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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 ~Hyebaragi~ Upcoming Dramas 2021 and 2022~ 1. Now, We're Breaking Up 2. The Glory 3. Mystery Thriller Untitled (TBA)


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Guest RoseS



video tells, a good chance for fans give a gifts for celebrity. Hopely some of them for Dr. Kang(pass out by captain Yoo, as @Chengdu)


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I really love to see SHK on her individual event.... e.g : Laneige event in Shanghai, becos in this event we can see her shine as Song Hye Kyo, the top model and actress not part of most cherished couple. Even though I'm Songsongcouple fans, but as SHK fans, I do need to discuss her as individual. 

Her dress looks so simple in this event, but I think she need to represent the products of Laneige not the fashion, so what need to be highlight is her make up, and as we all can see her make up is so natural & show how she has a great skin. It's really good, daebak.... Because she is the representative of this product, makes me also wear this products :)


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happy that updates on SHKs Laneige Beauty Road event kept coming in , thanks everyone for your awesome posts! and now here comes the video on that event in Shanghai, reporters and photographers  just cant get enough of her ! hope there will be English translation soon , they also featured her past dramas!


photos from this event presscon, she's so beautiful







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12 hours ago, sunflower91_ said:

thanks so much for the awesome updates everyone , its great to see SHK again at Laneige Beauty Road event  and yes truly agree with everyone that she is in her usual simple yet elegant get up  , no need for flaunting wardrobe nor too high fashionable wear , her superior looks says it all !

of all the photos , I love this the most  wow her beauty is beyond description , the camera just loves her

credit:as labeled

more photos of SHK , who wouldn't want to capture her side profile? she looks amazing

credit:as labeled

She's amazing in every angle!! those photographer must be dying inside seeing this beauty LOL. the more i see her the more beautiful she is.

I became a fan of  SHK through AIMH, and fell in love with her at first sight! i feel blessed until now .

p.s sorry for my lack english

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Guest RoseS

Human and Hope Association

18 hrs 

Song Hye-kyo shines just by standing there



Song Hye-kyo has shared a part of her daily life after a while.

On June 24, Song Hye-kyo has revealed a photo of herself on her personal Instagram.

In the revealed photo, she stands in front of a large mural of her own photo.

Just by standing there, she has caught our attention with her radiant beauty.

Song Hye-kyo received much love from drama fans for her role Kang Mo-yeon in KBS 2TV's 'Descendants of the Sun'

Source : www.sportsseoul.com/n...


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My Kind Of Goddess Song Hye Kyo.....                                                                                                                                                                                                        13528870_10208350212906751_5216977276359 13516182_10208350212826749_7006550662620 13522036_10208350212466740_4799436245640          13516629_10208350212426739_2044608053119   

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It reached her...plus she post in english..:wub: The organizers of this donation must be so happy..:blush:  Great job guyz..

She is so radiant. So pretty in her simplicity yet elegantly looking.

No pictures of unni getting back to Korea? She will always and forever such a great ninja..Her ninja skill is as great as her acting skills..lol

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Wow! Miss Song Hye Kyo is indeed an AWESOME & WONDERFUL WOMAN! I just feel so happy to all the fans who were appreciated on her new post on Instagram. Her Instagram itself reflects her. She uses it not only to update her activities but also to channel gratitude to fans. Oh, plus these- to address awareness regarding certain issues, to promote her friends' dramas and work, to thank and support her photographers, stylists, etc... For me, she is the most generous actress I've ever known. It's not only in terms of money and donation, but also on her appreciations& support through her words and her social media account. Again, I'm happy for all the fans who just got acknowledged through your generosity. I do hope I can join next time.

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@IrisFM, thanks , I just wait for this song English lyric of 'Always' even I still like the sound of korean, but just remember what's the meaning of this song, so touching,and thanks again utkim, hclover96 and other kikyo shipper for their contributions for the FM of SJK, hope see her soon from any projects or activities, I like her so happy, smile and kind , hope she has new tlife with her lovers soon,still spend the time to readback the BAA and FM, have a nice weekend to all kyonatics   So happy kyo read and acknowledge to us from her IG for our Soompi SSC donation project, thanks again to @chewy Hoe and  her teams made all those efforts, I'm glad to participate too, this is really great team work for our SS couple, hope both of them happy forever:heart: 

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Awww!! Our lovely Kyo's post on her Instagram made me SO happy! She acknowledged the donation project. She cares for all of her fans and makes them feel special. She has a heart of gold. I hope i can join next time:)

Love her:wub:



@sunflower91_ Cuteness overload!! Thank you for sharing:rolleyes:



Cr. to owner


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