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[Drama 2008] East Of Eden 에덴의 동쪽

Guest kdramafanusa

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Guest hye091

@kdramafanusa, thx for posting so much news of this drama! i cant wait for this drama, it sounds so intresting!

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Source: http://krfilm.net/f/14455-1-1


Special project for the occasion of 47th anniversary of MBC’s founding, the drama “East of Eden” officially started on February 27. Besides actors, actresses and the filming crew, the mayor of Soon Cheon City and over 80 other people who will have a role in this drama also attended the opening ceremony.

Fifty-episode drama East of Eden, which has the invested expenditure of up to 25 billion wons and the participation of famous stars, such as: Song Seung Hun and Yoon Jung Hoon. This drama will be on aired in the evenings of Monday and Tuesday each week, beginning in June.

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I'm loving the casts of this drama so far. Great!

Can't wait to see YJH and SHH again after a few years. I admire both mens. Perhaps, one of the greatest news this year. Just Simply Great!!!

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Guest kdramafanusa

Kim Beom's Feelings on Playing Song Seung-heon's Childhood Role

(1) Kim Beom will appear as 15-year old Lee Dong-cheol. After witnessing his father's death when he was young, he's dreamed of seeking revenge but he was sent to juvenile home; there, he witnessed the darkness of society. He's scheduled to appear in episodes 2-4.

(2) He was cast after 3 auditions. He's grateful to the PD for believing in him (giving him the 3rd chance).

(3) He's very happy and honored to be able to play the young version of Song Seung-heon whom he saw via TV drama "Autumn in My Heart".

(4) Hoping to give audience a sincere smile, Kim Beom will meet viewers this June.


Photo Credit: Chosun

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Guest fttsluva

his so cute, a very good choice for the younger SSH, also i like the rest of the cast as well,

missed YJH after sad love story, his cute but SSH will always be my#1.

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Guest kdramafanusa

* Kim Beom *

DOB: July 7, 1989

TV: Unstoppable High Kick! (2006/2007, MBC), Rude Women (2006, MBC)

FILM: Hellcats (2007)




Kim Beom - Park Sin-hye, We're Classmates

Kim Beom (left) and Park Sin-hye, who both entered in the School of Drama and Film Studies, are talking at the 2008 Chung Ang University School of Media entrance ceremonies, which took place on the 29th. (English translation credit: Han Cinema)

Photo Credit: Yonhap News + Yahoo

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Guest el dia

wow.. casts are promising..

i was a silent reader of this thread and finally knew that YJH was another cast beside SSH and there are a lot of artists which i love..

There will be subtitle avaliable from WithS2 also..

I will look forward to this drama..

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Guest mandalaywith

Choi Jung Won has joined the cast of East of Eden as one of the female leads. She'll be playing the first love of Lee Dong Wook (Yun Jung Hoon) who abandons him to be with Shin Myung Hun (Park Hae Jin). Choi Jung Won will have great hotel management ability as well in this drama.


Choi Jung Won casting in one of female leads.ㅠㅠㅠ :sweatingbullets:

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Guest mandalaywith


one sad news. :tears:

‘에덴의 동쪽’ 측 “연정훈 캐스팅 결정된 것 없다”

East Of Eden Drama production Chorobaem Media"Yoon Jung Hoon cannot casting in this drama."


연정훈 출연, 결정된 것 없다."

오는 7월 첫 방송 예정인 MBC 블록버스터 드라마 '에덴의 동쪽'에 연정훈이 출연한다는 말이 심심찮게 나오고 있다. 하지만 그의 출연은 결정된 것이 없다는 것이 제작사 초록뱀미디어 측의 공식 입장이다.

초록뱀미디어의 고위 관계자는 4일 "연정훈의 출연을 검토한 바 있지만 결정된 것은 없다"고 밝혔다.

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Guest mandalaywith

East Of Eden Drama production Chorobaem Media talking about of Lee dongwook character casting star.

"Our drama in Lee dong wook character casting star is Now drama in Main actor play k Name star.

Now He is play in another drama.so Official cannot say to his name."

현재 연정훈이 맡을 것이라고 잘못 알려진 역할에는 현재 드라마에 주인공으로 출연해 주가를 높이고 있는 신세대 스타 K군을 섭외 중이다. 그는 현재 드라마에 출연 중이기 때문에 공식적인 발표를 미루고 있는 것으로 알려졌다.



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Guest mandalaywith

do you know what drama he will play? i'm so shocking to hear this news :unsure:

Donot say in news "Yoon Jung Hoon new project."longago i wait to his drama. :tears:

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Guest denzai

is he refuse it? or the role doesn't fit to him? because he almost the same age with ssh

thanks mandalay for your reply

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Guest kdramafanusa

* Choi Jeong-won *


DOB: April 30, 1981

HEIGHT: 167cm

TV: Seven Princesses (2006, KBS), Tropical Nights in December (2004, MBC), All In (2003, SBS)

FILM: Smile Babo (2008)

Official Site

Soompi thread


^ KBS Drama Awards 2006: "Excellence Award" (ie Oustanding Performance) & "Popularity Award" for "Seven Princesses"


Source: Arirang Showbiz - Star Focus

Choi Jung-Won, a Rising Star in Korean Cinema and Voted as One of 2008's "Actors with the Most Potential"


In one light, she can seem sweet, quiet, and innocent - in another, she's vivacious and perky! Like all great actors, actress Choi Jung-won is a woman with many faces. We'll show you exactly what we mean in an exclusive with the actress on STAR FOCUS.

The start of 2008 was looking like a good one for Choi Jung-won! We caught up with the star at the premiere for "Dae-han and Min-guk" and her FIRST silver screen role as a lead actress!


Actor Choi Sung-kook plays "Dae-han," a romantic who's a LITTLE lacking in the mental department; Gong Hyung-jin is his best friend, "Min-guk," who's ALSO not the brightest of the bunch. "Dae-han and Min-guk" is about this pair, their passions and ambitions. How does Choi Jung-won fit in? She's the out-going young lady who is loved by both!

Choi Jung-won was put on the radar after her seductive role as a dancer in the TV drama, "All In." Then she gained more ample attention in the drama, "Tropical December," as a haughty, smart curator. Meanwhile, Choi had been expanding her skills in cinema, as well.


Through various productions, Jung-won was able to show the public a wide spectrum of her ability. She gave an ESPECIALLY believable performance in the TV drama, "Famous Princesses," as "Mi-chil." She was so good and she won "Most Popular" and "Excellence in Acting" at an awards ceremony that year.


Besides movies and TV dramas, Choi Jung-won has been active in other genres of acting, too such as music videos!

She was asked to play characters who were innocent and ONLY knew how to love one person; then requested to portray roles that were more vividly passionate.

Since her debut, the actress has been praised to no end for her flawless, alabaster skin! As it does for any celebrity under BRIGHT lights, that "baby soft" complexion was a MAJOR plus for her!

Choi Jung-won's sophisticated, modern-woman look has quickly brought the actress a lot of the public's admiration. Her popularity and overall image was enough to bring cosmetics commercials to her doorstep - the most-coveted ads by female celebrities! Despite all the fame, the actress remains humble and true, true enough to admit what she REALLY wants!

Unlike many of her colleagues, Choi Jung-won SWORE to fine-tune her skills BEFORE stepping out onto the silver screen. She found the timing was right last year, and showed up as a supporting actress to Cha Seung-won and Yoo Hae-jin in "Small Town Rivals"!

In the movie, "Dae-han and Min-guk," the actress promises another character transformation worth watching. EVERYBODY believes that these two male friends are complete idiots, but Choi cares for them with all her heart and touches the hearts of audiences in the process.

A rising star in Korean cinema and voted as one of 2008's "actors with the most potential," Choi Jung-won! She knows how to manipulate her merits AND weaknesses into expressing her characters. That's a talent her colleagues could learn from.

[Photo Credit: Chosun, Starnews]

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