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[Drama 2008] East Of Eden 에덴의 동쪽

Guest kdramafanusa

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Guest kdramafanusa

...Shin Tae hwan (Yoo Dong Geun) did something bad to Lee Gi Chul (I think he killed LGC) during the dispute with the labor union and this incident was witnessed by the young Lee Dong Chul (Song Seung Hun), the elder son of Lee Gi Chul who vowed revenge....

Yes, Lee Dong Chul witnesses his father being killed.

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Song Seung Hun Returns With East Of Eden

"New TV series in 5 years, I feel so tense"

Korean Wave star Song Seung Hun will star in his first TV drama in five years.

Song Seung Hun will play Lee Dong Chul in big MBC drama <East Of Eden> (25 billion won) which will start airing at the end of June. This is his first TV drama since <Summer Scent> from five years ago.

In a telephone interview with reporter(s), he said: "Being in a TV drama in 5 years, I feel really tense/nervous. Hope to give/show everyone a more matured acting. Having to choose from many works, I felt distressed. I have never tried the role of this work before, therefore, I feel that it is quite attractive.

"East Of Eden" is a work that depicts the fate and revenge of 2 men who are born in the same hospital at the same time.

I'm soo glad to hear SSH will star this drama.

iv been waiting for a long time for his return in drama <333

east of eden.

Does anyone know if the drama is based on the book(american novel by john steinbeck)

i loved that book. and Song seung hun is hot. :D

oohhh really?? must look for this book!!!!~~~

thanks a lot for the info 'chiuuy' ^^

[i'm sleepy so this translation is kind of sloppy]

Song Seung Hun's manager suffers as a result of his return

News of Song Seung Hun accepting drama <East Of Eden> made million of his fans very happy, but his manager is "depressed".

Song Seung Hun's manager revealed: "Since Song Seung Hun's military discharge in November 2006, I've been tortured by fans (joking)!" He then said: During this time, fans protested and threatened via letters.

"When will Song Seung Hun make a comeback?"

"Other stars have new works not long after their military discharge, why is there still no news of Song Seung Hun?"

"Why don't you make arrangement for him?"

So on & so on...Overwhelmed by bombarded phone calls.

Now that his returning schedule is finally confirmed, fans who have been waiting anxiously for him are so excited that they cannot sleep. However, more phone calls and letters are received -- inquiring about the arrangement and shooting of idol's new work. Although his manager cannot smile, Song Seung Hun's high popularity is proven.

hahaha.. Mr. Superman, you shd be glad that SSH fans will never threaten you again :D

anyway, i'm looking forward for the update news of this drama

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Guest kdramafanusa

Jo Min-ki

DOB: November 05, 1966

HEIGHT: 5'10"

TV DRAMAS: Iljimae (2008), Love and Ambition (2006, SBS), The Immortal Lee Soon-shin (2004, KBS), Yellow Ribbon (2003, KBS1), Sweet Bear (2001, MBC), Angel's Kiss (1998/1999, KBS2), ...

MOVIES: The Cut (2007), ...



Below is Korea Herald's March 2007 interview with Jo Min-ki.

[HERALD INTERVIEW] Jo Min-ki back to stage with more color

Jo Min-ki, one of top-rated actors on Korean TV screens, returns to theater next week with a Korean adaptation of the Russian classic "The Seagull".

The drama, originally written by legendary Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, tells a story about unrequited love in which all the characters love someone who does not care for them. Jo plays young and successful author Trigorin, who is in a triangle relationship with famous actress Arkadina and a local girl, Nina.

Jo said it was his affection toward the work that brought him the chance to be 'Trigorin' again.

The 41-year-old actor challenged for the role like every other candidate and had to go through six auditions to finally win the role.

Versatile actor Jo Min-ki, who was quite soft and merry during an interview, concentrates on his role 'Trigorin' at the Korean adaptation of the Russian play, "The Seagull".

"I played Trigorin three years ago and you can think that there will be not so much difference as the same person is taking the role again. But I am sure Trigorin for the upcoming drama will be somewhat different as I have added my own interpretation and color after I studied the script with Kama Ginkas", said Jo in an interview with The Korea Herald. Ginkas, Russian theater director, is producing the Korean adaptation of "The Seagull". His adaptations of Chekhov's stories have been highly praised for their unique visual style and form. His works have earned him the highest honors in Russia and at festivals throughout the world.

"All of answers regarding the piece are in the script. Especially, Kama's lesson and his interpretation of Chekhov's work helped me understand the script and meaning of every scene. It was like clearing all of the questions I had with the piece", said Jo.

"Kama used to tell me that I should open more, fly more into passion. This gave me a lot of motivation".

Born in 1965, Jo made his debut as a stage actor at the age of 17. It took him almost 10 years to make appearance on TV and movies. Since then, he continued his acting career by taking numerous characters that he couldn't remember each role he had.

But it was his established image, "smart and faithful person" and also "No. 1 model for son-in-law", that appealed to the public mostly.

"There are some girls coming after me saying that their moms fancy me, not them. Maybe I have the look that most Korean mothers want to see in their son-in-law. But I'm not", laughed Jo.

"I'm quite a hedonist. I am a very pleasure-seeking person and make all kinds of jokes and let people laugh all the time".

British actor Jeremy Irons, Jo said, is one of the prominent figures who he wants to be.

"He looks so steady, but he turns out to be very (sexually) degenerated after untying his neck tie (on the screen)", said Jo showing his hand dragging the invisible necktie.

Jo must have been referring to the hit movie, "Damage", where Irons played a high government official who becomes sexually Addicted to his son's fiance.

"I would love to play character like that if I am given a chance".

It was the SBS drama "Love And Ambition" (2006) that reaffirmed his position as a top TV actor.

He played Park Tae-joon, an ambitious and charismatic character born to a poor family but who later becomes an important executive in the early 1980s. Park, the first son of a traditional Korean family, is a character who struggles between balancing his love and his ambition toward success.

"I played almost a whole life of a person called Park Tae-joon. I felt so attached to him as I came to understand this man suffering from keeping himself reserved whenever he tackles a number of hardships as jangnam (eldest son)".

"I rather wanted him to die during the drama, but the writer told me he has to be the one who stays with the woman he loves for his life", said Jo.

Jo is married to a makeup artist Kim Sun-jin and have two children - son and daughter, 13 and 12, respectively.

"I love to play with children. I try not to grow old (mentally), to keep my spirit and body young".

Jo didn't forget to mention that there's certain pleasure that he gets through his performance at the stage drama.

"I feel happy because I learn something when acting on stage. It is also more thrilling than filming because there's no second shot".

Asked on whether he wants to make a contribution to the local drama industry which is facing a major downturn, Jo said he hopes to see other actors coming back to stage.

"If actors who made success on TV and movie screen can return to drama stage, just like going back home (after a long absence), the theater will be filled with more audiences. I think it will make both theater and movie industry successful", said Jo.

By Jo Chung-un

Source: Korea Herald

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Guest kdramafanusa

Is Yoo Dong Geun out b/c of the recent 'incident' with "King & I" staffs?

[Talk of town]Real life punch-up upstages SBS drama

January 02, 2008


Yoo Dong-geun

Sometimes in life you just have to admit your wrong-doings ― even if you are a big star. Last Saturday, veteran actor Yoo Dong-geun, 51, publicly apologized for assaulting two members of staff on the SBS TV drama “The King and I,” a story about a loyal eunuch during the Joseon Dynasty. He said he was trying to support his wife, Jeon In-hwa, 42, who stars in the drama as King Seongjong’s mother.

Yoo was enraged because the scripts were turned in late, which exhausted Jeon. He visited the set and had a bust-up with two of the producers, Kim Yong-woo, who took four weeks to recover, and Lee Chang-woo, whose jaw was hurt.

Yoo went into hiding after the incident. Kim and Lee, supported by the SBS Producers’ Association and Producer Journal demanded that Yoo apologize and admit responsibility.

It took Yoo two weeks to apologize officially. He visited the set and offered a bow to Kim Young-seon, the vice chairman of a joint labor union for Korean stations. “Yoo said that he had been concerned about his wife but that he regrets his actions,” Kim said.

“All matters have been resolved, but the union wants to know the circumstances that led to the assault,” Kim added.

Jeon resumed acting last Friday after a short break following the incident.

By Lee Eun-joo

Source: JoongAng Daily

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Guest kdramafanusa

This article mentions Song Seung-hun, Yoo Dong-geun, and Jo Min-ki starring in "East Of Eden".

‘이산’ 연장안 합의도출 실패 오늘(19일)재논의

[2008-02-19 09:24:56]

[뉴스엔 조은별 기자]

MBC 월화드라마 ‘이산’(극본 김이영/연출 이병훈)의 연장과 관련, 18일 예정이었던 핵심관계자들의 논의가 취소됐다.

'이산'은 최근 30%대 중반 시청률을 기록하며 시청률 고공행진을 계속하고 있다. 특히 18일 44회 방송에서 영조(이순재 분)가 승하함에 따라 19일 45회 방송에서는 세손 이산이 조선조 22대 왕으로 등극, 정조 치하의 새로운 이야기가 펼쳐질 전망이다.

MBC 측은 45회 방송 후 정조대의 치세를 보다 밀도있게 보여주기 위해 10~16회 분량 연장을 제안했다. 그러나 연기자 측과는 아직까지 합의를 이루지못한 상황이다.

이와 관련, 18일 오후 3시 MBC 드라마국, ‘이산’ 제작사인 김종학 프로덕션, 연기자 대표격인 이서진 측 등 삼자가 대면해 ‘이산’의 연장 여부 및 연장 횟수 등에 관해 심도있는 논의를 할 예정이었으나 한 관계자가 불참해 합의 도출에 실패했다.

MBC 드라마국의 한 고위관계자는 18일 오후 뉴스엔과 통화에서 “18일 논의가 실패됨에 19일 재논의가 있을 예정이다. 그러나 합의 여부는 미지수다”고 밝혔다.

한편 ‘이산’ 후속작으로는 송승헌, 유동근, 조민기 주연 ‘에덴의 동쪽’ 방송이 확정됐다.

조은별 mulgae@newsen.com

기사제보 및 보도자료 newsen@newsen.com

손에 잡히는 뉴스, 눈에 보이는 뉴스(www.newsen.com)

copyrightⓒ 뉴스엔. 무단전재 & 재배포 금지


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wow, something to look forward SSH fans...big budgeted series!!

so excited to see SSH in another drama, 50 episodes at that hah..

so who is the lead actress?

thanks for the updates guys..will closely monitor this thread for updates! :)

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Guest kdramafanusa

so yun jung hoon still not confirm yet?

As of 2008-02-15 (date of this article), YJH is not confirmed yet. Unless there's been further announcement/development since....

기사 입력시간 : 2008-02-15 오전 10:17:55

한류스타 송승헌·연정훈, 얄궂은 운명?


한류스타 송승헌·연정훈, 얄궂은 운명?

송승헌(32)이 연정훈(30)과 얄궂은 인연을 이어가고 있다.

최근 MBC TV 새 월화극 '에덴의 동쪽'(극본 나연숙, 연출 김진만)을 군 제대후 드라마 컴백작으로 택한 송승헌에 이어 연정훈이 이 드라마에 남자주인공으로 캐스팅이 거론되고 있는 상황에서, 두 사람 사이의 캐스팅 곡절이 이번에도 재현되지 않을까 관심이 모아지고 있는 것이다.

송승헌과 연정훈의 인연은 2005년 방송된 MBC TV '슬픈연가' 때로 거슬러 올라간다. 송승헌은 당시 '슬픈연가'의 남자주인공으로 권상우와 함께 캐스팅됐으나, 군 문제로 드라마를 포기하고 입대했다. 이때 연정훈이 송승헌의 빈 자리를 꿰차면서 한류 스타 반열에 올라서게 됐다.

이후 송승헌에 이어 군입대한 연정훈은 최근 제대 후 복귀작으로 '에덴의 동쪽'을 검토하고 있었다. 그러나 두 형제의 이야기를 다룬 '에덴의 동쪽'의 형 역할에 송승헌이 최종 결정되면서 연정훈의 캐스팅 여부가 불투명해졌다.

극중 형제의 나이차가 5세 정도로 설정돼 있어 송승헌이 형 역에 결정이 되면, 연정훈이 동생 역할에 어울리지 않을 수 있다는 의견이 제기됐기 때문이다.

한 드라마 관계자는 "송승헌보다 먼저 연정훈이 동생 역으로 제의를 받아 긍정적으로 논의를 진행했다. 그러나 송승헌이 뒤늦게 형 역할로 결정이 났다. 동생 역할을 연정훈이 맡을지 여부는 아직 결정되지 않은 상태"라고 밝혔다.

'에덴의 동쪽'은 외주제작사 초록뱀미디어가 총제작비 250억원을 투입하는 대작 드라마다. 1960년대부터 2000년대에 이르는 시대극으로, 한 날 한 시에 같은 병원에서 태어난 두 남자의 엇갈린 운명과 복수에 관한 이야기를 다룰 예정이다.

이인경 기자 [best@joongang.co.kr]


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Thanks for the pics kdramafanusa, SSH looks so good in the pics :wub: .

Well, he is the main reason why I am here. Wonder who is the main leading lady? Can't wait for his come back :w00t:

yes! me too... he's the reason why am here too :rolleyes:

he looks more mature and a freaking HOT guy! :w00t:

cant wait to watch his drama activities's come back!

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Guest yeohweping


Yoo Dong Gun and Lee Mi Seok will be co-starring together again after eight years.

Lee Mi Seok will be playing "Yang Chun Hee", the mother of Dong Chul (Song Seung Hun) and Dong Wook. She is a strong woman who raises her sons alone after her husband was murdered.

Yoo Dong Gun plays the casino millionaire who is a genius with enterprising ability. He and Yang Chun Hee becomes connected through Dong Chul who is his right-hand man.


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Guest kdramafanusa

Yoo Dong Gun and Lee Mi Seok will be co-starring together again after eight years.

Lee Mi Seok will be playing "Yang Chun Hee", the mother of Dong Chul (Song Seung Hun) and Dong Wook. She is a strong woman who raises her sons alone after her husband was murdered.

Yeohweping, thanks for the update; you are soo fast. =) What a wonderful cast!

LMS is a great actress! Here are some of her works, I will update later tonight.

TV SERIES: Great Inheritance (2006, KBS), Solitude (2002, KBS), Springtime (1999, MBC), ...

MOVIES: Hellcats (2008), Untold Scandal (2003), An Affair (1998), ....

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^^ looks more interesting with the storyline although its a long eps and the casts that haven't been confirm yet ^^ hope it won't any changes anymore ^^

So, what about the cast for Lee Dong Wook part? is there any candidate yet? thanks to all for the updates ^^

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Guest kdramafanusa

Lee Mi-sook

DOB: April 02, 1960

Height: 160cm




Great Inheritance (2006, KBS)

Solitude (2002, KBS)

Springtime (1999, MBC)

How's Your Husband? (1993, SBS)



Hellcats (2008)

...ing (2003)

Untold Scandal (2003)

An Affair (1998)

Love Triangle (1987)

Enunuch (1986)

Winter Traveler (1986)

Mulberry / Pong (1986)

Winter Was Warm (1984)

Whale Hunter (1984)



23rd Critics Choice Awards: Best Actress (Untold Scandal)

1999 Chunsa Film Art Awards: Best Actress (An Affair)

1993 SBS Drama Award: Grand Prize (How's Your Husband?)

1987 Asia-Pacific Film Festival: Best Actress (Love Triangle)

1986 Asia-Pacific Film Festival: Best Actress (Mulberry)

1982 MBC Outstanding Achievement Award

1979 Grand Bell Film Festival: Best New Actress

...{a very long list}...

Lee Mi-sook (b. Apr. 2, 1960) first debuted in film at the age of twenty in Thoughtless Momo in 1979. By the mid-1980s she had became one of the best-known actresses of her era, together with Lee Bo-hee and Won Mi-kyung. Her most famous films from this era include Bae Chang-ho's Whale Hunting and That Winter Was Warm, Lee Doo-yong's Bbong and Eunuch, and Kwak Ji-kyun's Wanderer in Winter. Her early career lasted until the film Love Triangle in 1987, and then she retired from the cinema.

Over ten years later, however, Lee returned with a widely praised role in E J-yong's award-winning film An Affair, about a woman who falls in love with her sister's fiance. Using this film as a springboard, she re-launched her career.

In 2000 Lee was cast in the high profile project The Legend of Gingko, which was considered to be production company Kang Jegyu Film's followup to the successful Shiri (even though Kang himself was not directing). However the film proved to be a critial and commercial disappointment. Lee's next two films, Besame Mucho and Oh! Lala Sisters, were also more or less ignored by audiences. In contrast, her appearances in TV dramas such as Solitude (2002) were more successful.

However 2003 was one of Lee's best years, with her highly praised role in E J-yong's Untold Scandal, a retelling of the novel Dangerous Liasions, and her role as a single mother in Lee Eon-hee's well-received melodrama ...ing.


An Affair

This film, the debut feature by director Lee Jae-Yong, is a muted, introspective view of the feelings surrounding an affair. It features Lee Mi-Sook and Lee Jung-Jae as two people who find in each other's presence a sense of meaning and consolation. In early 1999, An Affair won an award for best Asian film at the Newport Beach International Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Seo-Hyun, who lives in Seoul with her husband and son, first meets her sister's fiancee in order to help the couple find a new apartment. Her sister is held up in America, and so the two new acquaintances start to arrange the details of the wedding together. As time passes they find themselves drawn to each other, and eventually start having an affair.

Lee Jae-Yong creates a rather distinctive mood in this film, through his use of plastered, gallery-like interiors and a careful selection of music. In addition, he draws forth a remarkable performance from lead actress Lee Mi-Sook, who expresses beautifully the complexities of her character.

For me the film captures most vividly the silent anguish of the wife before the affair. In witnessing the clumsy, unthinking attitude of her husband, and the extent to which her own feelings have become lost inside her, we realize that the affair is Seo-Hyun's only means of regaining her self. As we watch the relationship develop, we are struck more by the desperation with which the two are pulled together, rather than any feelings of intimacy they share.

Nonetheless, as the two lovers begin to find solace in each other, their old loneliness gradually transforms into feelings of desperation and guilt. The director skillfully augments the level of tension as the sister returns from America and both she and Seo-Hyun's husband begin to suspect that something is wrong.

Probably the darkest, loneliest feature of the year, An Affair draws us into the pain of another's life and challenges us to imagine ourselves in the same situation. (Darcy Paquet)

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