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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 ~Hyebaragi~ Upcoming Drama 2021: Now, We're Breaking Up / Upcoming Drama 2022: The Glory

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Song Hye-kyo, dignified elegance.. Advent of the goddess of pure white

Input 2021.02.24. 7:41 pm
Song Hye-kyo
[Herald POP = Reporter Chun Yoon-hye] Actor Song Hye-kyo's unique beauty was revealed once more.
On the afternoon of the 24th, Song Hye-kyo posted a photo on his Instagram with the post "#FendiAmbassador #FendiFW21 @fendi @mrkimjones can't wait to see the show !! @mokjungwook".
The released photo is a pictorial cut of Song Hye-kyo with a brand. In the pictorial, Song Hye-kyo boasts an unrivaled beauty. The all-white outfit adds innocence and femininity, and the dense features clearly fill the small face. Park Sol-mi, who was bestfriended by Song Hye-kyo's overwhelming beauty, also showed off his friendship by leaving a comment that seemed admirable, saying, "Again..."
Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo selected Kim Eun-sook's new work'The Glory' as his next work. 'The Glory' dreamed of becoming an architect, but the protagonist, who dropped out of school due to brutal school violence in high school, was inflicted, and the lead married and gave birth to a child, waited for the child to enter elementary school, and was appointed as the child's homeroom teacher. After that, this work deals with a wicked and sad story in which the perpetrators and bystanders begin a thorough or dire revenge.
popnews@heraldcorp.com.     source credit @https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/112/0003403349
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In the Actress, the fans and the Song Hye Kyo's thread I started to like Song Hye Kyo in 2001 while watching "Autumn in my heart". It was her first Korean drama in a main role and it was my

Fan's account on Pink ribbon marathon in Gwangju "I heard about the possibility of Hye Kyo gracing the event around 2 am in the morning, not knowing whether the news is true/not, i decided to hea

Hello everyone!   It's been a while since I made a post of just my thoughts on Kyo and recent happenings. I finally have some time today so I hope you don't mind. I'll hide it since I tend to wri

Another news article for SHKs latest IGS !  

Also, Song Hye-kyo was Song Hye-kyo... Song Yun-ah x Park Sol-mi's number one beauty sung highly praised [★SHOT!]

OSEN original article transmission 2021-02-24 21:50

Knight image

[OSEN=Reporter Sun Mi-kyung] Actor Song Hye-kyo also showed off her superior beauty.Song Hye-kyo posted a pictorial photo on his SNS on the afternoon of the 24th. The released photo contained Song Hye-kyo's elegant beauty. Song Hye-kyo wore a white costume to create an innocent and pretty atmosphere, and added a luxury charm with a luxury bag.


Song Hye-kyo's unique elegant and beautiful beauty stood out even more. Song Hye-kyo completed an unrivaled pictorial by emitting a unique aura even in an expressionless expression.


Song Hye-kyo's beauty also admired her best friends. Actor Song Yun-ah said, "It's a beautiful answer," and Park Sol-mi said, "Another...".


Song Hye-kyo makes a comeback with Kim Eun-sook's new work'The Glory'. /seon@osen.co.kr

[Photo] Song Hye-kyo SNS


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Song Hye-kyo, wearing an asymmetric dress... Elegant B-cut'eyes' 

Input 2021.02.25. 12:30 am
 Revision 2021.02.25. 12:30 am
[Money Today Reporter Maara]
0004548497_001_20210225003024579.jpg?type=w430Original view
Actor Song Hye-kyo directly released the pictorial.
On the 24th, Song Hye-kyo posted a photo on his Instagram with the words "Fendi Ambassador. Fendi FW21. Looking forward to the show."
In the released photo, Song Hye-kyo is wearing an asymmetric white dress with no sleeves on one side and long beige boots.
Here, Song Hye-kyo matched a tote bag and stared at the camera. Hairstyle with natural fine hair and clear features catch the eye.
Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo was recently selected as Fendi's official ambassador for the first time as a Korean actor.
Reporter Maara aradazz@
Source Credit @https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/008/0004548497
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Spotify News

Song Hye-kyo said he was preparing for revenge... 'Eunkwang Girls' High School Alumni' Lee Jin also admires the elegance

Input 2021.02.25. 10:17 am
0000287006_001_20210225101723147.jpg?type=w430Original view

[Sport TV News = Reporter Jeong Yu-jin] Actor Song Hye-kyo showed off her beauty.
Song Hye-kyo posted a photo on his Instagram on the 24th, saying "can't wait to see the show".
Song Hye-kyo, wearing a white dress, is sitting in beige long boots. His beautiful visuals exude a more luxurious atmosphere. The small face and perfect proportions are also eye-catching.
The pictorial was conducted by Song Hye-kyo with luxury brand Fendi, and Song Hye-kyo was recently selected as Fendi's official ambassador. This is the first time that a Korean actor has been selected as Fendi's official ambassador, so it attracted attention.
Fellow celebrities are also admiring Song Hye-kyo's elegant pictorial. Actor Park Sol-mi left a comment saying "Again," Song Yoona said, "It's a beautiful answer." Finkle Lee Jin, who boasts a close friendship between Song Hye-kyo and alumni of Eungwang Girls' High School in Seoul, also commented, "As expected."
Song Hye-kyo confirmed the appearance of Kim Eun-sook's new work'The Glory' as the next work. 'The Glory' dreamed of becoming an architect, but the protagonist, who dropped out of school due to brutal school violence in high school, was attacked, and the lead married and gave birth to a child, and waited for the child to enter elementary school. It is an evil and sad story that begins a thorough or desperate revenge on the field and bystanders.
Spotvy News = Reporter Jung Yu-jin u_z@spotvnews.co.kr
Source Credit @https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/477/0000287006
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Song Hye-kyo and Kim Eun-sook's interest in'The Glory'

Input 2021.02.25. 8:02 am
0003095832_001_20210225080206871.jpg?type=w430Original view
Song Hye-kyo, Kim Eun-suk
As the facts of allegations of school violence in the past are revealed and controversy among celebrities intensifies, the gaze is once again focused on the new work Kim Eun-suk is preparing.
Earlier, Song Hye-gyo decided to appear as the protagonist, and Kim Eun-sook wrote ``The Glory,'' a woman who dreamed of becoming an architect. It is a wicked and sad story in which he waits until he is enrolled in elementary school and then becomes the child's homeroom teacher, and from then on he takes thorough or desperate revenge.
Right now, the entertainment industry is suffering from controversy over school violence. A day is far away and five cases of school violence are revealed, and this drama is a prominent subject. Moreover,'The Glory' has already been announced in January, so it has nothing to do with this. Nevertheless, the content of a woman who frustrated her life due to school violence is revenge, so it gives plenty of anticipation to viewers who are already waiting for a cool'one room'.
Song Hye-kyo plays Moon Dong-eun, a teacher at Semyung Private Elementary School. Since I was poor in school, I suffered intense school violence, lost my laughter, and my soul shattered like powder, so I only listened to the weather channel. He is a person who is desperate when he was in school, unable to see one inch ahead due to heavy agriculture. There is still a script coming out of how to make a sharp confrontation with a character who is a school violence perpetrator, but we wait for excitement. It is expected to be a drama of sympathy and consolation to victims of alleged violence at this school.
Filming will begin in the second half of the year, and the organization is discussing OTT and domestic channels.
Reporter Jinseok Kim superjs@joongang.co.kr
Source Credit @https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/241/0003095832
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MICHAA Channel 2021 Spring Collection Video featuring their very own muse SHK!


credit:SHK DC/MichaaChannel


Another news article featuring Fendi Goddess 

Song Hye-kyo, innocent seduction'Fendi Goddess'

Star Today original article transmission 2021-02-25 13:24

Knight image


[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Sung Jung-eun]

Actor Song Hye-kyo boasted an elegant and alluring beauty.


On the 24th, Song Hye-kyo expressed his expectations for the collection as a luxury brand Fendi ambassador, saying, "I want to see the show soon" on his Instagram.


In the photo we released together, Song Hye-kyo poses in Fendi's white wrap dress with skin tone boots and a bag. Song Hye-kyo, with perfect features, shows off her pure white goddess beauty with her natural hairstyle. It is the crystal of innocent and alluring beauty.


Fellow actor Song Yun-ah praised him with a comment, saying, "It's beautiful," and Lee Jin, from Finkle, his best friend, commented, "As expected."


Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo decided to select Kim Eun-sook's new work'The Glory' as his next work.



SHK updates her IGS with Fendi FW 2021 show, if only its safe to travel for sure SHK will be in front row seat !


credit:SHK IG/Weibo

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Dear Eonni: An Indian fan feels Descendants of the Sun star Song Hye Kyo is the most beautiful woman in Korea
In the latest edition of Dear Eonni, Simran from India dedicates her heartwarming letter to Song Hye-kyo. Read her letter below.
Written By Pinkvilla Desk  Mumbai  Updated: February 27, 2021 10:16 AM  

Dear Eonni: An Indian fan feels Descendants of the Sun star Song Hye Kyo is the most beautiful woman in Korea

Dear Eonni: An Indian fan feels Descendants of the Sun star Song Hye Kyo is the most beautiful woman in Korea
Enter the Korean details: 
One can't speak about the Hallyu wave without mentioning the talented star Song Hye-kyo, who has proved her mettle as a bonafide performer with a heart of gold. The 39-year-old actress' impressive repertoire includes popular K-dramas like Autumn in My Heart, Descendants of the Sun and Encounter. Fans are genuinely waiting with bated breaths for Hye-kyo's next project, whether it be a drama or a film with the actress even resolving to do a project this year, according to her interview with W Korea.
Today's sweet letter in our Dear Eonni series has been penned by Simran from India to Song Hye-kyo. Read her letter below:
Dear Eonni,
I am Simran (20 years) from India. I want to know that your presence in this world is a blessing. My friend introduced me to Kdrama when I was in the lowest phase of my life. And believe me she told me about many actresses but I chose you for you radiate life. When I was 16 I was also training to be a model but things took a turn when I started gaining weight. Then in the year 2017 I saw your drama and became a huge fan. I was awestruck with the depth and maturity of your character. And since then I have watched all your works. You inspire me.
My only dream since then has been to become my true self, fight against self-esteem issues, be independent and strong. You are not only successful but one of the perks of your success is the way you help others and your presence in charity. You have always been there for others. My only wish is to become a self sufficient, strong, independent and successful woman like you who stands up to the society. Your charm, kindness and dedication for your work is something I have always adored and looked forward to. I relate to you a lot. And I want you to know that you are the most beautiful woman in Korea. You have made history and you will be remembered for many years for your perseverance and fierceness.
Love you lots.
Love from India
Source Credit @https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/dear-eonni-indian-fan-feels-descendants-sun-star-song-hye-kyo-most-beautiful-woman-korea-624592?amp&__twitter_impression=true

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More news article about  SHKs  guidebook donation and IG post ! 

Song Hye-kyo also donated a guide to the history of the LA independence movement on the third day

Newsen original article forwarding 2021-03-01 08:43

Knight image

[News Reporter Lee Min-ji]

Actors Song Hye-kyo and Professor Seo Gyeong-deok joined forces again on the third day.


On March 1st, actor Song Hye-kyo and Professor Seo Gyeong-deok of Sungshin Women's University joined forces and donated 10,000 copies of the guidebook on'Our History Meet Overseas-LA Edition' to the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

This guide was produced as part of a campaign to donate the history guide of the Korean independence movement by cities around the world, and this is the fifth donation after Shanghai, Tokyo, and Paris. In particular, it was produced in both Korean and English, and it introduces the history of the independence movement in Los Angeles (LA) in the United States to make it easy for everyone, regardless of age or sex, to understand in full color.


This guide explains in detail the Korean People's Association and the memorial hall, the old house where the Ahn Chang-ho family lived, the place related to Dosan Ahn Chang-ho in Los Angeles, and the Rosedale Park Cemetery.

Prof. Kyung-deok Seo, who planned this guide, said, "With the influence of the Korean Wave, foreigners are very interested in the history of Korea, and I hope that it will help to inform a little about the history of the independence movement in Los Angeles to overseas Koreans and international students." In addition, he added, "The situation of the relics of the independence movement remaining overseas due to the corona 19 outbreak in the world is not very good. I think that is the time for us to pay more attention," he added.


Meanwhile, with the support of Professor Seo Kyung-deok and Song Hye-kyo, on each historic anniversary for the past 10 years, Korean guides, Korean signs, and relief works have been steadily donated to 26 overseas sites of the Korean Independence Movement. (Photo = Professor Kyung-Duk Seo's team)

News & Minji Lee oing@


Song Hye-kyo, Doosan Chairman Park Yong-man and unexpected acquaintances? "Thank you for a good book"

Star Today original article transmission 2021-03-01 15:20

Knight image

Daily Economic Daily Star Today reporter Han Hyun-jung]

Actor Song Hye-kyo was presented with a book written by Park Yong-man, chairman of Doosan Infracore. They showed off their friendship with the certification shot.


On the 1st, Song Hye-kyo posted a post and a photo on her Instagram saying "Thank you for a good book." This book contains work skills, relationship attitudes, and life stories written by Doosan Infracore Chairman Park Yong-man.SHe added “Thank you” text and emoticon.


Song Hye-kyo was cast in Kim Eun-sook's new work'The Glory'.





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