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Best Anime/Manga Ever in history

Guest ReNO

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Anime: I only saw a few episodes of Escaflowne but it was.. AMAZING! I saw it back when it was on Fox channel, back waaaayyyy in when I was in 7th grade I believe.. or was it in 6th grade? That was like 5-6 years ago! :o

Escaflowne, then Gundam Wing. :D

Manga: It's so hard to choose! >_<" But if I were to choose, I'd probably go with Hana Kimi. I haven't finished it yet, but I'm in love with that manga. Then comes Ayashi no Ceres, then Wish (Clamp). Those are wonderful... *sigh* :D I wish that Wish would've continued.. It was so cute and so short! But the meaning of it was powerful... :] So romantic.. *melts*

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^ lolz ah yes...the sailormoon days...Darien was damn hot...

Then comes along Kyo from Fruits Basket, Sasuke from Naruto and Sousuke from FMA, Kikumaru from Prince of Tennis...

lolz it may seem out of topic...but those Animes that I mentioned up there are my fav's animes of all times...^__^

and manga? The only one i've read was Fruits Basket but the drawings are going downhill...so there's no manga that are really my fav's yet...

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Guest GO!zilla

all you guys are talking out of your asses.

wtf naruto? ichigo 100%?

aahahahhaha naruto... becoming more and more like dbz / pokemon... ichigo was too short.. but manga was good...

i would have to say

kimi ga nozomu eien and beck... for drama

and i guess gto for comedy.

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