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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 ~Hyebaragi~ Upcoming Drama 2021: The Glory / Magazine Cover :Harper's Bazaar for March / 1st Korean Muse for Fendi

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I'm a newcomer but I totally fell in love with this woman. Autumn Tale is the first drama of her which I binge watched and it left me crying throughout and this is what brought me here. So far I also watched Descendants of the Sun as well as Encounter and I love her more.  


I looked into her histoy to know more about her and it breaks my heart to read what she has gone through. She is such a lovely and caring person to receive such negativity until this day. Her husband seems so genuine with good manners whom can easily be loved and they make a very lovely couple. I just hope people will respect their privacy and let them live as a normal couple. I'm eager to hear about her next projects but I won't go so far as to want to know why is she not with her husband, why is she travelling alone, why is she not wearing her wedding ring, why is she not pregnant yet and the list can go on with people also questioning her friends about her whereabouts. This is heartbroken stuff which I think will have an effect on her but she is a very strong woman who will rise above this all.

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In the Actress, the fans and the Song Hye Kyo's thread I started to like Song Hye Kyo in 2001 while watching "Autumn in my heart". It was her first Korean drama in a main role and it was my

Fan's account on Pink ribbon marathon in Gwangju "I heard about the possibility of Hye Kyo gracing the event around 2 am in the morning, not knowing whether the news is true/not, i decided to hea

Hello everyone!   It's been a while since I made a post of just my thoughts on Kyo and recent happenings. I finally have some time today so I hope you don't mind. I'll hide it since I tend to wri

i am a silent fan of her since then but now i cant take it anymore they are too much its break my heart to read some of harsh comment.how come you judge her  you dont even know her. Im very thankful to the fans and her Agency who willing to pay this anti and bring this matter to the court this is the best for everyone God is always Good 

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With Personally Shared Behind the Scenes Pictures, Netizens are All Praises with Them Left Stunned at Song Hyekyo's Latest Campaign Clip... Her Beauty is Beyond Words. 


133/8 hours ago  

Song Hyekyo greets with a new campaign video. 

Along with the jewelry brand, 'Chaumet,' veteran actress Song Hyekyo did a campaign clip for the brand's latest Josephine collection. Like the brand introduces, a playful fashion icon by day and a modern empress by night, Song Hyekyo pulled it off like no other. In her fresh yet graceful casual dress with the details that her accessories gave, the actress shone like a warm sun. With just a concept change, Song Hyekyo took over the calm evening vibe with her beautiful gown, showing off her elegant shoulder line that proved she nailed the night too. 


image%2F1559797409553-Screen+Shot+2019-06-06+at+14.01.37+1.pngimage%2F1559797462756-Screen+Shot+2019-06-06+at+14.01.47+2.pngimage%2F1559797468741-Screen+Shot+2019-06-06+at+14.01.51.pngImage Source: Youtube 'CHAUMET' Screenshot 

'Grace and Character' totally defined the woman Song Hyekyo is. Watch the commercial in the video above and check out the pictures the actress shared right below! 


image%2F1559797224453-kyo1122_61392795_679470989248464_6615434018649657747_n.jpgimage%2F1559797228537-kyo1122_60769170_378030293111705_4130905878442698518_n.jpgimage%2F1559797232304-kyo1122_60762971_427440554477207_8634583359046567305_n.jpgimage%2F1559797246982-kyo1122_60644242_494983531041924_1450513115224940729_n.jpgimage%2F1559797258684-kyo1122_60705890_330831400916910_3852994146348718903_n.jpgimage%2F1559797265422-kyo1122_61695649_2233336610047185_4593259011447543942_n.jpgimage%2F1559797269758-kyo1122_62616220_2248248775294384_4484925912757417117_n.jpgImage Source: Instagram 'kyo1122'

Source Credit @https://kstarlive.com/article/2019/06/06/with-personally-shared-behind-the-scenes-pictures-netizen-are-all-praises-with-them-left-stunned-at-song-hyekyo-s-latest-campaign-clip-her-beauty-is-beyond-words-234061

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For the last few weeks it’s been so much negativity so it’s great that UAA will take action. 


How about we start some social media projects for Kyo? 


Take for example, in case if you would want her to part of a major project like the upcoming Batman trilogy by Warner Brothers.  


I want her to be part of the project because I am a huge fan of the DCU and reading about Matt Reeves ideas and inspirations about how he plans to make this movie sounds like it’s going to be a cult classic and I would love it if Kyo could be immortalized in an iconic role.


Then go to your twitter account , type the following message to the Director of the new Batman movie and paste a picture of Kyo for reference.


“SongHyeKyo for Catwoman in Batman 2021





And before you think something like this would be impossible, remember BTS got invitations to major talkshows because their fans promoted them aggressively on social media and are now killing it around the world. Studios pay attention to what we say over social media, make loud enough noise and anything is possible. 


Fans of many other actresses in Hollywood have already started campaigns. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wmagazine.com/story/catwoman-who-should-play-robert-pattinson-batman/amp


The Director says the movie is inspired by China townXThelonggoodbye and he sees Batman playing a sort of Jekyll and Hyde character. The filming for this project starts towards the year so me personally, I’m gonna tweet the Director because I want her to be part of this project so bad! 

Clips from the movies which the director mentioned, I read the Batman movie is set in the 70s(?). Kyo would suit the aesthetic of these movies because like Wong Kar Wai said she has the sort of face which reminds people of a time goneby. 





Similarly if any of you other fans have an idea/suggestion for future projects then please go ahead and use your social media. 

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Actress Song Hye-kyo donates 10,000 history leaflets to Shanghai. 

Song Hye-kyo, left, and Seo Kyong-duk. Korea Times file
By Ko Dong-hwan
History-conscious Korean actress Song Hye-kyo's continues to promote her country's dark past under Japanese occupation during the World War II, having recently donated 10,000 leaflets to an exhibition hall in Shanghai.
Song sponsored activist Seo Kyong-duk, a Sookmyung Women's University professor, in sending the material to Maehun Yun Bong-Gil Memorial Hall in the Chinese city. The venue features the patriotic acts of Yun Bong-gil, one of the most famous independent fighters who killed several high-ranking officers of the Imperial Japanese Army with a bomb disguised as a water bottle in Shanghai's Hongkew Park in 1932.
"In celebration of Memorial Day (June 6) that commemorates patriots, I, together with Song, began refilling insufficient stocks of leaflets we have distributed to heritage spots across the world that promote our patriots from the Japanese occupation era," Seo said on Facebook Thursday. 
He said on Facebook that the Shanghai venue was the first target of the duo's "refill project." Keeping the leaflets stocked where and when the material ran out was more important than locating more places worldwide, the activist said online.

Brochures prepared by Seo Kyong-duk to promote Korean patriotic activists and related campaigns within the Japanese colonial period during the World War II. Photo from Facebook

The leaflets were made from high-quality eco-friendly papers "because they are for our patriots," Seo said. The text is in Korean and the language of the country where the leaflets are available.
Seo said "the collaboration of my planning and Song's sponsorship will continue."
The collaboration has so far distributed leaflets to 15 global venues, including the Memorial Hall of the Korean Provisional Government in Hangzhou in China, a Korean language school in the Japanese village of Utoro in Kyoto Prefecture and Dosan Ahn Chang Ho Family House in Los Angeles.
The refill project marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Korean Provisional Government in Shanghai, the first of eight provisional governments in China, this year...source credit @

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Please continue to show your support for Kyo on the Chaumet page so that racist people like this are put in their place.  


Chaumet posts pictures of women of different racial backgrounds but just because their last 6 updates have been about Kyo, this person thought she could throw out a statement like that. Disgusting how people think they can get away with “casual racist” statements like this. 


I saw this comment on this post. 


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On 6/3/2019 at 9:49 PM, gigivillaceran said:

( bohmi ) let us all pray and cross our fingers. i want her to accept this .....


Yes dear, I hope she'll take the role. Waiting for good news from her :)


gif credit to. dc교

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12 hours ago, ahdrianaa said:

Then go to your twitter account , type the following message to the Director of the new Batman movie and paste a picture of Kyo for reference.


“SongHyeKyo for Catwoman in Batman 2021



I like this idea. We can bank on members who have fan accounts in ig and twitter.


How bout we focus on projects rather than negativity?


It’s been too noisy lately. Everyone seems so sure they know Kyo. Lol 

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 What is the secret to helping the 4 most "old age" goddesses in Korea to maintain their youthful beauty?  Chicken By Helino  5 hours ago

Although the time has passed, these beauties are still considered "national security" beauty that is hard to shove in the land of kimchi. So what is their real secret? To prolong their youth, stars must pay close attention to daily diet and exercise methods. In particular, when referring to the following 4 female stars of the land of kimchi, you will surely be curious about how they can maintain the youthful youth with such a long time.

Let's discover their secrets right in this article!. Song Hye Kyo: drink enough water and provide plenty of vitamins, Song Joong Ki is known for her pure, pure beauty. Although Song Hye Kyo is now over 38 years old, she has always been a very sought-after movie face in dramas.

What is the secret to helping the 4 most age-old Korean goddesses to maintain their youthful beauty?  - Photo 1.

Sharing about the secret of skin care, every morning to wake up, Song Hye Kyo often drinks a glass of warm water before breakfast and maintains enough drinking 2 liters of water during the day. When drinking water, the actress only took small sips to better absorb the moisture. Besides, Song Hye Kyo also always carries a mineral spray bottle in her bag to be able to supply moisture anytime, anywhere to the skin.

3-15599029642141529847419.jpg 2-155990296421233077575.gif


During daily meals, Song Hye Kyo focuses on foods that contain lots of vitamins to help rejuvenate the skin over time. Occasionally, she also added vitamins with some vitamin supplements to help her skin provide all kinds of essential nutrients.

What is the secret to helping the 4 most age-old Korean goddesses to maintain their youthful beauty?  - Photo 4.

In the evening, when removing makeup, Song Hye Kyo also rolled ice massage carefully to clean makeup and lubricant and dirt after a day. Thanks to the maintenance of healthy living habits, Song Hye Kyo's skin always keeps the tension, healthy, even in the face of wood, "Ms. Joong Ki" wife still makes many people flutter.

Lee Young Ae: limiting makeup and eating less starch

The beauty of Dae Jang Geum from ancient times has always made many people admiring because she seems to have no signs of age devastating. Although this year is 48 years old, Lee Young Ae still receives a lot of promo contracts and is the main representative for some famous cosmetic brands in Korea. The reason is because the beauty is so salty, the beauty of Lee Young Ae.

7-15599029642331610230522.jpg 6-1559902964230783159587.jpg

Talking about my secret to keeping my youth, Lee Young Ae often restricts makeup. Instead, she uses mineral spray to moisturize skin regularly. In addition, Lee Young Ae also avoids eating starchy foods and focuses on some foods rich in fiber and vitamins during daily meals.

9-15599029642361815701716.jpg 8-15599029642345183737.jpg

Jang Nara: take care of the eye area and get enough sleep

Coming soon after the age of forty, but singer Sweet Dream still keeps her youthful and surprising beauty, even being entertained by fans who are "eating Tang Tang".

What is the secret to helping the 4 most age-old Korean goddesses to maintain their youthful beauty?  - Photo 7.

In order to maintain such beauty for a long time, Jang Nara often uses warm towels to cover his face for 2-3 minutes every night. This will help to remove excess mucus, makeup and dirt from the skin, thereby avoiding the risk of pores clogging, acne and inflammation.

Jang Nara's eyes are large, so Jang Nara focuses on taking care of the skin around the eyes every day. She often massages the area around her eyes and uses eye care products of natural origin to overcome dark circles and puffiness.

10-15599029642392003346497.gif 1-15599032666001588144392.jpg



Everyday, Jang Nara also maintains an early sleeping routine and gets enough sleep (up to 7-8 hours a day). Because if the body lacks sleep, the skin will quickly age and age soon.

Jun Ji Hyun: pay attention to washing your face and drinking lots of water

"Happy wife" used to make many girls jealous because of their beauty and high peak spirit. In particular, thanks to possessing a beautiful and salty young beauty, even though she plays with younger seniors like Lee Min Ho or Kim Soo Hyun, she still fulfills her role.

What is the secret to helping the 4 most age-old Korean goddesses to maintain their youthful beauty?  - Photo 10.

To talk about Jun Ji Hyun's beauty secrets, she often cares a lot about daily cleansing. Starting the new day, Jun Ji Hyun often uses facial cleanser combined with warm water to help pores expand, which will help deepen and deepen facial cleansing. After all, Jun Ji Hyun will use cold water to rinse his face again and help pores get tight.

17-15599029642521499042013.jpg 16-15599029642511890678299.jpg


During interviews, Jun Ji Hyun also revealed that he drank a lot of water and slept enough every day. Instead of drinking cold water, she only kept it cool or left at room temperature and maintained the habit of drinking water regularly during the day to help her skin have enough moisture, better toxin purification.

What is the secret to helping the 4 most age-old Korean goddesses to maintain their youthful beauty?  - Photo 12.

Before going to sleep, to help sleep deeper, Jun Ji Hyun also took time to meditate or relax with some light stretching exercises.....Source Credit : @Kpopline, Korea Bizwire

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Become a jewelery advertisement star from Paris, Beauty Song Hye Kyo makes the netizens stunned.               Friday, June 7, 2019 12:54

Becoming a jewelery advertisement star from Paris, beauty Song Hye Kyo makes stunned netizens - loyal

Become a jewelery advertisement star from Paris, Beauty Song Hye Kyo makes the netizens stunned

POS-KUPANG.COM - Discussing Song Hye Kyo's beauty will never end. After making netizens excited when attending a fashion show one of the world's leading fashion brands, Prada in New York in early May 2019, Song Joong Ki's wife again made fans stunned. Recently reported by KStarlive, Friday (06/07/2019), Song Hye Kyo was seen starring in the advertisement of a jewelry brand from Paris, Chaumet. In the 40-second video, Song Hye Kyo was seen wearing jewelry that could be used during the day like a model and became like a modern empress at night. Wearing a casual dress, Song Hye Kyo appeared fresh but elegant with the details given by her accessories. Song Hye Kyo looks like the sun is shining because of her beauty. When the concept turned into night, Song Hye Kyo returned to appear calmly with her beautiful dress.  Showing off his elegant shoulder line which proves if he is very stunning at night. Of course, in addition to the charming jewelry she used, Song Hye Kyo's beauty was also able to make the audience amazed again...source credit @http://kupang.tribunnews.com/2019/06/07/jadi-bintang-iklan-perhiasaan-asal-paris-kecantikan-song-hye-kyo-bikin-netizen-terpana

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