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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 ~Hyebaragi~ Upcoming Dramas 2021 and 2022~ 1. Now, We're Breaking Up 2. The Glory 3. Mystery Thriller Untitled (TBA)


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Kim Eun-sook's New World,'No chaebols and candy''With revenge and violence'

Enter 2021.01.20. 8:01 am

                                                                     Daily Sports Jinseok Kim]

0003087496_001_20210120080134161.jpg?type=w430Original view

It is not a prince on a white horse, nor is it a Cinderella story. It's a revenge. There is considerable global interest in the new work'The Glory' by Eun-sook Kim.
There was a lot of interest in the next work of writer Eun-sook Kim, who recorded hits for each script she wrote. As'The King: Lord of Eternity' became popular around the world, Kim Eun-sook's attention was also high on global platforms such as Netflix, Apple TV, and Disney Plus. The platform for'The Glory' has not been decided yet, but Netflix and tvN are influential.    What is more interesting is the content. Kim Eun-sook, who has been writing Cinderella stories, has changed this time. Song Hye-gyo (Moon Dong-eun), who dreamed of becoming an architect, dropped out due to brutal school violence in high school, and then waited for the perpetrator to marry, give birth to a child, and enroll the child in elementary school. It's an evil and sad story that begins.
The interesting thing is the composition. It is not a male and female protagonist, but a female and male. Song Hye-kyo plays Moon Dong-eun, a private elementary school teacher. And the role of Park Yeon-jin, who inflicted school violence on Song Hye-kyo during school days, is still undecided. He is an influencer in the play. The male protagonist is the practitioner of plastic surgery and the role of the main Jyeo-jeong who will become the idiot who dances the sword rather than the prince to Song Hye-kyo. It is quite far from the relationship between the male and female love story characters of Kim Eun-sook.
In the script, there are revenge and there are divisions. There is violence as it begins with school violence. Candy that turns around every day, the prince on a white horse who appears in trouble, the second generation of the tycoon who doesn't feel like it, and the sub-boy who is tight but attracted to somewhere, etc., which is not found in the filmography of the artist Eun-sook Kim, who culminated in a Cinderella love story. It is a setting. Here, director Ahn Gil-ho, one of the best in the production of genre plays such as'The Forest of Secrets','Memories of the Alhambra' and'Watcher', is with the director Ahn Gil-ho, who is considered one of the best in the country, and is interested in the multiple human dramas they will draw.
Song Hye-kyo decided to appear in'The Glory' early, but the rest is undecided. Shooting is scheduled to begin in the second half of the year. Kim Eun-sook plans to write all the scripts of the eighth episode before filming.
Reporter Kim Jin-seok superjs@joongang.co.kr              source ctedit @https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/241/0003087496       


Choi Chang-min, Song Hye-gyo and his companion Rookie Award 23 years ago, Past release, So-yeon Kim (unsubscribe) [Decisive scene]

Enter 2021.01.20. 6:09 am
Reporter Yoo Gyeongsang.   18-year-old Choi Chang-min, Song Hye-kyo, and Kim So-yeon attracted attention.
In SBS'Burning Youth', which aired on January 19, Choi Chang-min appeared, and a video from the past in 1998 was released.
In the broadcast that day, Choi Chang-min appeared as a new friend, and the past video was spread when he won the SBS Drama Awards Sitcom Rookie Award in 1998.
202101200601191710_2_20210120060914924.jpg?type=w430Original view

Choi Chang-min, who gained a lot of popularity like a syndrome in 1998, won the Rookie Award with Song Hye-kyo for the sitcom'How About Me'. 18-year-old Kim So-yeon was also sitting in the auditorium, drawing attention. (Photo =
SBS'Burning Youth' capture) [Newsn Yoo Gyeongsang] Newsn Yoo Gyeongsang yooks@
Article reports and press releases newsen@newsen.com
copyrightⓒ NewsN . Unauthorized reproduction & redistribution prohibited....source credit @https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/609/0000389053
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China-Japan cosmetics market blast… The brand that sold 700,000 bottles in 3 years

Input 2021.01.19. 5:01 pm
 Revision 2021.01.19. 7:10 pm
Reporter Lee Young-wook.                   Excellent anti-wrinkle effect made with ginseng concentrate; 174 % increase in sales
at popular
shopping malls in China and Japan Amore sign cosmetics Sulwhasoo 50 years of research on ginseng

0004735734_001_20210120092818585.jpg?type=w430Original view
A view of Mijium, Amorepacific Institute of Technology, where the Sulwhasoo Oriental Medicine Research Center is located.                                "Ginseng' is the secret to the popularity of Sulwhasoo, a representative luxury beauty brand that is also attracting attention in China and Japan. It is evaluated that it is because the differentiated technology was reflected in the product by the oriental medicine science research center under the Mizium of the AMOREPACIFIC R&D center, which has been conducted for many years.
Amorepacific Sulwhasoo's sales doubled from the previous year, with sales of 1.1 million skin care sets at Gwanggunje in China last year. Among Sulwhasoo's flagship product,'Jaeum Renewing Essence' is an anti-aging product with great anti-wrinkle effects. This product grew 174 % year-on-year in the Chinese online shopping mall Tmall in 2020 .
During the Gwanggun Festival, China's largest shopping festival, Jaum Saeng Essence ranked 7th in total cosmetics sales in China. Consonant Essence won four awards as the best essence in the Anti-aging Essence category at the Beauty Awards hosted by a leading beauty & fashion magazine in China.
Jaum Saeng Essence has become the brand's representative elasticity essence, recording cumulative sales of 700,000 bottles over the three years since its launch in 2018 . It has been well received not only in Korea but also in overseas markets such as China and the United States, and is steadily sold in 12 countries.
Consonant Renewing Essence, an intensive ginseng technology, was created through the study of Sulwhasoo Oriental Medicine Research Center. The Sulwhasoo Oriental Medicine Research Center, which is composed of top experts within the AMOREPACIFIC R&D Center , has been conducting research on herbal ingredients for more than 50 years.
0004735734_002_20210120092818603.jpg?type=w430Original view
Consonant Essence.                            The Sulwhasoo Oriental Medicine Research Center is conducting anti-aging research that studies the combination and efficacy of 3912 types of herbal materials, and scientifically verifies the efficacy of the materials. The goal is to establish a modern oriental medicine theory using the latest analysis tools. In particular, Ginseng, the core ingredient of Sulwhasoo, has been continuously developed as an exclusive effective ingredient by intensive research in various ways.
Among herbal ingredients, it is continuously innovating for its unrivaled technology to find active ingredients with anti-aging effects by focusing on ginseng, and deliver them to the skin.
The research center not only accumulates expertise in beauty ginseng by conducting botanical research on the cultivation environment, cultivation method, and variety of ginseng in'testpo', a separate field for growing ginseng, as well as stem cultivation, hydroponic cultivation, and bioconversion (biological transformation). The latest trends in agriculture and botany are identified, and technological know-how based on scientific verification is used in ginseng research. The research results of the research team of 500 people were put into Sulwhasoo products.
In addition to ginseng-derived high-efficiency skin anti-aging ginsenoside, consonant regeneration essence is a wrinkle-improving functional essence that stabilizes skin-improving ingredients derived from ginseng seeds, leaves and stems. For the first time in the cosmetic industry, it applied'new concept self-associating emulsion encapsulation technology' through an oil phase crystallization control process.
Cosmetics with emulsion formulations must be able to maintain the stability of the formulation even with rapid temperature changes. While maintaining the capsule shape, it is key to realize both the fast absorption power of the essence formulation and the flexible feeling that softly melts at the skin temperature. AMOREPACIFIC Research Institute of Technology succeeded in technology development through formulation research for 4 years.
Sulwhasoo reproduced the metabolic process in the body with science and technology to effectively deliver the active ingredients of ginseng into the skin. It is Sulwhasoo's unique bioconversion technology. Consumer prices for consonant fresh essence are around 130,000 won for 30 ml and 200,000 won for 50 ml .
[Reporter Lee Young-wook]   source credit @https://n.news.naver.com/article/009/0004735734

Credit @kyo1122mylove

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From Revenge to Chijeong' Go Hyun-jung Song Hye-kyo Jeon Jeon Yeon Return [TV Watch]

Input 2021.01.22. 10:53 am
Reporter Kim No-eul 
202101220732244710_1_20210122105335495.jpg?type=w430Original view
From left: Go Hyun-jung, Song Hye-kyo, and Jeon Jeon Yeon
[News Reporter Kim No-eul]
Actors Go Hyeon- jung, Song Hye-kyo, and Jeon Do-yeon are returning splendidly.
Each of the three actors who have built up a solid filmography is expected to build a new female character with a drama of a genre with different textures. Go Hyun-jung will return to JTBC's new drama'A Person Who Resembles You' (playplay Yu Bora, director Lim Hyun-wook). It has been about two years since KBS 2TV'Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho 2: Sin and Punishment', which ended in March 2019. 'A person who resembles you' is the story of a woman who was faithful to her desires and another woman who lost the light of her life by meeting the woman. The narrative of remorse, betrayal, corruption and revenge between the two unfolds. Koh Hyun-jung plays a successful painter and essay writer who spent his time in a poor and fierce youth. The production team revealed that they had in mind Go Hyun-jung as the main character from the production stage. Expectations are raised as to what kind of new face he will show through his comeback work, who unfolded his unique energy and delicate emotional acting in each work.
Song Hye-kyo's returning work,'The Glory' (director Ahn Gil-ho), who reunited with Kim Eun-sook, is scheduled to show a distinctly different performance from tvN'Boyfriend', which ended in January 2019. This is because the protagonist, who dreamed of becoming an architect, but dropped out due to brutal school violence in high school, waited for the lead child to enter elementary school, and then took over as the child's homeroom teacher, and then revenged the perpetrators and bystanders. The reunion of artists Song Hye-kyo and Kim Eun-suk, who have already caught both the audience rating and topical rabbits as'Descendants of the Sun,' is raising expectations. Song Hye-kyo, who met a solid and interesting storyline, is expected to take off the melody queen and present a new revenge play.
After a long time in the year of Jeonjeon, we are going on an outing to the home theater. After appearing in tvN'Good Wife' in 2016, JTBC's new drama'Human Disqualification' (played by Kim Ji-hye / Director Huh Jin-ho and Park Hong-soo) comes to mind. This drama is a story of healing and empathy depicted by a woman who has lost her way without doing anything and a man at the end of her youth who is afraid of being able to do nothing. Jeon Jeon Do-yeon, who has been showing appealing acting that goes back and forth between various genres, is expected to show emotional acting with great amplitude through a character who lives in a void with all kinds of pain. The first drama directing of director Heo Jin-ho, who created masterpieces such as the movies'Astronomical','Happiness','Going out','Spring is Going', and'Christmas in August' is also a part that excites prospective viewers.
Those who announced their return to the home theater show a new look through works with strong genre such as revenge, chijeong, betrayal and melodrama. Although some may have been covered with the blatant word'desire', it is not obvious in the sense that they play emotions close to the fundamentals of human nature and world history. The story in which women's emotions are clearly expressed is not new. This is because the appearance of more subjective female characters has long been a demanded trend not only overseas but also domestically.
It is also expected to have the effect of breaking the existing image. Since they are actors who have been acting for a long time, there must be an image that is familiar to the public. The image transformation, which is as intense as he met the genre, attracted attention only with a notice. It is enough to stimulate expectations in that it presents a new character and a female narrative...source credit @https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/609/0000390469
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"It's right then, it's right now" Song Hye-kyo → Song Seung-heon → Kim Ji-won, reuniting home theater [SS Drama]

Input 2021.01.22. 6:00 AM
Reporter Jo Sung-kyung  
 [Sports Seoul Seonggyeonggi] “It was right then, it is right now!” The reunion of actors and production crew is lined up.
The news of the top stars' comeback in the home room always excites the fans, but the collaboration with the extraordinary production team raises expectations for the new drama.
Actor Song Hye-kyo is attracting attention as he decides to come back to the home with the new work'The Glory' by Kim Eun-sook. The two shared the joy of success together with KBS2's'Descendants of the Sun' in 2016, so interest in the new drama that they reunite is already heating up.
This is not all. As the new protagonist of OCN'Voice 4', which is expected to air in the first half of this year, actor Song Seung-heon confirmed the appearance, while PD Shin Yong-hui of tvN's'Great Show', where Song Seung-heon appeared, will take over the directing, making new synergy expected. PD Shin Yong-hui is also joining the'Voice' in season 4, and according to the officials, the two joined together by sending a love call to Song Seung-heon immediately after the new PD joined the drama. JTBC's'Law School', which is scheduled to be released in April, is noted in the fact that actor Kim Myung-min and producer Kim Seok-yoon, PD, who are deeply connected with the movie'Detective Chosun', meet at the home theater. PD Kim Seok-yoon, who wet the hearts of home fans with JTBC's'Dazzle' in 2019, is expected to provide new fun by unfolding a campus mystery with Kim Myung-min.

In addition, PD Kim Seok-yoon was preparing another new work with the aim of airing next year, while Kim Ji-won was a female protagonist, but Kim Ji-won was already in a relationship with PD Kim Seok-yoon with the third series of'Detective Chosun: The Secret of the Vampire Monster'. There is a bar and it is eye-catching. At this time, Lee Min-ki, who made a special appearance, came to the fore as a male protagonist, and the writer who wrote the script was Park Hae-young, who hit KBS2'Old Miss Diary' together, so the new drama is expected to be a'reunion drama' to PD Kim Seok-yoon. An official from JTBC said, “PD Kim Seok-yoon is still filming'Law School', but it is a style that shoots quickly, so it is expected to end soon. So, I've already heard news of a new drama production.”
Regarding the appearance of the stars and production crew reuniting at the home theater, a drama official said, “I can imagine that the actor who once appointed while producing the drama will be used as a different character. In addition, if the previous work was good, the confidence that we could meet again and create synergy increases. I was right then, but now I think it can fit better.”
cho@sportsseoul.com....source credit @https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/468/0000735696
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Post n delete,it so like her :coolshades: 

maybe the post that she deleted, for Chaumet ad PS or for another magazine cover hopefully she will be in another cover so she could 'spill' her ongoing project for this year

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[Y Focus] Lee Young-ae, Song Hye-kyo, Go Hyun-jung, Kim Hye-soo, Jeon Jeon... The brilliant return of the stars

Input 2021.01.23. 8:00 am
 Revision 2021.01.23. 8:03 am
Reporter Seonghyun Kim 
202101230800278479_t_20210123080359398.jpg?type=w430 Actresses with outstanding acting skills and the qualifier of Korea's representative beauty are about to return through drama. What is the new story chosen by those who stand at the center of the topic in each of the works that appear as'Actors to See and Believe'?               Meloquin returns with desperate revenge.     Song Hye-kyo, who has shown remarkable performance in the lovely and sad melodrama, returns to the desperate revenge drama'The Glory'. Particularly, the fact that the reunion with the artist Eun-sook Kim, who showed dazzling synergy through'Descendants of the Sun,' raises great expectations.
'The Glory' tells the story of a protagonist who dropped out due to brutal school violence in high school, and waited for the lead's child to enter elementary school, and then took over as the child's homeroom teacher, and then revenged the perpetrators and bystanders.     
202101230800278479_img_1_20210123080359448.jpg?type=w430   Song Hye-kyo, who attempts to transform from Meloquin to the incarnation of revenge, and'Lovers in Paris','Lovers in Prague','Secret Garden','Descendants of the Sun','Goblin','Mr. Sunshine', etc. Curiosity is focused on the story that Eun-sook Kim, who does not lose sight of his work, will present...source credit @ https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/052/0001542158                               
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