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Ferrero Rocher Vs Lindor?

Guest leongfun

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Guest leongfun

Ferrero Rocher VS Lindor?


which one do you guys prefer? no avoiding the question, like "depends, there are many type of lindor flavors..."

but yea, if you had to choose between these two chocolate to eat for the rest of your lives! (ok not really lol) which would you choose?

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Guest x.yoru

I love both.

But if I had to choose.


LINDOORR. XDD I love Ferrero Rocher, but Lindor is so... smooth and stuff~ XD

And the nuts in Ferrero Rocher get stuck in my braces, which makes me angry because I KNOW there's a peanut stuck there but I can't get it out... LOL.

So Lindor. :] I want some now <3

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Guest bigfatPANDA

I love both!

but if i had to choose..

i like ferrero rocher better~~

b/c there is like.. variety XD

chocolates.. AND NUTS!

where as lindor is only chocolate, i couldn't survive. >W<;

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I just so happen to have several packages of both right now.

Lindor all the way though, I like me some smooth chocolate. :D

almost midnight..oh..the temptations

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Guest plumerias

Ferrero rocher! I ADORE hazelnuts..

But I hate how they both use vanillin. >__> Can't they use friggin real vanilla?

Does chocolate really need vegetable oil, lindt? :x badbad..

(sorry, I get mad over these things. ._.)

plus lindt is a bit too sweet for my taste. ^^

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