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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 ~Hyebaragi~ Upcoming Dramas 2021 and 2022~ 1. Now, We're Breaking Up 2. The Glory 3. Mystery Thriller Untitled (TBA)


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27 minutes ago, lovumuchhyekyo said:

I try to avoid checking this forum because I feel the sadness from all of us. Plus I don’t want to say things I will regret later because I know I will rant endlessly.  I overcome my anger by reading SS couple thread and looking at how confident and contented SHK is. I believe she knows the outcome before she get there and has prepared herself. Still, I felt gutted when she didn’t get the Daesang. I felt a big bucket of ice was thrown at me.  I was not expecting it much for Best Actress because of what happened to TWTWB. Although I believe she will attend for the fans (due to the massive voting that took place) there was still part of me that was doubtful of her attendance. For fans who knows her, she only attended awards night at the beginning of her career but later on, there is only one that I can remember ( APAN Awards in 2013).  So seeing her turn up that night, I really thought that she got the grand prize.  SHK not getting Daesang was like a kick in the gut but you know what I am over it now. Plus, I was never a fan of Daesang anyway. I have never agreed to their choice of winners.  Plus, if not for the SS couple, it would have been a pretty boring night except for Yai winning. This is exactly why I don’t want to start with this because I will be rambling, negative and get angry again. I don’t like being critical of anyone in an open forum so this will be the last.

My opinion APAN awards is a better award giving body. They are also better critics and not swayed by rumours and reputation.  I think SHK can be nominated again this year. Keep an eye, September is coming soon. Anyway, that night I feel that SHK went home a winner with that Big Man supporting him. No one can refute the facts that the clicking of the cameras is unprecedented when they arrived. I don’t know anyone who can carry a dress so simple but yet so elegantly exquisite. I know there are better things in store for our Goddess so I am totally over it.

I know there are some that does not want to ship her and I fully understand your conviction but we cannot deny how that man SJK stood up and supported her. @joongkyo is right, we have done it before and we can do it again.  Although my gut feeling tells me that SHK and SJK will get the KBS top excellence award this year. You know why, because of the fact that no other dramas can beat the loud euphoria it made, not for a long time. In the same token, we cannot be complacent so let us support joongkyo’s idea. Thank you @joongkyo for spear heading the campaign.

And Thank You to everybody for loving our Goddess unconditionally.



i am with you dear very well said and no matter what we are still in the same boat Kyonatics and SS Couple                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


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@hclover96, I think all our kyonatics so disappointed she didn't get her individual awards that she derseved in that big success dramas from korea and china audiences ,the system from  Baeksang  not fair to her, but we all happy both kyo and JK attended the awards , both looks so happy and comfortable to each other that we really expect , they are the stars make the awards so much different,kyo will be our best actress in our heart, we can see her acting really affect our emotion( sorry my English not good to express my exactly meaning), but it's important to see her happiness and appreciated and recognised by all her fans around the global, she's really by Chinese fans too,I 'm her fan since AIMH, hope she can get her happy life and family with her lovers soon.Seems she had someone with support her always now.      @ joongkyo, thanks your translation, after you have plan, most of kyonatics and Kikyo shippers will do our best to support them, especially kyo , she's so shine in all those photos with JK in BA, we all expect they will get  recognised by next  coming APan and KBS awards:P  

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Guest RoseS

YES, they are....:star::blush: 



Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Shine On The Red Carpet Of Baeksang Arts Awards 2016

By Thuy Duong | June 4, 2016

Baeksang Arts Awards is one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in Korea. This year, the event was held in Kyung Hee University, garnering much attention from public media.



Song Joong Ki exudes his gentle charm in a black suit while Song Hye Kyo dons a white dress. The actress captivates viewers with her sweet flawless beauty. The twoattract all eyes as soon as they appear.

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19 hours ago, jjeennyy19 said:


How does KBS base their winners?? If we could help, I'd say lead on and we will follow...:blush: Let's get unni that loooooooooooong overdue award!!!!!:angry: 


Good to see you again jjeennyy and i love your anger:lol: at least i know you are trufully with your feelings, unlike certain posts with big words and claim for being fans with lies, it makes me sick....just have to learn to ignore......had been busy with my real life, this thread and that thread haha, but now i can be more relax and do some chat chit with chingus here. 


@joongkyo I'm in  :D

@hclover96, thanks for pic and trans. Kyo will always be the winner in our hearts. You know dearie, i still haven't got over this fairytale story, it warms my heart kekek




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Thanks to @joongkyo and of cos  @khxy dearies....dun know what to say...all my time being here, this news is like something i dun expect..not to mention the Baeksang award. I'm still in awe after the BAA and now this, this is a bit too much for my weak heart :lol: ...i must say i have never seen any red carpet as beautiful as the BAA with Kyo and JK, it's like a dream for me and will stay  a long time in my heart.  Movies couldn't even be this beautiful. 





@as labeled

edit: @hclover and @putriN, chingus, you better wake up :)) 


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Guest RoseS
5 hours ago, joongkyo said:

Kyo is the guest for SJK's fanmeeting (*thanks @khxy for telling me!). Announcement up on Sichuan's  Department of Culture Website. 


Thanks, good news.

Waiting for....,  Song Hye Kyo:blush: 

her IG, comments.... WELCOME to China, though it's a rumor. That's the reason, SJK's fanmeeting has been postpone:crazy: It will be the best of best fanmeeting:kiss_wink:

kpopherald's title,  Song Hye-kyo displays friendship with top actors  http://kpopherald.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=201606071450559148138_2

self's tittle, Top Actors who're very pround to be good friends of most beautiful and good acting Korean actress Song Hye Kyo

Updated : June 07 2016


(Yoo's Instagram)


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@utkim unnie we have 10 days to prepare our heart's for the possible surprises, laid and waiting for us, something that will give us a cause of heart's attack and shock,,,(hahaha) maybe we can see Kyossii singing on the FM or playing the piano..(my personal wish after seeing her playing on The Crossings)

@khxy and @joongkyo thanks for the FM info...and for spearheading the rally for KBS year end award we will be happy to support in any ways and means, just let as know how and when we are gonna start  with your plans...

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Looking forward to 17th June! Thanks for the lovely news :) they do love to give us a surprise! And I thought it cannot get any better than BAA red carpet event.. And to see her smile in those press conference and red carpet photos is delightful. She's in good hands, it almost seems like BAA was just a teaser and rehearsal for the fan meeting. And she truly seems to be glowing and enjoying the company around her.

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Indeed she was the Queen of the Night.

Honestly, the night is for every actors who will attend the ceremony may it be nominated or not. But even before anything starts we already knew that people was more excited to see Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong ki than the event itself. That most people's attention is on the SongSong Couple. That they don't think anything else rather than our Beauty and the Big Boss.

The SongSong couple overshadowed even the ceremony itself. (Like normally, people, fans, and media's attention must be on the best actor/actress winners. But this year is a bit different. May it be before or after or even several days after, it was still them who is dominating attention from the media, sns, and news headlines eventhough they didn't win the acting awards. Poor winners. Sorry to say this but 'All attention was given to the Beauty and Big Boss'.)

Out of all the actresses and female celebrities that night, she wore the simpliest cut. A white tube gown with just simple pattern and design. She proved it once again that she doesn't need to show plunging cleavage or high splits to get everyone's attention. She doesn't need too much to be able to shine. That even at her very conservative way she shines the most that your eyes will definitely glued to her the moment she showed up.

I remember when YSJ told KMY that 'wherever she is, is bright'. That dialog wasn't just for Dr. Kang herself but to the lady who portrayed her. She was rarely seen in these kind of events but whenever she showed up, she definitely stole the show. Remember APAN, SIFF, BIFF, HKIFF, KBS awards 2004, and now Baeksang. She still remains the apple of the eye and still the most celebrated one.

At this kind of events, younger or new generations of actors was given more credit and attention by the media. But at this time it's not! Why? Because there is an attendance of Miss Song Hye Kyo. (Let's be honest here she looks younger than those younger actresses.)

If i will hear someone say that she wasn't the most beautiful that night, i will just laugh at it. Even if your not unnie's fan, your brain will never deny that she shines the most that night.

But i just observed something, 'her skin was quite darker. Maybe because these past few weeks after DotS ended she went out and enjoyed under the heat of the sun'. But still her beauty wasn't shadowed by anyone.

Other actressess maybe pulling their hair as they saw our unnie is accompanied by two of the hottest actors of today, Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In. They must be really envy of her. Hahaha

It makes me happy that now she already knows not just how powerful her fans were, but how deep the love of the people towards her. That it was now clear to her that she is well and deeply loved.

And wait i already watch the first part of the BAA and boom! She was the first person on the screen. Kang Mo-Yeon was the first character to be flashed on that big screen. Come to think of it, that she was the last one who declared to attend the event and yet the management still chose her character as the opener of the show. Daebak!!!

And she got the loudest cheers from the crowd among all other actors. The moment she speaks and introduce her name made the biggest cheers at the event.

Thank you Big Boss for caring our Beauty the whole night. Thank you for giving her the comfort as she was so shy when it comes things like this. Thank you for being the most gentleman escort she ever have. You're effort is much appreciated. 

And lastly, even at that moment where she was the center of all the attention, i still saw her kind and pure heart. I never saw her boasted or showing a top star status by the way she moves the whole night. What i saw is a very humble, gentle, and low profile despite her superstar status. The way how she shyly smiled at all the praises and calls on her makes me proud as a fan.

I know that she knew, that we knew or all knew that she was in middle of attention, 'a cheery on top' as they say. But she still remains gracefully humble.



Baeksang Arts Awards 2000, she won the Most Popular Actress for Television. And 16 years later at the BAA's she won Most Popular Actress for Television. She still received that great love even after almost two decades. This is an amazing fact as she was the only actress who experienced this. And the only Korean actress who received similar loved and affection for a two decades.



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Guest RoseS

Please update your IG(often), beautiful lady Song Hye Kyo:wink: Your fans and medias're FOLLOWING you........:glasses:

TOPSTARNEWS, http://www.topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=199492


Khmer / Khmer Instagram

Khmer / Khemer Instagram

Who Wore It Better: Song Hye Kyo vs. Seo Hyun Jin

vote, http://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/06/who-wore-it-better-song-hye-kyo-vs-seo-hyun-jin

By alim17    6 hours ago    
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@khxy  thanks your link of showbiz of hyekyo and  @joongkyo.  thanks for the surprise news  of kyo will attend the Sichuan  FM, all our kyonatics so excited and expect the day of June 17, let us to see how to get some gifts to both of them via online,too behind to readback from SS thread since Friday, kyo deserved that much love from all of us, fighting:P

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My Kind of Goddess Song Hye Kyo.....with this face and kind hearted girl, basher promise you will never let her down we are Kyonatics is her shield with God in our side she will continue to shine and all your bad comment on her the will backlash to all of you....thank you guys for the updates and have a blessed and safe day a head stay cool kyonatics....                                                                                                                                                                                                                           13418782_10208223281133536_4562427554299

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Guest RoseS

Which Awards for DOTS, 2016 KBS Drama Awards(end of 2016)? Watch video (2015) to see the 'tittle' of KBS's Awards



missed Dr. Kang and Captain Yoo @Red Carpet and Awards Ceremony:dissapointed_relieved:


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