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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 ~Hyebaragi~ Upcoming Drama 2021: Now, We're Breaking Up / Upcoming Drama 2022: The Glory

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In the Actress, the fans and the Song Hye Kyo's thread I started to like Song Hye Kyo in 2001 while watching "Autumn in my heart". It was her first Korean drama in a main role and it was my

Fan's account on Pink ribbon marathon in Gwangju "I heard about the possibility of Hye Kyo gracing the event around 2 am in the morning, not knowing whether the news is true/not, i decided to hea

Hello everyone!   It's been a while since I made a post of just my thoughts on Kyo and recent happenings. I finally have some time today so I hope you don't mind. I'll hide it since I tend to wri

Song Hye Gyo in San Francisco before 2005 and now 2016                                                                                                                                                                          13728913_10208489900558855_6321846188214

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Guest RoseS

HAPPY MORNING:heart: one more day, hang on there, Song Hye Kyo:w00t:

look at the voting, just in few minute......, fans:heart:

 7: 25 - 7:30

220160629043644858.JPGZhao Liying25646061.gif
320160629043610982.JPGLin Yun Children25641081.gif
420160629040736623.JPGYang Mi2,563,9211.gif
520160629044220501.JPGZheng Shuang25626191.gif
620160629043754546.JPGTang Yan2,552,4951.gif
720160629042607055.JPGSong Ji Hyo2500810



220160629043644858.JPGZhao Liying25626861.gif
320160629043610982.JPGLin Yun Children25613911.gif
420160629040736623.JPGYang Mi2,561,2291.gif
520160629044220501.JPGZheng Shuang2560717
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Good morning fellow kyonatics, i have been a silent reader here and this is the first time I posted this thread that is because I noticed that the site for Asia's goddess is down..is it really down or is it just me?  I have been trying to open the since past midnight to vote and I can't....:sweatingbullets: ..anybody please help me...

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Zharin1215, you're not the only one! I have been attempting to vote the whole day while at work, but to no avail.

I kept getting "error" messages the whole day. The site must be have been overloaded with fans trying to vote!

Guess it crashed! I'm sure it's being fixed!  crossed fingers

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Song Hye-kyo shines in San Francisco                                                                            


Song Hye-kyo has shared a part of her recent daily life.

On July 14, Song Hye-kyo posted a photo of herself on her personal Instagram.

The revealed photo shows Song Hye-kyo in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Song Hye-kyo looks gorgeous and innocent than ever. She creates such a special mood in front of the beautiful scenery.

Song Hye-kyo was loved much for her role as Kang Mo-yeon in KBS 2TV's 'Descendants of the Sun', which ended in April this year.

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