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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 ~Hyebaragi~ Upcoming Drama 2021: The Glory / Magazine Cover :Harper's Bazaar for March / 1st Korean Muse for Fendi

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In the Actress, the fans and the Song Hye Kyo's thread I started to like Song Hye Kyo in 2001 while watching "Autumn in my heart". It was her first Korean drama in a main role and it was my

Fan's account on Pink ribbon marathon in Gwangju "I heard about the possibility of Hye Kyo gracing the event around 2 am in the morning, not knowing whether the news is true/not, i decided to hea

Hello everyone!   It's been a while since I made a post of just my thoughts on Kyo and recent happenings. I finally have some time today so I hope you don't mind. I'll hide it since I tend to wri

Song Hye Kyo’s next project? Actress hopes for a romantic comedy

Actress adds that she wants to reduce the gap between projects as much as possible
kyo1122-1.png Song Hye Kyo is looking forward to her next project. Picture: Instagram



December 26, 2020


EntertainmentCelebrity, Seoul — South Korean actress Song Hye Kyo was last seen opposite Park Bo Gum in the tvN drama Encounter. Since then, there has been talk of the 39-year-old being “in talks” for her next project but there has not been any official confirmation about it. Speaking with the W Korea women’s beauty magazine via the Soompi entertainment website, the actress spoke about when fans can expect to see her back on-screen. Song shared that she has not decided on her next project but said she wanted to reduce the gap between projects as much as possible. For the Descendants Of The Sun actress, there are times when things do not go the way she wants them to. For now, she wants to decide with more flexibility on a project and “resolving to do a project for sure in 2021”. The actress told W Korea that “I also really want to act in a romantic comedy. I want to try something funny and entertaining, but I haven’t found a fun project yet”.song.pngSong Hye Kyo plans to star in a romantic comedy. Picture: Instagram

Song talked about her 2004 KBS2 drama Full House starring opposite Rain. She said that, at the time of the drama, she was “young and youthful’ and also “a bit shy”. As she is more mature now, she thinks she can do a better job than she did back then.

Song gained international popularity through leading roles in television dramas Autumn In My Heart (2000), All In (2003), Full House (2004), That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013), Descendants Of The Sun (2016) and Encounter (2018).

Her film work includes Hwang Jin Yi (2007), The Grandmaster (2013), My Brilliant Life (2014) and The Queens (2015).

In 2017, Song ranked 7th in Forbes magazine’s Korea Power Celebrity list, and 6th in 2018. She is referred to as one of “The Troika” along with Kim Tae Hee and Jun Ji Hyun. They are collectively known by the acronym “Tae-Hye-Ji”. / TISG....SOURCE CREDIT @https://theindependent.sg/song-hye-kyos-next-project-actress-hopes-for-a-romantic-comedy/


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Happy New Year !  May this new year will bring happiness and more blessings to SHK . Starting the year with a bang for her W Korea Jan 2021 , looking forward  for more endorsements and a very good comeback project . Its nice that she has her new year greeting on her IG and love her friendship with PSM . 

[HI ★ What are you doing?] Song Hye-kyo, New Year's greetings to fans... Solmi Park "I love you"

Hankook Ilbo original article transmission 2021-01-01 14:48

Knight image

Actor Song Hye-kyo delivered a New Year's greeting to the fans.

On the 1st, Song Hye-kyo posted a picture on his SNS with a post titled "Happy New Year."


A beautiful and peaceful background is contained in the released photos. In addition, in the photo, actor Park Sol-mi, who is known as his best friend, left "I love you" and drew the attention of fans.

Netizens responded in various ways, such as "Song Actor Happy New Year", "Song Hye-kyo's older sister, I want to see a lot on TV this year" and "Song Hye-kyo's Happy New Year too.


Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo is having a break after the tvN drama'Boyfriend'.


Reporter Kim Jung-eun jennykim@hankookilbo.com


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from  iMBC Entertainment featuring SHK 22 years ago 


[M Time Machine] Song Hye-kyo interviews Eugene? 22 years ago, reporter Song Hye-kyo &'fairy girl group' SES companion video!

iMBC Entertainment Original article transmission 2020-12-31 16:16 Last modified 2020-12-31 16:4





Actor Song Hye-gyo appeared as a bouncing reporter 22 years ago, and a rare video interviewing SES, a girl group called'The Fairy' at the time, was released on'Time Machine TV' and attracted attention.


The video was broadcast on September 12, 1998,'GO! As part of the first episode of'Our Heaven', it contains the appearance of Song Hye-kyo, who is wearing makeup with a full 90s atmosphere, as a reporter and directly interviews SES in Japan.

iMBC Entertainment News Photo

iMBC Entertainment News Photo

Song Hye-kyo asks, "What do you do when you don't have a schedule?", looking at SES Bada, Yujin, and Shu, showing off their fresh charm, and SES members replied, "I exercise when I'm free." Then, Song Hye-kyo replied, "You must exercise to make you look so pretty." In addition, SES members said, “All taxis in Japan are automatic doors,” and expressed interest in differences from Korea.


In the back of the video, you can see not only the interview between Song Hye-kyo and SES, but also the appearance of actor Kim Hye-soo, who became a ``taekwondo ambassador,'' and Lee Byung-hun and Kim Ha-neul in the music video of Jo Sung-mo Jo Sung-mo's'To heaven', which collected the hottest topic in 1998.


Song Hye-kyo, who debuted as a school uniform model, is currently the top star of'Wannabe', and SES members are also continuing their activities in their respective positions.

iMBC Yeeun Lee | Photo provided by MBC



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Miss my beautiful Kyo. I hope she make a project comeback soon. Not gonna lie, I hope from now people will leave her alone and stop shipping her with random people. She kept getting bash because her fans who claim to love her, but instead are the one that got her name shame. Hope she is free from all these lame shippers things. Happy new year to our beautiful, classy, and inspiring woman. 

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from SHK DC not sure if this is new one wherein it featured her drama "AIMH" iconic scene with the yellow umbrella, the caption translation for this video somehow said that  the panelist on this TV show  while talking about the first love icons of each era , the moment SHK's came out their  reactions are interesting . Oh how i wish i can understand the full conversation of the panelist  as i only heard the word  yeppuda” [예쁘다] when the video clip showed SHKs beautiful face:wub:


credit : SHK DC 


Its a fact that SHK has several blockbuster / high rated k dramas and AIMH is her 1st  romantic melodrama series with high ratings , a pioneer  in Korean melodramatic series trend and launched the  "Korean Wave" fever  becoming her a certified Hallyu star.  I am happy that SHK still loves to act after 2 decades and fans are always anticipating for her next project which hopefully will gonna push thru this 2021 as she promised.  Hope her choice of new project this year will be another blockbuster k drama and a deasang award potential for her!     



btw love the friendship of SHK and her dear unnie PSM , there's a news article about SHKs IG message for PSMs birthday



'Birthday' Park Sol-mi, Soo-jin ♥ Baek Jong-won's flower cake + book gift impressed... Song Hye-kyo "Happy birthday to my sister ♥"


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[Kim Hyun-woo's Star in Star] BTS Jimin, Black Pink, Aizu One, Park Bo-gum, Hopi-Rola, Kim Hee-jae, Young Tak, and Lim Young-woong'Stars who want to see the New Year 2021 as a no-mask',  2021/01/0417:12    In 2020, due to the coronavirus, a year when stars were uncomfortable and awkward if they did not wear masks has passed.
In the new year of 2021, we hope that even if stars don't wear masks, we hope that it will be a new year that is not unfamiliar with BTS Jimin, Black Pink Jenny, IZone Honda Hitomi, Iji, Park Bo-gum, Song Hye-kyo, Song Ji-hyo, Hopi Pola, Kim Hee-jae, and Young Tak. , Lee Chan-won, Lim Young-woong, and so on.
Hyunwoo Kim's Star in Star GOGO.  

Actor Song Hye-kyo is entering Korea through Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of April 15, 2019 after finishing the awards ceremony for the'Hong Kong Film Awards' held in Hong Kong....source credit @https://m.asiatoday.co.kr/kn/view.php?key=20210104010001433#_enliple
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Song Hye Kyo To Reunite With “Descendants of the Sun” Writer Kim Eun Sook For A New Drama

Song Hye Kyo and Kim Eun Sook, part 2. 



Song Hye Kyo is reportedly set to reunite with Descendants of the Sun writer Kim Eun Sook in a new drama series planned for the end of 2021.



According to an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports, Kim Eun Sook will be writing a new drama that is set to start filming in the second half of 2021, and will air in either late 2021 or early 2022, and she has chosen Song Hye Kyo as her female lead.


O-3W_B7apenNrHd7E6tEqW1bIEa3ZrW3h8BI3JZnzr2Be5-GzQsoJRJu4ArX1tl58yLeNucn27Mo2b8lG75xzGT4WeR9XzDiFYrVA0VKw6Y59A=w32-fSoften=1,100,0-rp-e365 | Descendants of the Sun


Song Hye Kyo and Kim Eun Sook worked together in KBS’s 2016 hit drama Descendants of the Sun, which kicked off another round of the Hallyu Wave throughout the world and recorded impressive 38.6% viewer ratings. Even to this day, Descendants of the Sun has one of the highest viewer ratings for a weekday drama, no matter the broadcast channel. 

In addition to the combination of Song Hye Kyo and Kim Eun Sook, the drama’s PD is also a hotshot in the industry. Ahn Gil Ho will lead the directing of the drama, and he is well known for multiple dramas such as Memories of the Alhambra, Stranger 1 and 2, Record of Youth, and WATCHER. Production will be led by Studio Dragon. Due to the impressive combination, expectations are already very high for the drama. Currently, the drama is still casting the lead and supporting roles, which will be finalized before filming begins.

Kim Eun Sook’s agency, HWA&DAM Pictures, has confirmed Song Hye Kyo will be part of the drama cast.

It’s true Song Hye Kyo will appear in Kim Eun Sook’s new work.

— HWA&DAM Pictures....source credit @https://www.koreaboo.com/news/song-hye-kyo-reunite-descendants-sun-writer-kim-eun-sook-new-drama/

Song Hye-kyo x Kim Eun-sook, the writers unite again... "The new hero is confirmed" [Official]

Input 2021.01.05. 11:36 am
 Revision 2021.01.05. 12:05 PM
Reporter Lee Da-kyum  
0004728046_001_20210105120529383.jpg?type=w430 [Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee
Da-gyeom ] Actor Song Hye-kyo and Kim Eun-sook are once again in harmony.
Song Hye-kyo's management company UAA official said on the 5th Maeil Business Daily Star Today, "Song Hye-kyo has been cast as the main character of Kim Eun-sook's new work." Regarding the title or content of the drama, I spared my words.
Artists Song Hye-kyo and Kim Eun-sook recorded the highest viewership rating of 38.8% (Nielsen Korea, national standard) in 2016, and have been breathing through'Descendants of the Sun', which was broadcast in popularity. At that time, Song Hye-kyo was loved by playing the role of Kang Mo-yeon, a specialist in thoracic surgery.
Five years later, it is worth noting whether writers Song Hye-kyo and Kim Eun-sook, who have come together once again, will bring a blast into the drama world once again.
Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo married Song Joong-gi, who took a breath as a male and female protagonist in ``Descendants of the Sun,'' in November 2017, but was broken in July 2019. Song Hye-kyo has been contemplating the next work since the tvN drama'Boyfriend' which ended in January 2019.
Photo l Star Today DB...source credit @https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/009/0004728046
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Song Hye Kyo's New K-Drama Has Just Been Confirmed and We Can't Wait

The Hallyu queen is reuniting with the "Descendants of the Sun" screenwriter for her comeback! 

Song Hye Kyo's New K-Drama Has Just Been Confirmed and We Can't Wait 

Drop whatever it is you're doing! Hallyu queen Song Hye Kyo's much-awaited K-drama comeback has finally been confirmed, and she'll be reuniting with Descendants of the Sun screenwriter Kim Eun Sook

In a news article published by Soompi, an industry source reportedly revealed, “Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook is preparing a drama that will begin filming in the second half of the year. It will air at the end of the year at the earliest or the first half of next year at the latest. Song Hye Kyo was chosen for the lead role.” 

There's no word yet as to what exactly the drama will be about and what role Hye Kyo will be playing, but the aforementioned project is said to be in the "casting stage" already and will be produced jointly by Hwa&Dam Pictures and Studio Dragon

Studio Dragon has confirmed this: “Song Hye Kyo will star in screenwriter Kim Eun Sook’s new drama as the female lead,” a source from the production company told YTN Star. ...source credit @https://www.preview.ph/culture/song-hye-kyo-new-k-drama-confirmed-kim-eun-sook-a00318-20210105?utm_source=Twitter-Preview&utm_medium=Ownshare&utm_campaign=20210105-twnp-culture-song-hye-kyo-new-k-drama-confirmed-kim-eun-sook-a00318-20210105-twfirst

Daily Sports

[Exclusive] Song Hye-kyo, Kim Eun-sook and reunion… "The new hero is confirmed"

Input 2021.01.05. 11:00 am
Reporter Kim Jin-seok [Daily Sports Jinseok Kim]
0003082883_001_20210105110052039.jpg?type=w430Original view
Song Hye-kyo, Kim Eun-suk
Actor Song Hye-kyo meets Kim Eun-sook again.
An official from the drama bureau told Illustrative Sports on the 5th, "Writer Kim Eun-sook started filming in the second half of this year and is preparing for a drama that will be broadcast as early as the end of this year and at the latest in the first half of next year, and the protagonist was selected as Song Hye-kyo."
Artists Song Hye-kyo and Kim Eun-sook wrote records in 2016 by creating the best Korean Wave dramas not only in Korea but abroad as'Descendants of the Sun'. It is a blockbuster human melodrama that will capture the value of life through young soldiers and doctors dreaming of love and success in an extreme environment in an unfamiliar land, recording the highest rating of 38.8%, and even today, 5 years later, the highest rating of terrestrial and non-terrestrial miniseries. I am recording it. Legendary protagonists come together again to take on new challenges.
The director attracts attention as much as the meeting of the two. Director Ahn Gil-ho will direct this work. PD Ahn Gil-ho directed the first season of'The Secret Forest','Memories of the Alhambra','Watcher' and'Youth Records'. No matter what works such as romance and genre plays are entrusted, they show a sensational direction. PD Ahn Gil-ho, Kim Eun-sook, and Song Hye-kyo, the combination of the three members is not known, but expectations are high.
He is currently working on casting and starts filming in the second half of the year.
Reporter Jinseok Kim superjs@joongang.co...source credit @https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/now/article/241/0003082883
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