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Kyos endorsements are flying off the shelves. First the Sulwhasoo awards and then Suecomma. Wow :love: DAEBAK! I cant help but be so happy for her. I bet if Chaumet wasnt too expensive people will buy those too.. i wont be surprised if there are rip offs already. So damn happy for her! :wub:

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On 8/30/2019 at 8:32 AM, dukesa1122 said:

.. so true... everything she does turns into news :sweatingbullets:


Yes chingu ^_^







GIFs: heartou

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An Admirable Woman......                                             There is a woman who always keeps her head up high.
Her eyes sparkle like a bright star in the sky.
She has the stamina, beauty, and courage that one would admire,
Even the love and happiness one inspires.
She is a women that one can always count on,
And a woman that sees no wrong.
Her beauty shines from the inside out,
It flows like a journey down a long route.
Her smile shines beautifully like the sun rising over the horizon,
And her intelligence, wisdom, and hard work are not surprising.
She is a genuinely caring women 
Who goes the extra mile to help one in need or broken hearted,
And throughout all of her hard work, 
No one ever sees her fall apart.

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Top 10 Korean beauties 2019 

Here is a list of top 10 Korean beauties who are actresses, models, singers and so on. 

The South Korean entertainment industry is a lucrative one thanks to its talented and good-looking celebrities who are also good at acting, singing and modelling.

Although Korea is famous for plastic surgery and rumours whether a celebrity has gone under the knife or not, a lot of celebrities are natural beauties.

Here is a list of top 10 Korean beauties who are actresses, models, singers and so on.

10. Gong Hyo-jin  


This 39-year-old actress is known for her lead role in the film Crush and Blush. She also starred in television series Sang-doo! Let’s Go to School, Thank You, Pasta, The Greatest Love, Master’s Sun, and It’s Okay, That’s Love.  

9. Yoon Eun-hye


She is an actress, director, singer, entertainer and model. Eun-hye was part of girl group Baby V.O.X. from 1999 to 2005. Television dramas she starred in are Princess Hours, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, Missing You, and Marry Him If You Dare.

8. Ha Ji Won


Ha Ji-won is an actress known for historical dramas Damo (2003), Hwang Jini (2006), Empress Ki (2013) as well as melodrama Something Happened in Bali (2004). She also starred in romantic comedy series Secret Garden (2010), The King 2 Hearts (2012) and medical drama Hospital Ship (2017).

7. Moon Geun-young


This actress is affectionally known as “the nation’s little sister”. Moon started modelling at the age of 10 and then she made her acting debut in 1999 as a child actress. She first rose to stardom through her role as the young Eun-suh in the hugely popular television drama series Autumn in My Heart, followed by a well-received turn in Kim Ji-woon’s critically acclaimed horror film A Tale of Two Sisters.

6. Choi Ji Woo 


This 44-year-old actress is a veteran in the South Korean entertainment industry and is famous for her roles in Winter Sonata, Beautiful Days and Stairway to Heaven among others.

5. Park Shin Hye


South Korean actress, singer, model and dancer Park Shin Hye has done many successful dramas including You’re Beautiful, Heartstrings, Flower Boys Next Door and The Heirs. She also played a role in Japanese series Tree of Heaven. Park Shin debuted her career from silver screen at the age of 13.

4. Yoona


Yoona debuted as a member of girl group Girls’ Generation in 2007 who went on to become one of the best-selling artists in South Korea and one of South Korea’s most popular girl groups worldwide. She also starred in various television dramas.

3. Ku Hye Sun 


Ku Hye sun is a South Korean actress, singer/songwriter and director. She is best known for her roles in the television dramas Pure in Heart, Boys Over Flowers and Angel Eyes. 

2. Jun Ji-hyun


Jun Ji-hyun is also known as Gianna Jun, a South Korean actress. She acted in My Sassy Girl (2001), Il Mare (2000), Windstruck (2004), The Thieves (2012), The Berlin File (2013) and Assassination (2015).

Jun has also starred in television series My Love from the Star (2013-2014) and Legend of the Blue Sea (2016-2017). The success of her films and television dramas internationally established her as a top Hallyu star.

  1. Song Hye-kyo

Song Hye-kyo starred in Full House and Descendants of the Sun as well as other TV dramas and films since 1996. She debuted her career at the age of 16. She is also a model besides being in the acting industry. .source credit @http://theindependent.sg/top-10-korean-beauties-2019/

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Another of my dream duo in my bucket list, SHK-GY. 

Gong Yoo is such a fine actor.

Who knows, one of these days, this dream of mine will come to fruition!:mrgreen:


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Fans voice worry over Korean actress Song Hye-kyo's weight loss in recent ad

Published 6 hours ago on 03 September 2019


Song Hye-Kyo appeared in a latest advertisement in light make up but fans are concerned she may be losing too much weight. — Picture by Picture via Instagram

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 3 — Korean screen darling Song Hye-Kyo is on a roll despite her recent divorce from actor Song Joong-ki. 

After appearing in gothic make-up during an earlier campaign, this time she appeared sporting lighter make-up for an advertisement shoot.

It didn't, however, stop fans from speculating about her well-being as she seems to have lost weight.

China Press reported that the former Mrs Song Joong-ki appeared her sweet looking self and at the same time, showed off her smooth skin. 

The daily reported that fans observed that Hye-kyo used to be on the "voluptuous side" but for her latest advertisement, her breasts looked to have dropped a size.

It was previously reported that the divorce from Joong-ki has not affected Hye-kyo’s reputation with many companies getting in line to sign her up to promote their products as a show of support...source credit @https://www.malaymail.com/news/showbiz/2019/09/03/fans-voice-worry-over-korean-actress-song-hye-kyos-weight-loss-in-recent-ad/1786757

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Song Hye Kyo topped the list of the 10 most beautiful beauties in Korea. September 3, 2019 

Recently,  The Independent has voted the 10 most beautiful beauties in Korean entertainment industry. Overcoming many bright faces, actress Song Hye Kyo became the female star leading the said chart.
After the divorce, Song Hye Kyo's beauty became more and more beautiful, radiant /// PHOTO: CUTTING FROM VIDEO
After the divorce, the beauty of Song Hye Kyo became more and more beautiful and radiant

The Independent 's rankings focus on honoring Korean beauties who possess pure and natural beauty instead of relying on cutlery to get the perfect appearance as the general trend of the Korean ginseng entertainment industry. Most of the beauties named in the list are names close to Korean and Asian audiences: Jun Ji Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Yoon Eun Hye, Choi Ji Woo, Ha Ji Won, Yoona ... In Song Hye Kyo is highly appreciated for her flawless white skin, radiant smile, full of vitality and fresh, pristine beauty even after turning 38.

Song Hye Kyo topped the list of 10 most beautiful beauties of Korea - photo 1

The beauty of Song Hye Kyo has been verified during the long artistic period of the beauty born in 1981 with famous films such as Autumn Heart, Happy House, Winter Breeze. There, Descendant of the Sun ...


Song Hye Kyo topped the list of 10 most beautiful beauties of Korea - photo 2

From a 16-year-old girl possessing a pure, pristine face with attractive eyes and plump lips like a newborn to the beautiful, seductive and thorny, cold-looking woman through the marriage breakup at the age of 40, at any stage, the beauty of Song Hye Kyo also makes others admire and desire. Throughout the years, rare Korean beauty rankings have been absent from this famous star


Song Hye Kyo topped the list of 10 most beautiful beauties of Korea - photo 3

Most recently, the 38-year-old star has made fans sobbing when appearing in an advertisement for a skin care brand. Song Joong Ki's ex-wife attracted viewers with transparent, fresh skin and radiant, natural face. The latest re-act of the actress N happy house has received many positive feedback from the public. Many viewers commented that after the marriage breakup, Song Hye Kyo became more attractive, beautiful and more youthful. Currently the actress is temporarily shelving art projects and is only involved in advertising contracts, magazine photography

PHOTO: CUT FROM VIDEO.                              2.Jun Ji Hyun, 3. Goo Hye Sun4. Yoona, 5. Park Shin Hye, 6. Choi Ji Woo, 8. Ha Ji Won, 

9. Yoon Eun Hye, 10. Gong Hyo Jin.....source credit @https://m.thanhnien.vn/van-hoa/song-hye-kyo-dung-dau-danh-sach-10-my-nhan-dep-nhat-xu-han-1121567.html

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R.I.P PETER LINDBERGH, Song Hye Kyo and Peter Lindbergh Reunion, Powerful Goddess Beauty “Dazzling” Actress Song Hye-kyo poses at a photo exhibition by Peter Lindberg in Seoul March 26, 2013. Song Hye Kyo and Peter Lindbergh were reunited after 7 years. On March 21st, Song Hye Kyo attended the opening ceremony for Peter Lindbergh’s ongoing exhibition at 10 CORSO COMO Seoul 3rd floor exhibition space. What makes this day even more eye catching is the fact that Song Hye Kyo met with one or the world’s top photographers, Peter Lindbergh. This exhibition by Peter Lindbergh featured photos of Madonna, Sharon Stone, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and 2 pieces from 2006 of Song Hye Kyo. On this day, Song Hye Kyo had her long wavy hair hanging loose and wore a leopard patterned dress, while showing a innocent yet sexy charm. In particular, as we look at the photos, when she smiles, it revealed a goddess of beauty. Netizens reacted by making a variety of comments such as, “As expected, Song Hye Kyo is a goddess,” “No matter what Song Hye Kyo wears or whatever pose she shows us, she is beautiful,” “Song Hye Kyo and Peter Lindbergh meet after 7 years! A wonderful connection,”

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