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Best Anime/Manga Ever in history

Guest ReNO

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slam dunk

full moon wo sagashite

gundam series

detective conan


ouke no monshou

hana yori dango

kanon by chiho saito


full moon wo sagashite (again. lol)

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Guest Sakura Li

X TV - X - X/1999

Absolutely amazing. Enough said.

Edit: I guess not many ppl have seen this anime... O___O; Missing out ppl... Also, Yakitate Japan is pretty awesome too. XD

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Guest AsOne

I think i responded to this but LOVE HINA !!!! Although I've watched it soo long ago when it first came out, I don't think any other anime can ever beat it. I remember i was sooo obsessed with it and noone could ever stop me re-watching it over and over and over again. Haha i was such a big fan back then sigh. Manga was awesome too.

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Guest .Cherry.

Best anime forever for me would be Cowboy Bebop, love that anime to death, lol.

As for manga, i can't choose so it's Paradise Kiss, NANA, CHOCOLAT, and Alice 19th.

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I love "Ouran High School Host Club (anime)". I didn't read a lot of mangas, but watched a lot of animes. Other animes that I like are "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", "Fruits Basket", and "Air"

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Guest jamieguo28

Anime - Cowboy Bebop has been mentioned before, I enjoyed Princess Tutu, I loved Trigun and I thought Full Metal Alchemist was excellent.

For Manga - I'll go with Mars as a great manga. I also love Chocolat, Goong, but those are manhwas.

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Guest Nightmare

Never really watched much anime as well as read much manga... That's sorta funny since I grew up with a few anime. I only watched and read a selected few which are more recent than old.

I don't remember clearly the older anime I've watched, but from what little anime I've seen, I think Mushi-shi is best anime/manga ever. I've watched the majority of the episodes, but never finished it since the fansub group stopped due to licensing. I fell completely in love with the anime. It's enchanting and phenomenal, and it's like no other anime/manga I usually see. The anime of Mushi-shi is done in a very Japanese style- calm and slowly but beautifully told. Each story is unique and open for interpretations. From what I've seen, the anime seem to closely follow the manga. I haven't got all the manga volume for the series, but I'm planning to. As well as I'm planning to purchase the anime when it finally releases.

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I havent read enough good mangas and none really left me

on the edge of my seat.

But for anime....it would definetly have to be Dragon Ball Z!

It is too good for words

Then Sailor Moon cuz it's one of the coolest chick animes out there.

Then Ronin Warriors, excellent, but undderated I loved it

so well done.

Then Gundam Wing in particular, I hated the other gundams

but this one was amazing.

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Guest Guu-Chan

Anime - NANA, Ouran High School Host Club, Honey and Clover (i don't watch much anime :()

Manga - NANA(the best manga i've read!), One Piece, and all the other manga created by Ai Yazawa

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Guest anyeong_aki

mine's kinda girly! my all time fave's gotta be Sailor Moon!! i was so nuts w/ this series way back in my elementary yrs..hehehe

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