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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 ~Hyebaragi~ Upcoming Dramas 2021 and 2022~ 1. Now, We're Breaking Up 2. The Glory 3. Mystery Thriller Untitled (TBA)


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@daisyflowersI see.  I was wondering because she is someone so quiet, secret etc, bit she trade more than lot pf pther actress. I saw actors who really fangirl her. I do not follow a lot, but I did not get the impression of other actress who has actor /actress who wants to work with.


@obbor4 well beauty it is not always a win if your personality is bad. I asked because I thought they were others reason for ppl to like her, like her personality ect...

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ten asia

Song Hye-kyo, Love Stargram? [TEN★]

Enter 2021.07.28. 9:56 pm
I'm surprised like Li0000492004_001_20210728215610471.jpg?type=w430view original
Actress Song Hye-kyo shared a pretty sky background similar to herself. 
On the 27th, Song Hye-kyo shared a picture of the sky like cotton candy on her Instagram. 
There are no comments on the plain sky photo, but this article itself is like a 'Love Stargram' and attracts attention. Usually, 'Love Stargram' takes pictures in the same place or sends a subtle 'signal' with similar scenery. 
Song Hye-kyo's photo is meaningless, but it stimulates curiosity more because it is Song Hye-kyo. 
Song Hye-kyo is currently filming a new drama 'Now Breaking Up' with Jang Ki-yong. 
Reporter Woobin Tenasia bin0604@tenasia.co.kr.                                  Source Credit @https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/312/0000492004
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@Pitchoum for me the first time I like her becz of her works in dramas n movies alike;autumn in my heart,sunlight pours down,full house, dots,all in,the crossing, brilliant life etc most of her works I already watched,so u can say I like her in quite long time..n her good attitude towards people that works with her n every work that was given to her,she can deliver it very well (its been said many times with all of them that already works with her..go check many interviews way back,there is so many n that can be seen with her friends n colleagues that give her support upfront or silently) n that leads me want to know about her closely,but I know as a fans we have borderlines..so I just fix myself with her works only n don't wanna know about her privacy to much (I learn my lesson)


But in this ent industry there is no rainbow all the time,u will face hate comments everyday n u don't know what privacy is, there will always those people that prey upon others business n those that make hoax stories to destroy their careers..n when that come to SHK she's dealing all of that with elegance n bravery,n thats what make her so glorious until this day..n I never she her back down when it comes to hoax stories that defame her name,she punish them all well :coolshades: n for petty hate comments, she just ignore it cz she knows her value n not worth her time at all..



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5 minutes ago, daisyflowers said:

Very interested to see who is cast in The Glory. 

Me too, because they are going to begin to film soon, and outside of Song Hye Kyo they anounced anyone.

But I know The remake of Jane The Virgin will start in September and they only announced who they propose the lead for. They did not even confirmed the main cast yet.

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What's the meaning of production contract n the number of production? really don't have any idea about production of drama or movie..


I think the glory will have to wait until the PD finish filming other drama as well..if I'm not wrong,right now the PD nim is in charge of Happiness drama,Park Hyung Sik (SHK dongsaeng) drama..so I think we have to wait until then,maybe..

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