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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 ~Hyebaragi~ The Unbothered Queen

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It is nice to know that even after all the turmoil she has always been steadfast and consistent with her causes. She has done the  donating of guidebooks in the past and she still continues with it till present. 

Her most cherished friends, she keeps close to her heart. 

We know she tends to fly off the radar and we look forward to seeing more of her works once she is ready to face the cameras once more. 

Be well SHG.  

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Go Hye Sun husband Ahn Jae Hyun wants a divoce. My God what is wrong in 2019. They got married in 2016 and now 2019 divorce! tsk tsk tsk 

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NB always choose to translate trashy comments...and it came from nate..It dont bother me anymore with this type of comments...Seems to me like a bunch of pressed knets who wish to control her and jealous of an independent strong woman..plus the comments in nb from international fans seems to be more rational now...Girls dont have to fight with one another just for an oppa...We should be standing up with each other. Stay pressed knets, wait for the Queen's comeback and you will be praising her once again.We've seen this cycle countless times before havent we?:unamused:B)

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Can't blame people to be envious of this beauty

They just do not know how to deal with it

They resort to go the negative way

Hence, spews of negativity

I care not!

Spread the love!



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Warner Brothers needs to give her a ring and cast her as the next catwoman. 


I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.


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Song Hye-kyo has made four new pictorials

2019-08-19 11:40
 Shoes brand `` Shucomma Bonnie '' Song Hye-kyo pictorial for Fall / Winter 2019. Sneakers that look great, whether chic or casual"  Actress Song Hye-kyo's new pictorial is becoming a hot topic. She wore dark makeup and wore a variety of shoes. 
The shoe brand, Sucomma Bonnie, unveiled the `` SHINE ON ME '' pictorial on the 19th with Muse Song Hye-kyo in the fall and winter season 2019.
Shine On Me is a campaign for women who can choose their own style and enjoy themselves. 
Shucomma Bonnie combines chic Queen's sneakers with chic black and white styling in Song Hye-kyo's campaign pictorial. The company also combined 'highline' sneakers with pastel casual styling. 
Scomombonnie official said, "We will showcase the 19 FW (autumn and winter) version of the beloved Scomombonnie signature sneakers with Muse Song Hye-kyo," he said. "It's a sneaker that goes well with chic, formal and casual looks. "You can give points to various looks."
Song Hye-kyo's pictorial four.
Shucomma Bonnie offer
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Sexy VS Romantic VS Girl Crush' ... Song Hye-kyo's intense makeup 'charm'...                         Enter article 2019.08.19. 9:09 am.Like I warmed  RateChoose a lan

Send S0000250457_001_20190819110532701.jpg?type=w430View original
0000250457_002_20190819110532755.JPG?type=w430View original
0000250457_003_20190819110532788.jpg?type=w430View original
0000250457_004_20190819110532816.jpg?type=w430View orig
[enews24 Reporter Lee Eon-hyuk] Actress Song Hye-kyo showed off her colorful charm with intense makeup. 
The shoe brand Shucomma Bonnie unveiled the FW season campaign with Muse Song Hye-kyo on the 19th. SHINE ON ME, released by Shucomma Bonnie, is a campaign for women who can choose their own style and enjoy themselves. 
Song Hye-kyo in the pictorial expressed active mood, femininity and sexy at the same time based on intense smokey makeup. The appearance of Song Hye-kyo, depending on the clothes and the situation, is enough to admire. 
On the other hand, Song Hye-kyo recently donated 10,000 copies of Korean and Chinese handbooks to the Chongqing Provincial Government Office of China with Professor Suh Kyung-deok at the 74th anniversary of Liberation Day and the 100th anniversary of the provisional government of Korea. 
Photo = Provided by Shucomma Bonnie 
Reporter Lee....source credit @https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/404/0000250457
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Im so proud of her her eyes shows the pain she is going through, but she picked herself up and made an:effort, with all the neg comments from people who blindly except that its ok that   she was treated badly ,because they hero worship  sjk, he is a good actor and comes across gentle and sincere, and its ok to be a cheater ,if all the reports are true ,love sjk all you like and give him support  but not at the expense  of hurting shk


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Did suecommabonnie’s website crash?


I saw the link of one of the queen sneakers  




but now the site says it’s under maintenance.




I hope it crashed because there was a lot of traffic on the site. 



Everyone please support this fall/winter line!

This one has extra special significance if you know what I mean, she was shooting this campaign when someone decided to make an announcement without her knowledge. So if we could all show our support it would be great!!


last time it took less than 3 weeks for all the shoes to sell out, let’s do even better this time.


please remember to buy shoes from Suecommabonnie’s official site and not from any other site.

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