo rin and gong chan... huhu... i miss my girl!

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^ it means that LDW wants to show a more mature side of his acting...I have high expectations for this drama...I really hope it's something good to look forward this coming Spring/Summer

some pics to drop off...the cast and crew left Japan March 5 and will continue to shoot in Korea...some more behind the scenes






original source:





reposted in Baidu by 给糖果罐加糖


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^ it means that LDW wants to show a more mature side of his acting...I have high expectations for this drama...I really hope it's something good to look forward this coming Spring/Summer

some pics to drop off...the cast and crew left Japan March 5 and will continue to shoot in Korea...some more behind the scenes

Hi koalabear - so, it means he's back now in Korea, huh? Thanks for this info. I'm glad that there's 2-projects from him to look forward to soon.

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Guest mandalaywith

I found in MBC DC site in

Lee Dong Wook Drama Bittersweet Life Japan Shooting pic


Credit- MBC DC

I hear yesterday LDW come back korea.Japan shooting is finshed.

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^ thanks Mandalaywith...yup they are now back in Korea to continue shooting...2 months left before the drama starts...

here reposting my post @ Lee Dong-wook's thread

here I'm back with more pics from Japan...behind the scene filming and LDW's Fan Meeting last March 2, 2008

Original Post from HKVivian @ LDW's Baidu Bar






Fan Meeting Pics also by HKVivian thru this links



It was supposed to be Lee Dong-wook and Oh Yeon-soo's Fan Meeting but OYS couldn't go since she has some scenes to film...co-star Jung Gyeo-woon went instead




and the hugging scene from Bittersweet Life


here is the English Translation of LDW's Fan Meeting event posted by Chinese text was composed by Ms Jessica from Hong Kong.


Please find her Chinese posting at http://


Translated by Mayb_juz_coz...also a Wookie Fan here in Soompi


FM held in Hokkaido on 2nd March 2008.


Initially, I did not intend to post this but since there have been a lot of new Wookie fans joining recently, as a fan who stuck between new and old fans, i feel that i have the obligations to share what happened at the fans meeting held on 2nd of March 2008.

As I only came to realise that I could make it to see Dong Wook in Hokkaido in a the very last minute, everything was in great haste, from getting entrance tickets, air-tickets to making hotel reservations.....

At noon on 2nd of March, it had been snowing and freezing at the place where the FM was held. Japanese fans were very friendly. Some were coordinating in gift collections. Some were collecting fans' messages, pasted them into a common photo album that would be given to Dong Wook as a gift.

Japanese fans dressed up beautifully to attend the FM. Some were wearing tops with Dong Wook's picture.

A man in his 60s took off his suits the moment he arrived at the hall and put on a shirt with Dong Wook's pictures.

The picture printed on the front was Dong Wook holding a gun and on its back was the baby Dong Wook's picture.

The rest of fans ran up to greet him and helped him to tidy up his sleeves and collars.

The atmophere was very warm and all seemed to be enjoying it.

I am sure the attendance was far beyond the preliminary quota set.

There were a lot of male fans too.

The mc was a young chubby lady. She was lovely and really knew to spice up the atmosphere.

As Dong Wook was still on his way from the shooting scene which was quite a distance from the venue,the organiser has arranged to play some clips took on the day when Dong Wook arrived in Hokkaido airport and the trailer from <bittersweet life >

(saw Dong Wook hugging the lead actress from her back and the kissing takes )

Finally Dong Wook appeared on stage. Everyone was wowing and clapping.

Dong Wook has lost some weights but he still looked very handsome.

He was in a coffee colour short leather jacket and a pair of jeans.

He kept his moustache. He appeared manly and charming.

Dong Wook first thanked everyone and apologized for being late, followed by questions & answers session.

As the weather has been harsh ( heavy snow ) the shooting progress was disrupted.

Dong Wook has to catch up with the shooting schedule, as a result, he has got no time to rest.

Dong Wook was very tired. He has caught a flu too but Dong Wook tried his best to make the FM a memorable one.

He kept using his hands to rub his eyelips so that he could stay awake ( as once he stopped moving around, he might fall asleep )

He tried to cheer up his fans. He even sang unintentionally. The crowd gave him big claps.

The FM proceeded well partly due to the mc was good in spice up the atmosphere, fans frequently burst into laughters and wow.

The lead actress could not make it to the FM as she got tied up with filming.

Another actor Kang Joong Won was there. He is even taller than Dong Wook. About 186cm. Not bad looking ( also a handsome chap ) but he is not as good looking as Dong Wook.

Especially in a close distance. Can see Dong Wook's delicate features and pinkish face, high nose, pearl white teeth, clear and watery pair of eyes, very charming.

next - games session.

Upon arrival to the all, we filled up our mobile phone number and dumped it into a draw box.

Dong Wook handpicked 3 lucky participants from the box and rang them up.

Whosoever mobile phone rang, he or she got the chance to take part in the games on stage.

Dong Wook was very playful. The moment the call was answered, he would say mo shi mo shi and a few simple Japanese words.

Game - 1st, handpick three fans to participate. 2nd, Dong Wook would do the following -

1. knee bend in front of the fan, kiss his / her hands

2. hug him / her from behind

3. carry fan on his back

Fans on and off stage were equally enjoying the games.

Dong Wook ran around on the stage and he seemed to be enjoying himself and very much into the games.

It came the shake hands session.

Fans split into a few batches to take group photo before Dong Wook shook hand with each of them.

Dong Wook is a great guy. He treasures and cares for his fans.

When he saw the Japanese fan who has injured her left hand few days ago, he asked if her left hand has recovered. That fan was so shocked and touched.

If you want to tell him something, he would lean his head towards you to listen. He would answer your questions as well as posting questions to you.

Some fans still turned around to talk to him when heading to the other direction and Dong Wook would also turned around and talked to them.

As usual, Dong Wook is well mannered. When he shook hands with the elderly, he bent his body to a very low position.

When shook hands with inflexible walking people, Dong Wook would hold their hands tenderly.

When elderly people handed a handkerchief to Dong Wook, Dong Wook thanked them and used it to wipe off his sweats from his forehand and face.

When Dong Wook saw Japanese fans in shirts with his childhood picture, he happily pointed at his picture and said, " this is me, this is me."

I was the 1st HK fan who shook hands with Dong Wook. Dong Wook hold my hands and looking at me with a smile. The way he looked at me warmed my heart. He said a few sentences which I couldn't figure out it's in Korean or Japanese. I staring him and telling him in a clear and slow pace , " Welcome to Hong Kong."

He laughed sincerely and replied, " yes! yes ! Thank you."

When the 2nd batch of HK fans shook hands with him, Dong Wook said to them, " Thanks for coming."

Time flies.

The FM came to its end. Dong Wook thanked and bid farewell to his fans.

Dong Wook had to rush back to the shooting scene again.

Dong Wook works very hard. I feel heartpain.

Some fans rushed to the carpark to see Dong Wook but we decided to stay back as the Japanese fans told us that we may visit Dong Wook and can be the extras in the movie scene that night.

Some of them visited Dong Wook and took parts as extras that night and the next day.

We could only make it that night as we had to leave for the airport the next day.

Finally, we alighted with hopes at the presumed filming place but only then we found out that the shooting scene was indeed taking place in a remote town which is very far away from where we alighted.

Besides, we had no idea when would he return from the remote town, it would probably be around 3am or 4am.

We were starving and it was chilly out there. We were totally lost and yet we could not bear to leave.

Some Japanese fans were carrying their luggages with them as they went straight to the FM venue from the airport.

At last, we got no choice but left the place.

The next day, we met up with the Japanese fans who are from the fans club and the extras in the movie shooting. The one who speaks English was not there yet.

These fans were very friendly. They knew we were from HK. They tried to help us. They spoke 80% Japanese and 20% English to tell us that the shooting activities are carried out from 10:00 to 15:00 and they would be taken place on a moving train. They just found out that the train was about to depart.

They said, " Dong Wook is on the train now. You may go see him." They helped us to buy the cheapest train tickets when we arrived at the train station.

After we crossed over the gate, we saw some photograpy equipments and crew members. We also saw a few others who hold the same intentions as us, who wished to see Dong Wook before they head to the airport. The pretty lady who carried her luggage bag with her was there as well. She said she had to rush to the airport in half an hour time.

Dong Wook's manager came over and told us that Dong Wook is upstairs but likely he would not come out.

We were disappointed. After 5 minutes, we heard some noise. A few Japanese fans led us to the front part and we saw Dong Wook was just in front of us with Miss Wu ( the lead actress).

Dong Wook said hello to us and then proceeded to the hamburger outlet ( he was wearing his ear-piece ).

Some fans were secretly taking pictures of him. That pretty Japanese luggage lady said she really has to go in 5 minutes.

After a short while, all the crew members, the extras and the supporting team board the train.

Dong Wook came out. He removed his ear-piece when he heard people calling his name.

We told him that we are leaving for the airport. Can he take pictures with us? He answered at once " OK! "

Everybody rushed to his sides. I helped to take pictures. I was so nervous that I did not manage to press the button on the camera when taking the 2nd picture.

Dong Wook was very patient. He just stood there waiting, did not move at all.

At last, it was lucky enough to take a few pictures. Dong Wook said " Thank you! Thank you ! " before running upstairs to board the train.

The pretty luggage lady was very happy and gave everyone a hug before she left for the airport.

This FM was successful. Japanese fans have granted us a lot of help.

Some of them made 3 trips to Hokkaido from Tokyo ( those from fans club ).

Fans flew in from different countries and cities, eg HK, Tokyo and Osaka, only on one common mission ... to see Dong Wook.

Dong Wook is really a nice guy. He cares and pampers his fans very much.

When he stares at you, his gazes are warm and comforting.

This is why many people are attracted to see him again and again. It is his charm.

-- The End --

thanks guys for this one...I'm waiting in vain already for the drama to start.. :wub:

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from MBC DC


웃는 얼굴을 보이는 이동욱=홋카이도 오타루시내에서 3월 2일, 주최자 제공

한국의 민방 MBC의 주말 드라마 「단 인생」의 촬영으로 홋카이도·오타루를 방문하고 있는 이·돈우크가 3월 2일, 공동 출연의 정·교운과 함께 팬 미팅에 참가했다.

이· 돈우크는 지난 달 13일에 오타루 방문.예년보다 매서운 추위폭설안, 연일 장시간에 걸치는 촬영을 실시하고 있다.전날의 1일에는 피로로 병원에 옮겨지는 등, 피로는 피크에 이르고 있을 것이지만, 2시간에 걸치는 팬 미팅에서는 건강한 모습을 보이고 팬을 기쁘게 했다.

드라마 「단 인생」으로 공동 출연하는 정·교운= 동

오 타루에서 촬영된 씬에는 일본어의 대사도 많았지만, 한글로 거절해 가명을 거절하고 소리로부터 기억했다고 한다.또, 옥외에서 키스 씬을 몇번이나 촬영했던 것에 대해 「남의 앞에서 키스 하다니 보통은 할 수 없지만, 연기이니까 뭐라고 생각하지 않는다.그것보다 춥기 때문에 빨리 끝나면 좋겠다고 하는 일만 생각하고 있었다」라고 유머 가득 이야기했다.아침 이르는 촬영이 많아, 좋아하는 술도 「얼굴이 붇기 때문에 마시지 않았다」라고 한다.

회장에는 약 360명이 방문했다.안에는 도쿄나 후쿠오카, 홍콩으로부터의 팬의 모습도.홋카이도내의 참가자의 상당수는 엑스트라로 드라마에도 참가하고 있어, 아는 사이가 된 여성의 컨디션을 이·돈우크가 염려하는 장면도 있었다.

추위안의 드라마 촬영

정·교운은 첫 일본 방문.「행복한 여자」나 「건빵 선생님과 이토우」등에서 주목받은 신진 배우이지만, 지금 드라마로 어떤 연기를 보여 줄까 기다려진다.

  동드라마는 한국에서 5월 스타트의 예정.정·교운 연기하는 친구가 죽어, 이동욱이 그 친구에게 대신한다.오타루는 초반의 몇차례 분의 무대가 되어, 이·돈우크와 히로인역의 오·욘스와의 만남이나 사랑이 싹트는 씬을 촬영하고 있다.

팬미팅이 300명까지 수용할수 있는 공간인데 450명이 왔다고 하드라구요..

수익금은 달콤한인생 촬영에 기증한다고 하던데...

달콤한 인생..기대하시는분 없삼~? ^^


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here I'm back with more pics from Japan...behind the scene filming and LDW's Fan Meeting last March 2, 2008

FM held in Hokkaido on 2nd March 2008.


Initially, I did not intend to post this but since there have been a lot of new Wookie fans joining recently, as a fan who stuck between new and old fans, i feel that i have the obligations to share what happened at the fans meeting held on 2nd of March 2008.

Hi koalabear - thanks for posting here the story of his fanmeeting. I enjoyed reading it. :)

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Guest incarnadine

What a beautiful fan account. So touching. After reading it, I was reminded of why I love and adore Lee Dong Wook. He's such a charming, warm and kindhearted gentleman. :wub:

I too can't wait for his drama to start.

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Lee Dong-wook Hankooki Interview March 19, 2008

'달콤한' 남자 이동욱의 '처절한' 변신



English Translation from Baidu on LDW's latest Interview

Translated by Mayb_juz_coz @ LDW's Baidu Bar


English version of interview conducted by hankooki:transformation of candy man Lee Dong Wook

Chinese version was translated by Ms ELLEN and posted by Ms 旭林冬青♀糖果

Please refer to http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=341632615

source from -


Transformation of a candy man - Lee Dong Wook


It has been 9 years since Lee Dong Wook joined the showbiz. The guy who used to be in the artiste training centre, dreaming to be a next rising star, has turned himself into a senior who can render advices to his juniors. He is the Lee Dong Wook who started off from tv drama series and now has become a lead actor.

He only made one movie last year and he will greet you with his tv drama this spring. Lee Dong Wook will appear in MBC's drama <bittersweet life > which will be aired this May, with a completely different image. He is going to prove his acting skills by portraying a man who falls in love with a married woman in the drama.

9 years have passed unknowingly ... he declares the fact that he has grown up through an unbelievable love story drama ...

Lee Dong Wook's role in < bittersweet life > named Jun Soo, who lives by financial support from his rich friend, who starts an indecent relationship with a married woman during his Japan tour.

Other than a brief touch on the role he plays, Lee Dong Wook explained that he actually does not know much about the storyline. Because of this, he has to put in extra efforts in order not to deviate too much from the clips.

Lee Dong Wook also mentioned that he was only given the descriptions of the role he plays and the relationship chart of each character. Sometimes he is quite bored too as the script writer does not want to disclose much.

Even though he has been in the showbiz for 9 years, Lee Dong Wook still finds this role poses challenges to him as most of the roles he played in the past were either as a model student or a rich man's son, whereas this round, he portrays an ambitious man. I could sense that he has immersed into his role as the glares from his eyes were very sharp.

* ▲ cannot forget the love granted by fans ... warmly welcome him like the ways heat packs did

Lee Dong Wook had stayed in Hokkaido for 3 weeks for the drama shooting. He was warmly welcome by his Japanese fans. The support was overwhelmed as it coincided with the airing of < My Girl > over there.

His fans visited him at his hotel everyday. They brought him heat packs as well as tidbits as gift. Sometimes they even acted as extras in the drama. About 400 of them hold a mini fans meeting on the day prior to his return to Korea.

Lee Dong Wook was saying that he received a lot of heat packs. The heat packs reminded him of his fans' faces every time when he was holding those heat packs in his hands. He consumed about 30 packs each day. At the end of the shooting sessions, there were about 100 + of heat packs left over. Can roughly guess how many heat packs he had received over there.

*▲ pertaining to the national service ... he has experienced the intensive training in Japan

During our interview with Lee Dong Wook. We brought up the topic which every South Korean man will not forget - joins the national service. Lee Dong Wook might have to join national service soon after his drama shooting. Even though he still does not know the exact timeframe at this point of time but it could likely be in the second half of this year or next year.

" I have undergone the kind of intensive training during our shooting in Japan. We filmed at a skiing resort which is located on a mountain with more than 4,000 feet in altitude. We did encounter some difficulties. Since I have overcome all these, I am quite calm when come to joining national service. "

Lee Dong Wook expressed that the idea of excuse himself from serving national service has never crossed his mind as it is the obligation of a South Korean man to serve his country.

- The End -

here are more BTS pics from Bittersweet Life




originally posted by veve111


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March 20 Sports Seoul Article


Lee Dong Wook: "I will show you my Inner Demons..."

Lee Dong Wook plays Jun Soo in the upcoming drama Bittersweet Life, partnering Oh Yeon Soo (37), who plays a married woman. They fall in love after a brief meeting in Hokkaido, Japan.

"A lot of ppl will think of our relationship as a very bizzarre older woman-younger guy relationship. However, the drama's not just about the peculiarity of the relationship..and goes way beyond that." LDW did not reveal that much about the storyline. He said, " I think I should just shut up and say no more, because I'm not even sure what I'm supposed or not supposed to say." He further revealed that the initial title of the drama was called "My Inner Demons".

Whilst filming his scenes in Japan, the director kept telling him to act out his inner demons and conflicts. LDW did not describe his character Jun Soo in detail, but revealed that his character's more contrived, and would sometimes appear with a bad side (WITH a reason of course). That's why LDW thinks Jun Soo's a challenging character.

LDW laughingly said, " It's easy to master loving and comedic roles in dramas, but this time it's different. The role's more complex and definitely requires more effort, which in turn motivates me to work harder to nail this role. Sometimes I feel tired and grossed out portraying the character whilst filming...but when I finish with the scenes, I feel as if my acting's progressed to another level.

With regards to partnering an older actress, Oh Yeon Soo, LDW said, "At first I felt awkward because I had to film a lot of romantic and lovey dovey scenes with Oh Yeon Soo nuna. Moreover, I'm more of a shy person to start with. However, the 22-day filming in Hokkaido help us a lot and it's difficult for us not to get close."

Any interesting BTS when filming the dramas?

"In the 22 days, it snowed practically everyday. Is that considered an interesting BTS/cut? Filming in the snow, was extremely difficult and tiring for us."

If you want to see a demon-ish LDW on screen, please tune into the Bittersweet Life!

credits: Ellen @ baidu and Jo (Ripgal) for posting the translations on Lee Dong-wook's thread

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