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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 ~Hyebaragi~ Upcoming Dramas 2021 and 2022~ 1. Now, We're Breaking Up 2. The Glory 3. Mystery Thriller Untitled (TBA)


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always super beautiful in Laneige ad , hope to see more of SHKs CFs/ad soon!


credit:as labeled

patiently waiting for SHKs next project , movie or drama  whatever it will be , might be another drama by 2017????

love to see her in hanbok too

credit:as labeled

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Guest RoseS

unread news, April 21 2016

Song Hye Kyo's agency denies she's starring in upcoming Chinese film with Tony Leung Chiu Wai

By elliefilet    Thursday, April 21, 2016    

With the success of 'Descendants of the Sun', it seems as if Chinese fans cannot get enough of Song Hye Kyo!

On April 21, Chinese media outlet Sina reported the actress would be starring in an upcoming film alongside veteran Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai. Song Hye Kyo's reps have now come forward to deny the rumors she's been cast in the movie 'Europe Invasion'.

Her label said, "It's true that she received the offer, but she rejected it."

Song Hye Kyo is said to be deciding which project to take on next following 'Descendants of the Sun'.


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Goddess of Asia for sure! :wub: http://nvshen.ddyule.cn/ she's no 9 now. 



Love that human and hope association in cambodia is offically 100% khmer (locally) operated starting this month. Credit to ig globalsongsongcouple




Old news but one of the reasons i am still a fan till today.  16 years and still going strong, she still inspires me. Beauty fades, but what you for others and what you contribute to the those in need will be a legacy..  

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Goddess Indeed Song Hye Kyo.....credit to the rightful owner                                                                                                                                                                             13615458_1092002710836969_8008755772782013615452_1092002730836967_20858558259524

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Guest RoseS

unseen photo&news

9:19 pm - 05/18/2009



Song Hye Kyo looks fabulous in these candid pics of her at her apartment in New York. The Korean star is presumably in New York for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra project. Song who has been appointed the ambassador for the project earlier this year and attended the final concert at Carnegie Hall.

Source: kpopped

....... I want to live in NY too. :( richard simmons looks GORGEOUS omg.

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Guest RoseS
  • 2016 Asian Goddess Birth
  • Brief Introduction
  • 2016 Annual Award Is Organized By The Contemporary Asian Goddess Entertainment Network.Asia Is A Goddess Named By The Poll Class Of Users Determined By Hundreds Of Millions Of Users Determine The True Broad Influence And Appeal Of The "Goddess Of Asia" In Asia! Asian Goddess Selection Mechanism To Break The Expert Appraisal, Hundreds Of Millions Of Users Will Be Invited To Form A Powerful Line-Up Review. Every Vote Is Crucial In The Hands Of Users, Every Vote Will Decide Glory Attribution Asian Goddess.

  • July 1 2016 Annual Asian Goddess Start, Will Be Published By An Expert Group And The Group Editor And Search Engines And Microblogging Summary Data Generated By The Quartet Appeared In The "2016 Annual Asian Goddess" One Hundred Candidates, And Open Vote.

    • First Round: July 1 - At 21:00 On July 15 One Hundred Candidates Goddess, Users Will Vote Before The Seventy Cut.

      Second Round: July 15 - At 21:00 On July 23 Seventy, Users Will Vote For The Top 50 Cut.

      Third Round: July 23 - At 21:00 On August 6th Fifty Super Goddess Candidates By Netizens Voted Top 30 Cut.

      Fourth Round: August 6 - At 21:00 On August 20 Perfect Goddess Thirty Candidates, Users Will Vote For The Top Twenty Cut.

      Fifth Round: August 20 - At 21:00 On September 3 Twenty Meiyao Goddess Candidate Users Will Vote Before Twelve Cut.

      Sixth Round: September 3 - At 23:59 On September 25 Twelve Supreme Goddess Of Candidates Before The Vote Ten Users Who Selected The Top Ten Asian Goddess, Who W


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keep on voting guys , SHK deserves to be on top for the Goddess of Asia poll! yes her rank is climbing before when I start voting yesterday she's still at no 10 and now she's already on no 7 rank , for sure her fans all over the globe is giving her full support for this !


SHK Laneig ad is everywhere!


credit: as labeled /weibo

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19 minutes ago, sunflower91_ said:

keep on voting guys , SHK deserves to be on top for the Goddess of Asia poll! yes her rank is climbing before when I start voting yesterday she's still at no 10 and now she's already on no 7 rank , for sure her fans all over the globe is giving her full support for this !

votedWill do again in about 20 minutes! I could go on voting non-stop by the minute, if it is allowed! Wink

Common guys, let's carry the queen to the top of the rank! Run to the voting booth nearest you!





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Guest RoseS

https://www.theson.net/cast-of-autumn-in-my-heart-the-most-powerful-stars-in-kbiz/Cast of “Autumn in My Heart”- the most powerful stars in Kbiz

--Cast of “Autumn in My Heart”- the most powerful stars in Kbiz

The mainstream cast likes of “Autumn in My Heart” has now become the artist wealth, power and fullness of life that people admire.

--3 Hallyu Queens in China

1. Jun Ji Hyun

2. Song Hye Kyo


3. Yoona

--The Way to Sucess of Song Hye KyoThe way to success of Song Hye Kyo

Intelligent, beautiful, talent, rich and famous are still not enough for Song Hye Kyo.

It is no natural that Song Hye Kyo has become a symbol of the beauty of Korea and the film she played together make a resounding craze.
Song Hye Kyo is one of the most in-demand product endorsers in Korea and has done many TV commercials and print ads over the years. She has been a spokesperson for popular brands such as Laneige, Levi’s Lady Style, Etude House, Whitea, Aritaum, Innisfree, Roem, McDonalds Ice Cream, Conway, Olay, LG, Vivien Bra,…
To make success, Song Hye Kyo had to have a long effort and struggle. She has the way to success that every youngth artists study and admire.

Beauty – indispensable factor

Always on the top that the audience voted as the Natural Beauty, actress possesses natural beauty, Female artists have the most attractive lips, the world’s most beautiful stars …, Song Hye Kyo always make the fansadmire by the ageless beauty for 20 years since joining the entertainment industry.
If comparing from the Full House (2004), Song Hye Kyo at the present is not different, her beauty is increasingly indifferent, loving. With strong, white, smooth skin, combined with natural makeup style,Song Hye Kyo always looks youthful and beautiful.
That’s not to mention her costumes through each character in the film always creates new fashion trends made fans “crazy” to imitate because so beautiful, so stylish.

Acting diversity

No being framed and “die acting”, said Song Hye Kyo always refreshed herself through each role, take the audience underwent from unexpected surprise to the other. A fantastic time for her role in the Korean classics drama like Autumn in My Heart (2000) with Song Seung-hero and Won Bin that she rose to fame in Korea and throught Asia.For All In(2003), she played a leading role alongside Lee Byung-hun. And in 2004, Song Hye Kyo played into lovely pretty self-absorbed writer, creating craze throughout Asia when playing with Rain in the Full House.

Song Hye Kyo in the 2004 Full House film.
Aftera while, Song Hye Kyo come back for The World That They Live project in late 2008 as a female director (a series set at a broadcast station in which Song and Huyn Bin played drama PDs who work together). Then led the audience criedin That Winter, the Wind blows(2013), she played a blind heiress.

Song Hye Kyo in the film That Winter, the Wind blows(2013).
In 2016 Song starred in the mega-hit romantic comedy series Descendants of the Sun, an intense drama about an army captain (played by Song Joong-ki) and a surgeon who fall in love while working amidst disaster-torn areas. The drama was incredibly popular with the final episode recording a 38.8% viewership rating nationwide and 41.6% in the capital area according to Nielsen Korea. And a recent achievement in Descendants Of The Sun, helping Song Hye Kyo come back in sunshine and also support for the young actor Song Joong Ki more famous.

Song Hye Kyo in Descendants of the Sun (2016)

It can be said, in acting, Song Hye Kyo also owns list roles and easily become a leading actress of South Korea, to maintain a position that is difficult for someone to surpass.
Besides, she also took part in many film projects in Chinese market.
Song Hye Kyo is a leader of the Hallyu and she topped popularity polls in Asia and was noted to her immense brand recognition in South Korea.

How to chose the script

Certainly many viewers will wonder why the beauty of Descendants Of The Sun Song Hye Kyo seldom appears on the screen, does not join in the reality TV show – which is considered the Korean specialty helping artists be well known and loved more.
It is understandable because she is Song Hye Kyo. Because Song Hye Kyo has established “brand” herself, sheis no need to make her names present everywhere then quickly into oblivion.
Instead, she knows how to make herself become “expensive” and special. Projects that Song Hye Kyo participated are quality products, good scripts, the actor as “Fine man”. Every few years (3-4 years), Song Hye Kyo take part in a TV series, but every film that Song Hye Kyo plays are also creating craze with high rating.
Therefore, people said that “rare” can not arbitrarily appear. Song Hye Kyo is not only a talentbeautiful actress but also she is very aware of how hot she is and regulator so that each coming back must be spectacular, high-effect and makes the fans admired.
Descendants Of The Sun, fans have to take a pretty long time to wait for talented actress come back, but what the hell, no matter Song Hye Kyo rarely appears, but each appearance, surely, will be very hot.


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