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Best Anime/Manga Ever in history

Guest ReNO

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Guest MarshmallowChii

My favourite Manga is Shinshi Doumei Cross.

I love the Art from Arina-sensei. It's so beautiful.

Also I love the story <3

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Guest hunterheart

Favourite anime: witch hunter robin, hikaru no go, ano hana, kaichou maid sama

Favourite Manga: undecided... I love Hunter x Hunter <img src="http://cdn.vanillaforums.com/soompi.vanillaforums.com/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />

GTO is alright, not my type of manga/anime. But my bf likes it a lot.


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Guest dellcomputer

has anyone read Berserk? I don't seem to find any berserk thread here. Although the manga was very violent, with lot of adult themes, like, sex, rape, murder, betrayal, violent deaths, supernatural themes, hate and love. The storyline was indeed really good, I didn't think the anime did it justice. But the music was good. The manga is way too big (and still going on) to be put into a 25 episode anime....it should of been longer... The story is of course complicated, but the story is one best out there, definitely a in a class and a in a league of it's own.(if you like dark fantasies) I absolutely love the character development, as everyone had their rich character, which makes the story far more better. Berserk seems to really build on character development. I really feel for Gatts, as I have seen another character with a tragic life as his...I mean he has to be one of the most tragic character ever created in a manga series...lol....

And I really like his character as he begins to fall in love with Caska...their love is so tragic....oh why oh did her character become retarded.....there isn't alot of females in this series and they had kill her strong character and become a retard....why!!!....and why did Griffith had to become evil!!! or was he really like subconsiously.....?

I wonder will happen in the end? since it's still been published....

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Guest HeartOnHerSleeve

Death Note...I never get tired of it and IDK anyone who's watched or read it that didn't like it...

I also think Elfen Lied is very, very good. Not the anime, but the manga. 20% of it's really perverted and 80% is very, very, very disturbing but I really like it nonetheless.

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Guest am747

The best EVER IN HISTORY has definitely gotta be the classic Rurouni Kenshin series, barring the 3rd season of the anime, which was filler and somewhat mediocre.

Close contender is Full Metal Alchemist...though I haven't been watching the new series that came out this year.

Of more recent series though, DEATH NOTE definitely takes the cake. The whole plot is just downright incredible and brilliant. The first two live action movies are amazing as well.

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Manga - Death note and Claymore. No doubt about it.

Anime - Code Geass, and Im currently a fan of the series called "requiem for the phantom"

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Guest purin-chan

These are my faves till now:

Manga: Naruto, BeautyPop (not so sure anyone read this/know this but..) Meitantei Yumemizu Kiyoshirou Jiken Nooto

Anime: Pandora Hearts, Naruto Shippuuden, Shugo Chara, Keion and Meitantei Conan

:) Hehe.

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Guest Regina Rae

Hands down, To Heart.

I love it to death, (only the first season though) mostly because it's such a raw/simple Anime.

Not to mention that one of the characters (Shiho Nagaoka <3) is like me, in so many ways.

But yes. Everything about it is perfect.

The theme song, the plot, the visuals, the characters, ect.

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