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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 ~Hyebaragi~ The Unbothered Queen

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In the Actress, the fans and the Song Hye Kyo's thread I started to like Song Hye Kyo in 2001 while watching "Autumn in my heart". It was her first Korean drama in a main role and it was my

Fan's account on Pink ribbon marathon in Gwangju "I heard about the possibility of Hye Kyo gracing the event around 2 am in the morning, not knowing whether the news is true/not, i decided to hea

Dots is currently broadcasted in Japan and Japanese give a hot  support for Dots  . Dots will be broadcasted in the US and Canada soon http://www.focus.kr/view.php?key=2016063000115732796

Radio Show' Professor Seo Kyung-duk "Song Hye Kyo, History Consciousness + Sincere Star"..Article Entered 2014.03.04 11:44 AM..

Herald POP = Go Myungjin reporter] Korea Alimy Seok Kyung Deok praised actor Song Hye Kyo. 
Professor Seo Kyeong-deok appeared as a guest on KBS Radio 'Park Myeong-soo's Radio Show' broadcast on April 4. 
Professor Seo praised "Song Hye Kyo is interested in history". He said, "Song Hye - kyo once called me, and he asked me about a Japanese company known as a war criminal, and he told me that it was not right to reject it. 
Professor Sei Seo added, "I was able to feel that it was a star who was interested in forcible conscription and acted sincerely." 
▶ fan commutation uproar I won bulletproof Warner Weiss exo-bit real jikkaem [Pop Herald Naver the TV]
- Copyrights ⓒ Herald POP & heraldpop.com, prohibits unauthorized copying and redistribution -...source credit @https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=112&aid=0003137584

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Cr : en_junio twitter


Dear friends ,


An appeal for help from overseas fans has come from the Korean fans of Kyo's Encounter drama, please click on the spoiler if you would like to help. Thank you ! 


 Petition event for release of Encounter Blu-ray/DVD
We have started an event to petition the production company to reconsider the release of Encounter Blu-ray/DVD. 
We are planning on collecting (handwritten) letters from Encounter drama fans and delivering them to the production company. 
We hope many of you will join us in this event.
Event : 3/3 ~ 3/10 23:59
■ Check the link below for more information.
If you click on the link for gall.dcinside, you will see the English instructions further on in the post. 
In summary
1. They would like us to download the ' purchase order form ', write our names, sign and email it back to them.
Pw for zip file - 0124
If you cannot access the zip file, use the links below to download the pdf files instead.
A) petition form 
B ) instructions
Email address to send the forms to - 
2.  The Korean fans will print out all the signed petition forms and present them to Studio Dragon.  It is NOT a real order form and does not make us obliged to buy

3. Please also include a short message at the NOTE  section - e.g. a couple of lines of pleas / reasons / threats (lol) to petition  studio Dragon to reconsider.


Deadline is 10th March 2359hrs, Korean time. 


Please pm @thepixies or myself if you have problems with the links .


Please help our Korean friends by sending the signed forms back to them and spreading the word to all your friends on social media who would like to help. 


Thank you everyone , let's support Kyo's Encounter as much as we can !! 


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Song Hye-kyo, endlessly shine brightly

In the drama <Boyfriend>, I came back to Song Hye-kyo from Cha Soo-Hyun. And she confessed about Song Hye - kyo 's actor' s life.




The Josephine Agret Imperial Collection, which gave the Emperor Josephine the title. Inspired by glittering drops, necklaces, earrings and bracelets that give you a glimpse of the brand's exquisite diamondwork. Inspired by Tiara, the Josephine Agret Collection ring is all Chaumet . Pleated dress with lace detail is Dior .


Maybe this is beauty over time. A black eye staring at the camera holding a face like an artwork made with care. 'Queen of Asia' is the power to make the uncompromising expression of the unconventional expression, and this is Song Hye-kyo's presence. After the end of the first month of the new year, and just finished the drama "Boyfriend", he still did not seem to get out of the work. A work that depicts a love story of brave enough purity in a world full of stimulating. The scenes that seemed to speak too much without dialogue, the delicate emotional performance shown in it again proved the value of Song Hye Kyo. The tiredness of the tension and the traces of the character who got deeper and deeper into the "more like me" added to his dignity to the line before the camera. The 238-year-old Parisian paintings will be on display in other editions of the Elle, including the cover of Elle Korea and Elle Hong Kong March. Letiu, an Asian public relations officer at Chaumet who came from Hong Kong, spoke about Josephine's emotion as the reason for selecting Song Hye-kyo as an Asian ambassador. "Josephine is a muse who has a great inspiration for Chaumet, a woman who is graceful, loves art and has a lively charm. Song Hye-kyo also finds a woman with such a talented and steady character. "The way Song Hye Kyo walked as an actor for the past two decades is not just a sweet fairy tale. In a strange country, I worked with masters, pulled out a new self, endured the painful process of repeating the "roller coaster" work which required the immersion of the whole body, and gained the brilliance now. Time and the glitter of a bold and glittering star across the continent. After the filming, Song Hye-kyou faced off in the studio, which had been lighted off, gave me another surprise, like a white pebble. The story that we are handed down without, weighs the inside of Song Hye Kyo who we have not yet discovered.






The Liang collection attracts eye-catching cross-link motifs. The Daily Item in the main jegyeok De Liang diamond earrings and diamond pendants, coupled with Abby Liang ABONDANCE wedding bands are popular all Chaumet . White dress is Fendi .






Josephine Agret Collection earrings with pink rope gaunet and diamonds in pink gold Josephine Aggression and V-shaped band rings set with necklace, garnet or pink quartz are all in ChaumetNude color see-through dress is Dior . 






A collection of Liang Xishu Xiong, which is feminine and utilizes architectural elements. With a diamond-set in pink gold, Liang Cecshion earrings, layered bracelet, and ring are all in Chaumet . Black colored dress is Miu Miu .



I wanted to take a look at the camera so that I could see the mirror alone. I'm not accustomed to pretending to be somewhere . Everyone is getting older and different every day. Many people think that I will take a lot of pictures, but sometimes I do not have much time to advertise or take pictures. When I stand in front of the camera for a long time and see me, it seems to me that the years have passed. What changes can I know? It is a new feeling every time, but it is satisfied that it seems to grow old naturally well. 
Is there a way to get out or look back on my old days? I do not have a lot to look at at home. 'I was like this' and sometimes I miss that time. I do not want to go back to high school because I hate studying (laughs). I think that if I go back to twenty, I will be able to do better in many ways. 
As I watched the film, I once again realized that jewelery is a great star. I usually enjoy some style of jewelery but I do not usually wear it much. I often wear jewelery when I meet my friends. When I wear earrings or necklaces, it looks extraordinary and looks gorgeous. I enjoy only the smallest thing, the simplest thing, and I do a lot of fine jewelery such as chores in the works and events. It is a brand that I love because I have many colorful and beautiful products.   
Grace and Character is the theme of Chaumet's campaign to become an Asian ambassador. When I talk about Song Hye-kyo, I use a lot of "elegant" formulas. Where do you think such elegance comes from? Works that have been done so far as you get older. seams like. The words change according to how they live. I try to live well, to live beautifully, but sometimes I feel like I'm a person, and I feel different. 
I have been working as an actress and style icon for a long time in Asia. I was once Is the icon you want to be like Tokyo or who areamong the key idea wanted to be just like any low molecular Asian star who think it's axiomatic for the first time. I always thought that I wanted to be such a beautiful and beautiful actor when I grew up. It shivered more than I saw a star, and I was frozen in front of him. I personally like Isabel Azani from foreign actors. As I watched the movie, I remember how many people I could imagine that could be beautiful while playing mad smoke.



Inspired by classical drawings of the Belle Epoque, the Josephine Agrete necklace wing, the various layered bracelet, the aquamarine ring on the index finger, and the layered pearl ring are elegant and modern. All Chaumet . The tuxedo jacket is Monse by 10 Corso Como Seoul .






Josephine Agret Imperial Necklace with diamonds and sapphires in brilliant colors, drop-shaped earrings and bracelets set with diamonds, ring with a pair-cut sapphire worn on the left hand, V-shaped diamond band ring worn on the right hand All of Chaumet . The pleated dress is Givenchy .






Chaumet blue dial with lacquered enamel finish, eye-catching Liang Lumiere watch, and a set of diamonds with cross and ribbon motifs, the Liang Xecheng collection of earrings, rings and bracelets are all in Chaumet . The white jacket is Loro Piana .






Chaumet is an exquisite set of diamonds and pearls .



As an actor, I did not even work with strangers and strangers. I have been working with several overseas masters, and is there another one that I am interested or would like to work with? I would like to work with Wong Kar Wai again. Some people like to do so and I want to do it again, but I have too much to gain. The amount of appearances was small, but the bishop also tried to discover my new look, and I think it was more memorable in the process. I was bitter at the time, but after a while I had a good memory. 
I've read a similar word in the actor 's interview. It's a director who pushes himself to bring out something new , yes. I came back to Seoul with the motto of 'I will not do it again' and now I miss the scene. I have a lot of thoughts that you asked me to go through the actor ' Fortunately, I still keep in touch with my bishop. I would like to work once again when I have a chance. When I was 30, I played <Sunjongsa> in the early days, but since time has passed and I have aged and my face has changed, I wonder what it will look like when I meet my boss again. 
What do you feel when you look back on Song Hye - kyo 's 22 years on foot? I do not care about anniversaries. I did not make much sense when I was 20 years old two years ago. I am not familiar with this floor for a long time, it is a series of emotions that are always shaken and anticipated when I see a new work. I feel like I am always on a roller coaster even if I am at home comfortably because I have so much emotional exhaustion.

However, if it is a moment to praise or memorize by oneself, I will always change my mind when I finish the work. It's the only time I can praise myself for being a 'good girl'. I did not compliment that I performed well, but I finished another one. 
In my previous book, "I am a frail person in reality ... Every time one role ends, I get a feeling of being hardened in reality. " I feel like I'm getting stronger now than in the past . I made my first debut because I was introspective. People who did not know me saw me as a newborn, but as I continued to work and people became aware of it, my personality gradually changed. I think I felt a lot stronger because of it, but now it has changed. It seems that the sensitivity is becoming more sensitive to being at the age of one year old, and the wounds that might have been passed on to me in the old days now feel even bigger. Why do I feel like I'm back in my childhood? I've been doing that a lot lately. 



A Josephine Rondo de Nu Pendant wired with a moon and stars glittering in the night sky. The sophisticated diamond setting maximizes the passage of light with the openwork technique. All Chaumet . The ruffled dress is Alexander McQueen .






Pleated dress with lace detail is Dior .






Inspired by water droplets, Josephine Agret Imperial earrings can be seen in excellent diamond work, Chaumet .



Maybe it's because the drama is over and my mind is getting weaker. It was a long time since I was a descendant of the Sun  , but I am glad that I have finished my <Boyfriend>without fail. As usual, I met many good people while doing this drama. Because my character was sensitive in this work, I could not afford it. It was a field that had a lot of care. One day this happened. I went to the set with the script, and the staff wrote the post-it message on the windows. I was so surprised and impressed. Thanks to them, it was a work that was done well. 
What was the difficulty in playing Cha Seo Hyun? Any act is always difficult . Cha Soo-hyun was always a person who could not act on his own behalf, and there are many similarities to that. "Good to have me. I just want to endure myself. "There was a lot of this kind of dialogue that I had to agree with while reading the script. So I felt emotional and depressed in the character. As it all happens, I will only come to think of happiness later on, but the emotions that are still hard and lonely remain in me. I think 'I have a happy time and now I just feel it.' 
I was wondering what kind of feeling I got from the actor Park Bo-gum, who acted together. On the spot, I spoke to Kim Jin-hyuk and Cha-Soo Hyun almost a long time. As everyone says, I am a very good and positive person. It seems to have had a bigger grip on the scene compared to his age. In the movie, you start out as a pure youth like 'CheongPoDo' at first. Then I postpone the process of turning into a mature man who wants to protect a woman, and it was a joyful experience to see it directly on the spot. I think that future works are expected, and I am curious about the future. 
In this drama, there was a saying of Jinhyeok's ambassador "It is clear what love is because of the president." What if there is a truth of life that has been realized through living up to now? Do not try to force or change something, just let it flow? My mom told me that since I was a child, when I left it, it really did. If you are a person or a work, you can do anything with me. If you do not have a relationship, you should not be greedy. When I do not solve anything, I feel easy to think that it flows just as it flows. It's always something to keep in mind.

How do I spend my time between work and work? I travel a lot. I also learn what I want to learn like medium art or Chinese. I play alone well in my daily life. I like to play alone at home, I watch movies, I clean up, I move spontaneously. When I work too tightly, I usually do not plan on my plan. It is a type that moves as you stumble. 
If you make a film that organizes your 20s and 30s, what kind of god do you want to put on the ending? If you choose one scene from the cast , it is the last scene of <The winter, the wind breaks>. The young man, who could not see the front, was operated on at the end and his eyes began to faint. With such a desire to become a forty-year-old who can re-learn and start learning again? I feel sorry that I could not do a lot of works when I was a child, so I want to continue my work without a long blank space. In the meantime, I want to enjoy my leisure as Song Hye Kyo's life. In the past three years, I had been thinking for a long time. Now that I am not a young man, I want to look back on my life as a human Song Hye Kyo, plan my plans, and enjoy my leisure.   
I hope that the name Song Hye - kyo will be remembered in the future like Muse or icon in history  . I have to try to be an actress who can be talked about continuously, but if I care about it, I will not be able to live. If we go through what is happening in the future, it will be remembered by many people someday. Above all, I have to leave a lot of good work, good acting to learn. I think that's right.....source credit @http://m.elle.co.kr/article/view.asp?MenuCode=en010302&intSno=22805#

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Hi everyone,


I hope that you are doing great personally and professionally, just like our actress :)


I also hope that you have enjoyed watching “Encounter”, just like I do. 


I owe our actress a lot of gratitude for her professionalism and dedication to her work which in turn have benefited us a lot as audience with products of actual, touching and long-lasting quality and the ability to break grounds in many ways.


There are a few baseless rumors out there, which are unfortunately something that well-known public figures sometimes have to encounter, especially if their names are really big (the purpose of these rumors is to attract attention and encourage readers to click on a link to earn illegal and illegitimate clickbait/money). I see, however, no need to be worried about these rumors, or to be worried that you are worried about these rumors. As a long time audience, I have a lot of trust in her. And I believe you do, too. 


So let us cherish the moments when Song Hye Kyo is focusing on her career to bring us the best thing that she can offer as an actress. In fact, that is what she should definitely be doing as an actress and that’s why we should appreciate her even more as audience.  


The interview below, which appeared on Elle Magazine this month and  was translated into English by Ms Ace (@koreasongsongcouple Instagram) is another example of how Song Hye Kyo understands her utmost role as an actress and would like us to understand her and see her in that way.


I hope that the interview helps you understand her more. And I share the translator’s hope, with thanks, that the translated interview will not be used  to create any baseless rumors, or to attack anyone or any fandom.


Thank you.














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[HanCinema's News] Professor Makes Positive Statements Regarding Song Hye-ko's Patriotism in Korean Media

miniminiphoto961625.jpg By William Schwartz on 2019/03/04 at 22:07 PST


On March 4th professor Seo Kyoung-Duk, of Seongsin Women's University has been making the rounds lately, discussing the centennial of the March 1st Independence Movement. As per South Korea's He has also discussed Song Hye-kyo and her role in putting a proper Korean plaque near the entrance of the Yi Jun Peace Museum in the Hague.

On the KBS1 morning program Morning Talk he noted how K-Pop has done a lot to improve Korea's branding overseas. However, he also noted that information about Korean independence and struggle against Japanese Occupation is not as well-known, and praised Song Hye-ko for her efforts to improve it, citing the plaque she donated to the Yi Jun Peace Museum in the Hague five years ago.

Seo Kyoung-Duk also appeared on Park Myung-soo's radio program, where he discussed Song Hye-ko's strong interest in history and how she would call him to ask questions about Japanese corporations and their role in Occupation. Song Hye-kyo once famously refused a job offer from Mitsubishi. These historical concerns were the reason why.

Written by William Schwartz

miniphoto961625.jpg William Schwartz


Staff writer. Has been writing articles for HanCinema since 2012, having lived in South Korea since 2011. Started out in Gyeongju, then to Daegu, then to Ansan, then to Yeongju, then to Seoul, lived on the road for HanCinema's travel diaries series in the summer of 2016, and is currently settled in Anyang. Has good tips for utilizing South Korea's public bus system. William Schwartz can be contacted via william@hancinema.net.....source credit @https://www.hancinema.net/hancinema-s-news-professor-makes-positive-statements-regarding-song-hye-ko-s-patriotism-in-korean-media-127215-amp.html?__twitter_impression=true

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Famous university professor Revealed why Song Hyukyo is different from other actresses.


Seo Kyung Duk, famous university professor Revealed the story of Song Hye Kyo that once she had asked him questions personally Song Hyukyo told him that she had received an offer to be a Mitsubishi company presenter when listening to her story He just thought she would ask a simple question. Like the history of the company like that


However, her question plays out of the thought. She asked about real history. But is a detailed story about the labor of American prisoners of war She didn't want to know only superficial But like you will find information She asked to confirm the information she already knew with the expert.


After talking about history, Mitsubishi and the actress Seo Kyung Dog knows that she is not like other actors. She was both carefulAnd give a subtlety to the matter Of course, when you know that Song Hyukyo denied that job.

"I think she will ask some simple questions, like Mitsubishi company, had been involved in the war, right? But she asked, 'Mitsubishi has not shown responsibility or paid damages for what has happened, right? I received a job offer But I should deny it better, right? 'I was very surprised. Song Hyukyo is a star that works based on accuracy. She has a lot of historical interest. "- Sookyungdok

In addition to her beautiful exterior imageSong Hyukyo is also a good heart. A wise woman Should be worthy of being a celebrity


Source   https://www.koreaboo.com

Translated by   http://popcornfor2.com

Source Credit @http://popcornfor2.com/m/detail?id=109978

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Renown College Professor Reveals Why Song Hye Kyo Is Unlike Any Other Actress In The Industry

It completely change his perspective about her. 

MY DAILY | Published 20 hours ago.....     Famous college professor, Seo Kyung Duk, revealed story about the time Song Hye Kyo once personally called him about a question. Song Hye Kyo revealed that she received an offer from Mitsubishi for an ad campaign. When he heard this, he thought she would ask a simple question regarding the company’s history. 

mitsubishi song hye kyo


However, she blew away his first impression when she asked in detail about the company’s history in using American prisoners of war as slave laborers. She didn’t just skim the surface of the issue either. She already knew most of what was going on with the company and seemed to simply seek confirmation about her knowledge with a specialist. 

After discussing about Mitsubishi’s history with Song Hye Kyo, he realized that she was a gem among celebrities, who truly cared for history and the righteous deeds. Needless to say, she turned down the offer from Mitsubishi. “I thought she would ask me a simple question, like ‘Mitsubishi is a company that dealt with war crimes, right?’ But she asked, ‘Mitsubishi still hasn’t taken responsibility through actions or payments yet, right? I received a endorsement offer, but I should definitely reject it, right?’ I was very surprised. Song Hye Kyo is a star who promotes with a sincere consciousness to do the right thing. She has a lot of interest in history.”                                             Seo Kyung Duk                                              Song Hye Kyo is definitely more than just outer beauty. She has the heart and brains of gold, truly setting an exemplary standard to all celebrities!song hye kyo mitsubishi 1      source credit @https://www.koreaboo.com/news/song-hye-kyo-college-professor-mitsubishi/

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