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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 ~Hyebaragi~ Upcoming Dramas 2021 and 2022~ 1. Now, We're Breaking Up 2. The Glory 3. Mystery Thriller Untitled (TBA)


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Hello everyone! Can I ask what happened to her other drama Glory? I thought she was confirmed for that drama? Is unnie going to do both dramas in one year?  :astonished:

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I think for the meantime writer KES n PD Ahn Gil Ho will busy with other project..I heard writer KES will be in drama 'write your destiny'..so maybe the glory will be in production later this year..so much news about her this month n I hope we will see script reading session for Now we are breaking up.. actually I never thought that JKY will accept this drama cz he still busy with his newest drama with Hyeri n I heard that he will in military service soon..


Ok,let see this,SHK news/ project in 2021:


W cover Jan 2021 : done

Harpers Bazaar cover March 2021: done

Sulwhasoo ad : done

Fendi ambassador : done

Vital beauty ambassador : soon

'The Glory' drama : soon

'Now we are breaking up' drama: soon


Anything that I miss?



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Nice to see long time fans of SHK dropping by this thread ! Guys its really a busy year for SHK , the 1st half of this year were mostly for her endorsements and cover photos for top fashion magazines and now she is getting ready for next month's filming of "Now we're Breaking Up" and after wrapping up this drama she will be busy again for "The Glory", yes its gonna be a year long treat for her fans !

Song Hye-kyo meets the artist of'Misty' → Kim Eun-suk's new work dealing with'Hakka'... Nice '10 days' [Oh! Strong focus]

OSEN original article transmission 2021-03-12 17:03

Knight image

[OSEN=Reporter Choi Na-young] Actor Song Hye-kyo shows a welcome '10 days' move.


Song Hye-kyo, who has both a star and acting ability that attracts a lot of attention just by appearing, announced the news of the decision to cast in two dramas recently.


Song Hye-kyo began filming for the first time in April and appeared in'Now, We Are Breaking Up' (played by Jane/Director Gilbok Lee/Creator Writing Line & Eunkyung Kang/Production Samwha Networks, UAA/hereinafter'Now, Hee') Scheduled to.


It raises curiosity because it is the work of Jane, who was recognized for her writing skills as her debut drama'Misty' in 2018. In addition, director Gil-bok Lee, who has been working as the best cinematographer for more than 20 years, such as'Giant','My Love from the Star', and'Vagabond', and co-director of'Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu 2', will take the megaphone. In addition, Line & Kang Eun-kyung, creators of'Misty' and'Couple's World' participated.


Song Hye-kyo plays the protagonist Ha Young-eun in this work that draws an unusual'farewell actuality', which is written as'break up' and reads'love'. Ha Young-eun, the head of the fashion company's design team, is a cold realist and a clever stability-first. She explains that she is a thorough self-management, sensitive to trends, and a beautiful and sensual woman.


Actor Jang Ki-yong, who has confirmed the role of Yoon Jae-guk, a hot freelance fashion photographer who is a male protagonist early on, is planning to share with Song Hye-kyo.


Song Hye-kyo will start working on the new work'The Glory' project by Eun-sook Kim immediately after completing the'I'm breaking up' like this.


Kim Eun-sook's new work'The Glory' is an eight-part season, and he dreamed of becoming an architect, but the protagonist, who dropped out of school due to brutal school violence in high school, was inflicted by the protagonist. It is an evil and sad story in which, after being appointed as the child's homeroom teacher, he begins a thorough or desperate revenge against the perpetrators and bystanders.

Filming will begin in the second half of this year, and 100% pre-production will be produced for the completeness of the drama. The broadcaster and the specific timing of the program are not yet known. From the meeting itself between Kim Eun-sook, a story teller of the famous Korean Wave, and Song Hye-kyo, a top star who leads the Korean Wave, it is gaining global interest.


Song Hye-kyo's acting was even more pronounced as she built a number of filmography and dramas such as'All In','Full House','The World They Live in','The Winter, The Wind Blows','Descendants of the Sun', and'Boyfriend'. Widened and deepened. Song Hye-kyo's remarkable transformation, who announces the news of the decision to cast in the two films and prepares to meet the public, is noteworthy.


[Photo] OSEN DB, Song Hye-kyo SNShttps://news.nate.com/view/20210312n36226


Luxurious watch for  "Queen's Beauty" 

Song Hye-kyo wears a 30 million won watch and'Queen's beauty'

My Daily Article Delivery 2021-03-12 11:55

Knight image

My Daily = Reporter Kwak Myeong-dong] The new Josephine collection launched by CHAUMET, a French Parisian high jewelry brand with a history of 240 years, and a campaign with Song Hye-kyo have been unveiled.


The jewelry of the new Josephine collection was inspired by the colorful aspects of Empress Josephine, the Maison's first customer, and the contemporary femininity she showed.Chaumet's APAC ambassador actor Song Hye-kyo boldly expressed her femininity and the unrivaled style and elegance of Empress Josephine.


Song Hye-kyo projected the Josephine collection onto his passionate lifestyle and introduced, "When you are comfortable or in perfect style like a queen, you arealways true to yourself and let your true self shine."Song Hye-kyo created a simple and sophisticated style even in a busy day through the Josephine Agret Watch.Paired with ivory-colored dresses and jackets, the watch with a pear shape design completes a sophisticated and luxurious style, showing a unique way to wear every day.


On the other hand, in the day after the meeting continued, she showed natural beauty with the Josephine Longe Dagret collection.

The asymmetrical composition of earrings, bracelets and rings composed of eye-catching colors and graphic design pendants, rings, and earrings were matched in a variety of ways to make it stand out even more.


The Josephine Longe Dagrete ring is known to be around 6 million won, the Josephine Longe Dagrete necklace is also known to be around 6 million won, and the Josephine Agret watch at 30 million won.


Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo appears in ``Now, I'm Breaking Up.'' He plays the female protagonist Ha Young-eun in the play. Ha Young-eun, the head of the fashion company's design team, is a cold realist and a clever stability-first. She is a thorough self-management, trend-sensitive, beautiful and sensuous woman.


The most talked-about film'Now, We're Breaking Up' that will capture viewers in the second half of 2021 will start shooting for the first time in April and is scheduled to be organized in the second half of SBS.

[Photo = Chaumet]

(Reporter Kwak Myeong-dong entheos@mydaily.co.kr)https://news.nate.com/view/20210312n20899







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Hi Everybody.  I've not been here for some time.  


Very excited to hear these Wonderful News.  Two upcoming dramas from Hye Kyo.   I can only pray that both will be Successful.


It is right for her to wait till things have quieten down before taking on these projects. 

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Are there any rumours who could be her second leading man this year in Glory? She’s done melo before so I’m really looking forward to see her in a revenge drama more. She’s going to be so savage I know it.

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Hello Everyone , Its nice to see some SHK fans dropping by !  Wow its another endorsement update of SHK , this time for Amore Pacific "VitalBeautie"



credit: SHK weibo/VitalBeautie


credit:SHK DC/VitalBeautie


Flowers for the muse !


credit:SHK IGS /SHK weibo

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Yeyyyy!!!! At last Vitalbeautie ad!!!

Hopefully in this month we will see sneak peak from the script reading process :sparklyeyes:


N hopefully we will have another cover magazine for April edition?maybe with JKY,hehehe..she already in vogue hongkong,w korea,harper bazaar korea..so maybe for Elle?haha,my wishful thought..

don't know why I always think that she always appear in this top 4 magazine,its like she always be reserve for it, not I'm complaint though, not many artist can be the cover of this magazine,many can be featured in it, but to be cover magazine I think its a big deal, especially for Vogue..SHK is the most cover model for vogue than any korean celebrities that I've known whether for korea or other countries (correct me if I'm wrong)

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2 hours ago, redbeanbuns said:

SHK is the most cover model for vogue than any korean celebrities that I've known whether for korea or other countries

Hi! Yes i think she is , As for Vogue Korea she is the very first korean actress to grace Vogue Korea way back 2007 (btw the first korean covergirl is a model)  and so far she had 4 for the record, June 2007/ Dec 2011/ Sept 2014 and last on  Nov 2017. She also grace the cover of Vogue China  and HongKong .   Hopefully , SHK will be the covergirl again of Elle or Vogue Korea.  


SHK was able to update her IG with Chaumet ad B -cut photos and still her goddess like beauty shines !



credit:SHK IG/SHK weibo


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Trending News article on SHKs latest IGS B-Day greeting to her model friend!

Song Hye-kyo, 15-year-old Shin Hyeon-ji full of affection... Friendship that took photos to the summit of Hallasan Mountain

Original article sent to Spotavi News 2021-03-15 19:11

Knight image


Sport TV News = Reporter Choi Young-sun] Actor Song Hye-kyo boasted of a strong friendship with model Shin Hyeon-ji.

Song Hye-kyo posted a photo on his SNS on the 15th, saying, "Thank you Shin Hyun-ji for praying at the summit of Hallasan Mountain. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU".


In the published photos, Shin Hyeon-ji, who climbed the summit of Hallasan Mountain, left a picture of Song Hye-kyo and a'certification shot', and Shin Hyeon-ji's warm heart taking photos while climbing amazed everyone.

In particular, Song Hye-kyo, born in 1981 and Shin Hyeon-ji, born in 1996, have attracted attention for their friendship beyond the age of 15. Despite the age difference beyond the age of the same age, the close friendships like sisters still make viewers smile.


Song Hye-kyo confirmed to appear in SBS's new drama'Now, We Are Breaking Up' (screenplay Jane, director Lee Gil-bok), which will be aired in the second half of the year. 'Now, I'm Breaking Up' is a sweet, salty, spicy, sour and bitter farewell drama that reads farewell and reads as love.

Sports News = Choi, Young - Sun TV reporter young77@spotvnews.co.kr



Another news article for Amore Pacific  Vital Beauty


Amorepacific Vital Beauty, Actor Song Hye-kyo selected as brand model

Daily original article transmission 2021-03-15 14:52

Knight image


Actress Song Hye-kyo as a vital beauty model. ⓒ Vital Beauty


AMOREPACIFIC's representative inner beauty solution brand, Vital Beauty, announced on the 15th that it has selected actor Song Hye-kyo as the exclusive model for the brand.


Starting next month, we plan to meet consumers through various marketing activities, starting with the advertisement of the new vital beauty product'Super Collagen Essence'.


Super Collagen Essence is a product that will represent the Super Collagen line, which Amorepacific received for the first time in Korea for skin improvement functionality in 2010. It is a premium collagen in the form of an ampoule to drink. The company explained that it provides a moisturizing feeling that rises from the start.

An official from Vital Beauty said, "As a model that conforms to Vital Beauty's brand philosophy that beauty begins with health and health completes with beauty, we decided that Song Hye-kyo, an icon of unchanging beauty, is the right choice. We expect to be able to capture even the hearts of global customers who are interested in the company.”

Daily Reporter Lee Na-young https://news.nate.com/view/20210315n24772




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The power of SHK in China

Song Hye-kyo, the most popular romance drama for Jang Ki-yong of the same age

Asia Today original article transmission 2021-03-16 23:41


Hong Soon-do, Beijing Correspondent for Asia Today, as if appearing as two lovers in'Now , Breaking Up' = Before Song Hye-kyo's new drama'Now, Breaking Up' was broadcast It has already been hot topic in China. Also, the fact that the opposite role is 11-year-old or young Song Ki-yong seems to be a subject of great interest.

Article related photos

Song Hye-kyo and Jung Ki-yong. It is scheduled to perform in a drama titled'We're breaking up'. / Provided by = Tong Xun.


According to a report on the 15th of Teng Xun, China's leading internet portal site, the drama is expected to air in the second half of this year. Nevertheless, it seems that her popularity in China is not irrelevant to what has already been called the topic. In response, Mr. In Jingmei, an entertainment business in Beijing, said, “The drama featuring Song Hye-kyo is guaranteed to be a box office in China as well. There are very few Chinese people who do not know her, who appeared in major Hong Kong movies,” he said. “There is nothing strange about the report of Teng Xun.


The exact contents of'Now, we are breaking up' are not yet known. However, considering that the age difference between the two male and female protagonists is 11 years old, there seems to be a high possibility that it will be a romance drama about Jedi Lian (the love of an older woman and a younger man). It seems that this is why Tong Xun called Song Gi-Yong as'Sister Killer' in this article.


This drama can be watched all over China in real time through satellite broadcasting when it starts broadcasting. In addition, it seems that there will be no big problem to watch Korean dramas with a difference of about a day at 'Boroboromi.com', which provides illegal services. Anyway, Song Hye-gyo is likely to bring about a gust of sensation as she announces her existence in China once again through this drama.



Another news article as muse for Amore Pacific "Vital Beautie"

AMOREPACIFIC Vital Beauty, Song Hye-kyo selected as a brand model

Yitudeyi original article forwarding 2021-03-15 09:29



Amorepacific's representative inner beauty solution brand Vital Beauty announced on the 15th that it has chosen actor Song Hye-kyo as the exclusive model for the brand.


Song Hye-kyo will meet consumers through various marketing activities starting next month, starting with the advertisement for the new vital beauty product'Super Collagen Essence'. Song Hye-kyo will reveal her own skin care routine and know-how as the secret to healthy and beautiful skin.


The new product'Super Collagen Essence' is the representative product of the Super Collagen line, which has been recognized by the Korea Food and Drug Administration for the first time in 2010 for its skin-improving functionality. With premium collagen in the form of an ampoule to drink, just drinking one ampoule at the last stage of skin care provides a feeling of moisture that fills up from the inside.


An official at Vital Beauty said, “As a model conforming to Vital Beauty's brand philosophy that beauty begins with health and health completes with beauty, we decided that Song Hye-kyo, an icon of unchanging beauty, is the right choice.” We expect to be able to capture the hearts of global customers who are interested in well-being.”


Meanwhile, Vital Beauty's'Super Collagen Essence' will be launched on the 22nd at Vital Beauty's official Naver Store and Amorepacific Mall, and will be sold in open markets, general malls, Olive Young, and Aritaum stores from next month.



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It's nice that SHK updates her IG/IGS again! This time for Vital Beautie and her IGS for her model friend B-day!


May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'kyo1122 其他31,472位用户赞了 kyo1122 @vitalbeautie_official @ahnjooyoung_ @with.hyunkyoung @iljung_lee @ansunghee7 @zzung. _zzang'


May be an image of 1 person, cake and text that says 'kyo1122 kyo11221分钟 1分钟 AMHYU JISHIN ITDY DY'

credit:SHK IG/IGS /SHK Weibo


News article for SHKs Vital Beautie ad campaign 

Song Hye-kyo, perfect beauty with only admiration... Yoona Song is also a passionate fan, "The End of Beauty"

OSEN original article transmission 2021-03-17 13:54


Knight image

OSEN=Reporter Sun Mi-kyung] Actor Song Hye-kyo exclaimed with her perfect beauty.


Song Hye-kyo posted two photos on his SNS on the afternoon of the 17th.


The released photo shows Song Hye-kyo, who took an advertisement for a beauty brand. Song Hye-kyo is showing off her perfect beauty with a neat atmosphere wearing a white dress. Song Hye-kyo, boasting moist and glowing skin, is captivating with her innocent beauty. The perfect beauty that remains unchanged over the years is only admiration.

As a result, actor Song Yoon-ah also admired Song Hye-kyo's beauty by leaving a comment, "Where is the end of beauty?"


Song Hye-kyo appears in the dramas'The Glory' and'I'm breaking up'. /seon@osen.co.kr

[Photo] Song Hye-kyo SNS





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IGS update of SHK!


May be an image of flower and indoor


news article on SHKs IGS update on her friendship with top model !

Top model Shin Hyeon-ji, 15-year-old Song Hye-kyo and Hun-hoon friendship "I love you" [★Hashtag]

Ex-Sports News original article transmission 2021-03-18 10:07 Last revision 2021-03-18 10:12


Knight image

[Export News Reporter Kim Hyun-jung] Model Shin Hyun-ji and actor Song Hye-kyo showed a warm friendship.


On the 18th, Shin Hyun-ji posted on Instagram, saying,'Thank you for your birthday. I'm happy. I love you.'This is a post posted by Song Hye-kyo on Instagram, and Shin Hyun-ji is smiling brightly with a birthday cake.


Song Hye-kyo and Shin Hyeon-ji are 15 years old, and they share their friendship through social media and are gaining the interest of netizens.


Shin Hyeon-ji was born in 1996 and announced his name as the winner of the past'Challenge Super Cordel Korea 4'. At the finale of the 2020 F/W Chanel collection, it attracted attention as the first Asian closing model.






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  • caileysmileyyy changed the title to Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 ~Hyebaragi~ Upcoming Dramas 2021 and 2022~ 1. Now, We're Breaking Up 2. The Glory 3. Mystery Thriller Untitled (TBA)

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